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"The messenger" has started selling the Xiaomi accessories

While domestic retailers are dogovarivayutsya on Xiaomi smartphone sales in the stores, "Svyaznoy" launches accessories, and other gadgets of Chinese products.


Xiaomi discusses the conditions of entering the Russian market

Cool the ardor of those who voodushevlenno news about pojavlenii of Xiaomi smartphones in the online store "Svyaznoy".


Xiaomi Mi 5 different configurations come with different CPU frequency

Despite the fact that all modifications Mi 5 work with Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset, the CPU frequency is different, but it seems that the limitation of the software. Have standard Edition 1.8 GHz other models she gets to the bar to 2.15 GHz. In everyday life the frequency will be for the eyes for everyone, you don't catch the brakes or something like that. But complex toys, 2.15 will be preferred.

Chinese Xiaomi released a smartphone Mi 5 in several configurations. Differences in the amount of RAM and amount of internal memory (3 gigabytes and 32 gigabytes, 3 gigabytes, and 64 gigabytes and 4 gigabytes, and 128 gigabytes). And besides, there are differences in CPU frequency.


Xiaomi Mi 5 too quickly sold, the company is pushing Foxconn

The Demand exceeded the supply. Registered to purchase more than 17 million people.

Xiaomi is known for its abilities to sell quickly svezheanonsirovannaya device. Once again, the company only managed to announce the start of sales of models Mi 5, as they are almost instantly sold out. Harvested a few million devices on sale, but still not enough. All were dismantled in minutes. It is said that warehouses were harvested in the region of 4 million units.


Xiaomi Mi 4s is sold at a rate of 200 thousand pieces for 24 hours

Retailers reported figures: in one place took more than 50 thousand units, another store is reporting a figure of 65 thousand units. The lion's share of sales made myself Xiaomi directly. Absolutely the exact number is not known, but analysts agree that sold not less than 200 thousand devices. That is not surprising, because the smartphone on the Snapdragon 808, a fingerprint scanner, and other characteristics to become one of the best offerings on the market today for the money. Mi 4s only costs $ 260.

Xiaomi Mi 4s launched recently, and already boasts sales figures. Assume that the device already has sold 200 thousand copies in only 24 hours since the start.


"The messenger" will bring to Russia the smartphone Mi5 from Xiaomi

Mi5, announced on the penultimate day of MWC, the smartphone remains elusive to competitors ratio quality/price. However production of Xiaomi officially presented only in China and India.


Optical stabilization Xiaomi Mi 5 and iPhone 6 in comparison

Xiaomi has even released a video that demonstrates how it works in comparison with a recognized leader from Apple. 5 Mi compared with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s.

in Addition to the characteristics and design that offers a new Xiaomi smartphone Mi 5, the company separately boasts a 16-megapixel camera that delivers high-quality photography. Here, the engineers and programmers teamed up and used the technology of the 4-axis image stabilization, which you can clearly see when shooting video.


Mystery solved - the Xiaomi Mi 5 has been officially unveiled

Maybe it's the price and tested quality? After all, the cheapest configuration of the Mi 5 will cost only $ 305. Comparing with other devices, e.g. the above-mentioned vendors, it seems very attractive. What will you give me for this money?

No, this is not the first smartphone in the world with 6 gigabytes of RAM. This gadget does not follow the fashion trend on QHD screen resolution. But the toy is expected and excessive. This device was expecting, despite the fact that the company Xiaomi, which represents it, is relatively young when compared with monsters like Samsung or Huawei or LG. So, what was invented by the Chinese?


Xiaomi yavila What 4-so Snapdragon 808

Get the intermediate device, which is still not up to today's flagships, but head and shoulders above the modern public sector.

Yesterday, Xiaomi revealed not only the smartphone Mi 5, but also introduced the world to an updated version of last year's flagship Mi 4. The new device is called Mi 4s. Pulled features, has added a fingerprint scanner. Got a neat device that really wants to acquire.


Xiaomi finally announced the flagship Mi5

"Cherry" mobile Congress in Barcelona was the Mi5 smartphone, which introduced the company Xiaomi.


Xiaomi mi5 – new flagship of China on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820

The Chinese company Xiaomi officially unveiled its new flagship this year, Xiaomi mi5 equipped with a Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 4 GB RAM, 128 GB of internal memory, a camera with 4-axis optical image stabilization and a curved case made of ceramic. This unit is offered by the manufacturer to purchase at a price of 1999 RMB (~306$) for standard version (3 GB RAM, 32 GB internal, normal case and a 1.8 GHz processor) to 2699 Chinese yuan (413$) for the maximum version (4 GB RAM, 128 GB built-in, ceramic case and 2.15 GHz CPU).


Xiaomi can please their own processors

First with their own processors will appear in smartphones Redmi Note. And just this is the first device, which of the entire portfolio Xiaomi will get the update in the second half of this year. Say that now in laboratories Xiaomi on development of the processor employs a team numbering 200-300 people.

About a year ago for the first time talked about the fact that Xiaomi is developing its own chipsets for use in mobile equipment. Now Reuters reports that one of the future smartphones should be equipped with home development, will have its own processor. Adding that the company plans to break them into budget lines of their devices.


And again about Xiaomi Mi 5 - predict 6 gigabytes of memory

Earlier it was mentioned that the first smartphone or rather phablet, which is scheduled 6 GB memory - Samsung Galaxy Note 6.

this year about Xiaomi say very much about the smartphone, which the company has to show at MWC 2016. About 5 Mi we have repeatedly written, in addition, a recent Western resources dazzled information that prior to the presentation of the gadget to get hold of the full specifications. Then, the company has denied these rumors. And now reporting that Xiaomi Mi 5 could be born with 6 gigabytes of memory.


Xiaomi announces summer debut laptop

The Abundance of rumors left no doubt that Xiaomi is really working on the first laptop.


Disclosed the specifications of the smartphone Mi5 from Xiaomi

The press was in the slides allegedly from a closed presentation of the new flagship from Xiaomi.


Meizu will make MX6 cheaper than Mi5 from Xiaomi

To come up with an interesting "feature" that will sell the smartphone, more difficult, so producers have to surprise price and characteristics.


Secrets transparent case for Xiaomi Mi5 from

February 24 Xiaomi will introduce flagship Mi5, that is, insiders have a couple of weeks to talk about the smartphone's maximum interesting.


Samples photos from Xiaomi Mi 5 from Hugo Barra

Although Facebook is not the best place to publish photos, if we are going to evaluate the quality of the camera, some conclusions about the results can still be done. 16 megapixel sensor worked on hurrah. The level of detail is amazing. Even crops can be seen that the edges of the leaves remain crisp and sharp. Again, even after uploading to Facebook. Visible cobwebs on the sheet.

It's getting closer - the moment when the world will officially reveal the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 5. Leaks about the device already abound: we know the specifications, seen the design. Now it's time to look at what can boast camera. Recently one of the photos was made President of the company, and now Hugo Barra posted a picture with Mi 5 made in HDR mode in Facebook.


The forecast for 2016 for the IT industry from Business Insider

The Analytical unit of the resource Business Insider made 25 predictions for 2016, related to the IT sector.


New pictures and specifications of Xiaomi Mi5

It is Known that on 24 February Xiaomi to unveil Mi5. About this page Facebook soobshil Hugo Bar.