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More photos Xiaomi Mi Note 2

In addition, recall that the chipset there will be a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, the diagonal will be 5,% inch (OLED), memory available is 6 GB, and the internal 128. Most likely, the market will be two models: one with FullHD resolution, the second is with QHD.

the First news of the phablet Xiaomi Mi Note 2 appeared just over a week ago. Now, as usual, clarification. New photos and confirmation and adjustments specifications. So, we are waiting for a curved screen and dual camera.


Amazfit – round smart watch from "daughter" Xiaomi

While fans expect from Xiaomi, the company's debut smartwatch, a subsidiary brand Huami has presented a wearable gadget called Amazfit.


Mi Note 2 from Xiaomi will get 6 GB of RAM

Xiaomi is little svezheanonsirovannaya smartphone Redmi Note 4. The company is preparing to release another phablet.


Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 – decategory smartphone made of metal with fingerprint scanner

The Chinese company Xiaomi today unveiled its new low-cost, but quite functional and stylish all-metal smartphone – Redmi Note 4 with decategory MediaTek Helio X20, battery capacity of 4100 mA/h and fingerprint scanner, 5.5-inch Full HD screen covered with curved glass (2.5 D).


Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is an attractive middling

The Redmi Note 4 looks more expensive than before. Now here all-metal housing that looks really nice. Previously, such decisions were more typical for the high-end models than for average performance.

Xiaomi once again is doing what the company really good at. The company produces a very attractive device, a strong middle characteristics with reasonable price, once again shake up the market in this price segment. Meet The Redmi Note 4.


Xiaomi already working on the next VR headset

At the beginning of August Xiaomi predstavila ultrabudgetary a VR headset Toy Edition. And now the company hints at the imminent announcement of more expensive solutions.


Xiaomi Mi Note 2. Busted!

It would be for the novelty? In addition to a large folded screen, the smartphone will get a powerful mobile processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, 6 GB of RAM and drive 128 GB. The display will receive QHD-matrix, made by technology OLED. Complements all it a dual chamber with steam LED flash and a fingerprint scanner, placed in a mechanical button under the display.

Xiaomi is preparing to release the new Mi Note. Namely 2. This means that instead of Mi5 will come in the new flagship, details of which will appear on August 25.


Xiaomi will start handing out MIUI 8 August 23

On the official MIUI forum, we can already find information about that start of distribution of the firmware is scheduled for August 23. First MIUI OTA 8 to get smartphones: Redmi 1S, Mi 2/2S, 4i Mi, Redmi Note 3G and Redmi Note 4G, and for them waves, an update will come to other devices of the company.

Xiaomi has prigotovila global stable MIUI with IOS 8 for some of their drivers. This particular version we have been all waiting for. It is in the global piastol officially Google Play Store and other services and apps, as well as removed are not relevant for Europe debris from purely Chinese apps.


Features 4 and Redmi Note 4 from Xiaomi from TENAA

Xiaomi has planned for August 25 of the next conference with the announcements of new devices.


Xiaomi has launched its own payment system Pay Mi

Every major IT company wants to be closer to the customers money, therefore, at least, thought about the brand the payment system.


Xiaomi has released a smart screwdriver Wowstick

In fact, if you ever need to open technique, the proposed tool will appreciate. Screwdriver similar to normal, but a chubby ballpoint pen, and comes with the 6 basic nozzles. The company promises to soon add 18 more. It seems that the repairmen of various equipment a screwdriver and focused: the flashlight here is the way, we also promise high-quality steel, which is made of a nozzle and all major form factors under the common slots.

Xiaomi never ceases to amaze. The company has taken and all of a sudden introduced smart screwdriver. Although the word "smart" here, of course, for effect. It's just a cordless screwdriver, powered by two AAA batteries. In addition, the claim that the company's designers have thought through the ergonomics of the tool to be most convenient to use and has equipped the device with a flashlight.


