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Motorola one action with voice assistant Alice from Yandex will go on sale from September 20

Lenovo announced that its smartphone motorola one action will go on sale September 20. In the Russian version of the device will be integrated with voice assistant Alice from Yandex. Recall that this novelty is equipped with a triple camera with ultrawide angle of 117°, which can be used to shoot video in landscape format, hold the smartphone vertically. And with built-in voice assistant Alice from Yandex to use the tips Alice, and easy to request a reminder or alarm clock and tell the latest news, learn what is shown on the photo, find a good nearby restaurant, get directions — all this and much more can be done by activating Alice by double pressing the power key, motorola one action, without going into the app.


Yandex is also summed up in 2016

To say goodbye to the year of the Monkey already Google and Apple. The Russian company is not far behind and publishes the list of most popular queries to a search engine.


Yandex has serious plans for unmanned vehicles

In the race of unmanned vehicles is included in "Yandex". On the website of the Russian it company has a vacancy developer-researcher of unmanned vehicles.


Droider Show #265 Neural Yandex and "killer" iPhone 7

The Next series of Droider Show Elisheva from Valery and Boris Vedenskiy ready to view! The issue about top 9 Mate from Huawei and the Leica, the petition of the top managers of Samsung, introduction in search of "Yandex" neural networks and bendable smartphone the Apple.

You can also learn about foldable monitor SPUD from Arovia, Russian copter DOS, modular synth Blocks and the fact that the neural network learned to improve the quality of the photos.


Mobile Yandex.The browser started supporting add-ons for desktop browsers

"Yandex.The browser is the first mobile-based browser Chromium, which began to support desktop add-on. For our users this opportunity to work with your favorite tools in your Browser and add-on developers an easy way to capture a new audience", — says Dmitry Timko, head of mobile Yandex.Browser.

Alfa-version Yandex.Browser for Android starts to support the additions with which people used to work on the computer. Among them are tools for password management, browsing in night mode, save any pages and thousands of others.


Fly Cirrus 4 is an inexpensive but worthy budget

The Model comes in a classic white package. Anything extra: the logo of the brand Fly, model name, blue stripe, representing Cirrus clouds "Cirrus".

a Budget smartphone usually has several specific qualities: it is cheap (8 000 rubles), working with the brakes on is not very fast hardware, has a mediocre camera and a thick plastic case. The hero of this review – a new brand model Fly – Fly Cirrus 4. Let's see which of these unflattering qualities inherent in this model and how they may differ.


Vacancy seo specialist/web Analytics

3 years

a Large Moscow company is looking for a person for the post of seo specialist/web analyst to the office. Perhaps even employment for non-residents of the Russian Federation. Full description under the cut.


"Yandex" has launched in the browser strip recommendations "Zen"

The Company “Yandex” has officially presented a personal recommendation materials “Zen”. Tape embedded in the new version “Yandex.Browser”.


Yandex.The keyboard problem is resolved on Android

Keyboard corrects errors and omissions and can predict what word the user wants to type next. The more one works with the Keyboard, the more accurate the predictions become, and the less time spent on printing.

Yandex has released a virtual keyboard for Android devices. Yandex.The keyboard is useful for those who often gaining on the smartphone texts or a lot of texting with her friends.


Google bypassed "Yandex" in popularity in Russia

Ever Since Google came to Russia, the share of "Yandex" has started to decline, however, the search and services are still enjoyed high popularity among Russians.


"Yandex.The moment" will help you to find discounts nearby

"Yandex" actively testing the service "Yandex.The time" to display the discounts and the location of the user.


Yandex builds Hiking trails

Routes for pedestrians are built with consideration of the courtyards, arches, stairs, bridges, and other pedestrian areas. The maps show the route length and predict how much time it might take for the road. The time is calculated based on the average speed of the pedestrian.

Yandex.Yandex. maps to plot walking routes mobile app for iOS and Android and on the computer. The service will help you to plan a walk around town to Orient in an unfamiliar area or take a short cut.


Yandex has made a chat bot for Telegram

With the @ya, you can solve immediate problems, interacting with the search and other Yandex services. I wanted to know what a social security number or when was born Leonardo DiCaprio please. It took the exchange rate, the translation of the word or a funny movie is trying to say. But if instead of asking the bot to send the picture, he finds out what it depicts, and find counterparts. The bot is capable to react on cue like "how's it going?" or "I am sad". Only the personal questions he does not like and usually says "all about me. I'd better answer the question."

Yandex had developed universal search bot to Telegram, his name is @ya. This is the first official chat-bot company. He knows how to answer questions, translate text, look up videos and pictures and all this talk in the messenger.


You have the blue screen: How Google, Yandex and others said April 1

April 1 — the traditional reason for IT companies to compete not only in the steepness of the technology, but also sharpness of mind.


The court rejected the claim of Google to the FAS in the case of "Yandex"

The Moscow Arbitration court dismissed the claim of Google to the Federal Antimonopoly service.


Search "Yandex" has increased mobile sites on the issue

Every year smartphones and tablets will generate more traffic, slowly displacing the usual surfing the web from computers and laptops. Search engines take into account the trend and adapt to it.


Google challenged the decision of FAS in the case of "Yandex"

Google has filed a lawsuit in the Moscow Arbitration court demanding to recognize illegal the order of Federal Antimonopoly service about the change in the distribution of mobile services in Russia.


Yandex Launcher is available for Android-based smartphones in Russia

Launcher is now available for users in Russia. Newly made sheath for Android smartphones was originally designed only for the Latin American market.


Yandex launches a launcher for Android smartphones

Yandex Launcher gathers on one screen all the most important sites and apps that the user opens each day, and contacts of people which he calls a lot. To open the screen with one finger. The search string will allow you to find that anywhere: a file or contact on the phone, the app is in Google Play, response to any request — on the Internet.

Yandex launches in Russia and in other countries, the Yandex app Launcher for Android smartphones. Previously it was only available in Latin America. Launcher adds to the interface and new tools for everyday tasks, such as file search and contacts or sort the apps by folder.


"Yandex" will predict the weather next to the house

Today "Yandex" has updated the service "Weather" and introduced to "Medium" technology spot weather forecasts.