2 Mi Note from Xiaomi closeup on rendering

Very soon Xiaomi will introduce a second version of Mi Note that get a number of improvements that distinguish the phablet not only against its predecessor, but also latest flagship from vendor from China.


Xiaomi has introduced a "toy" VR headset

The Company Xiaomi has announced the long-awaited counterpart Cardboard — VR-headset Mi VR with a strange PostScript "Toy version".


It looks like Xiaomi is preparing a smartphone Redmi Pro Mini

Although, I confess, very very compact, this device can be called a stretch. Here a diagonal of 5.2-inch (OLED technology) that we personally will be a lot. Yes, the elder brother of 5.5, and even severed 0.3-inch adds convenience, but sometimes you want the device even less.

last week was announced the smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Pro, which was expected by many. Now, Chinese sources (you're already used to the fact that information is often supplies Weibo?) report that the company is preparing a compact version of this smartphone that received plain and clear the name of Redmi Pro Mini. And I must say, many fans of the company's products are already expressed in the comments that they are ready not to run to the store for Pro the original Redmi, and Redmi wait for the Pro Mini, because really tired too large diagonals.


Characteristics of the metal 4 from Xiaomi Redmi

Xiaomi Company does is preparing to release the next smartphone. Redmi 4 even managed to get the lens "spy" cameras.


Droider Show #251 Laptops Xiaomi vs all

Hi friends! Most interesting news in the past week were: noutbuk Mi Air Notebook from Xiaomi, neural photo editor Vinci videoredaktor Artisto, protected Android smartphone Neon (DTEK50) from BlackBerry. In addition, explain the quarterly reports, IT giants like Apple and Facebook.

Even in the new Droider Show we will talk about the hybrid of suitcase and moped Modobag, smart t-shirt with monitoring of purity of the air, the Russian gyrocopter "Micron" and the quadcopter for catching pokémon.


Sometimes sales fall, latest figures

It is Worth saying that Huawei for this period showed a rather modest growth, which is assessed only 4.9%. Samsung more modest 3.4 percent. If you look at the overall market, compared with the same period for 2015, it rose by about 3%.

Counterpoit to share with us data about how well things are going in the modern vendor in terms of sales for the second quarter of 2016. Analysts talk about some growth on OPPO and VIVO. Here 134,7% and 61,6 respectively, and the decrease in the sales of the other Chinese, for example, Xiaomi and Lenovo.


Xiaomi says the story of the fire Mi4i

Xiaomi has stated that it is seriously suited to this incident, initiating the investigation to understand the cause of this strange behavior smartphone. At the same time the owner of the problem of mobile issued a replacement. The victim a copy sent to Xiaomi on the study to the company's engineers were able to determine the cause and subsequently eliminate such situations. With the affected user is contacted to obtain the maximum information about the case.

in case you haven't heard, about a week ago in the Internet appeared the video, filled with one of the buyers of Xiaomi products on Facebook, where the guy just works and his phone for no apparent reason flares up. Trouble with the gadget Xiaomi Mi4i. Now the company has officially commented on this case, giving some advice to all other lovers of smartphones.


Xiaomi plans mysterious VR announcement on 1 August

Given a comprehensive range of Xiaomi, the creation brand of the helmet virtual reality — a question of time.


Xiaomi enters the PC arena, showed Mi Notebook Air

However, the Russian media believe differently. Sometimes even the impression that there are those who submit on the subject information with an open mind, and there are those who have paid. However, brought not for advertising, and for anti-public relations. But let's first take a detached view that the product turned out. And then think about whether it was necessary to release him or not. And separately ponder over whether it is necessary on the Russian market.

Chinese iron giant Xiaomi has long produces the most different products: smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, fitness wristbands, kettles, water purifiers and many other things. Because even a few strange looked the fact that the company still has not tried their hand in the PC business. However, yesterday it had been fixed. The Chinese showed their first laptops. Turned out, I must say, quite nice and appetizing.