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Xbox One owners are the most active gamers

Research firm GlobalWebIndex conducted a study, which surveyed nearly 18,000 users of game consoles in the age from 16 till 64 years.


Xbox One surpassed sales of the Playstation 4

Some connect this with the promised release of the Xbox One S. And we would suggest that the decline in sales of the Playstation 4 is due to the fact that the world is waiting for Playstation 4 NEO. And update the regular version to slim also promised us.

July was an unusual month for Sony, but happy for Microsoft. According to the latest statistics for July 2016 in the U.S. sales of consoles Xbox One Playstation 4 overcame. Bosses at Microsoft happy and predict that sales of Xbox One in August will also be higher than the PS4.


Xbox One S will go on sale August 2

Microsoft as part of E3 2016 announced smaller version of the Xbox One and promised to release it before the end of August. Usually, this means going closer to the end of the month, but not in this case.


[E3 2016] a Dozen memorable Premier Microsoft

While Apple fans intently sledili for WWDC 2016, gamers chained to monitors conference XBOX.


Sony Playstation 4 sold much better than Xbox One

Andrew house President of Sony Interactive Entertainment reports that the success of the console owes its fans and partners who were able to provide such impressive sales figures in a relatively short time. The company will try to provide the players more fun, adding new features and capabilities, for example, mastering virtual reality.

Sony in another press release this week reported on the success of sales of their console, which was launched in 2013. The Playstation 4 is being sold, still, also, now crossed the mark of 40 million units.


Microsoft will bring together Xbox One and Windows PC

Phil Spencer, the head of the gaming division of Microsoft, has officially announced that the Corporation is going to combine the Xbox One and personal computers on Windows into a single platform.


Playstation 4 sales ahead of Xbox One in November

Microsoft is not voiced no specific figures, but commented, calling this November the best sales among all which occurred in the lifetime of the Xbox One. Supposedly the Americans have set a record.

According to NPD Group, Playstatin 4 have shown good sales in November, overtaking the Xbox One. While a month earlier the leaders were it an Xbox, but could not hold on, now Sony has just regained first place.


Blizzard confirmed Overwatch for PS4 and Xbox One it is reported that Overwatch standard edition will cost $ 40 for the PC. Edition castes, one for PS4 and Xbox One will be a bit more expensive - $ 60. Gamestop added that it will be available as collector's edition - $ 130.

Blizzard at the Blizzcon has shared some information about the release of a new product, Overwatch, which will be available not only for PC but also for Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The launch is scheduled for spring of 2016 to all platforms in one day.


System requirements Fallout 4 is no longer a secret

If you go back to the Xbox One and PS4, it will take 28-35 gigabytes of free space. Depending on the region, language, voice, etc.

Bethesda has confirmed the PC system requirements to run Fallout 4, which will also be released on the platforms Xbox One and Playstation 4. Now before the official release of the popular hit remains about one month (10 November) while, so the fans understand, whether it is necessary to upgrade their machines, or enough of the resources that are available today.


What you should know about Android and Windows 10

The materials


Back to the future will be released for PS4 and Xbox One, Xbox 360

Now managed to find a publication listing products on Amazon. It is expected that fun will be available in October. The movie "Back to the future" was premiered in July 1985.

it Seems that the developer Telltale Games who gave us the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, is going to revive its so far the episodic series 2011 in the film "Back to the future". The toy should appear for consoles Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Playstation 4.


Sony Playstation 4 passes on the sales of Xbox three times

As for Microsoft, it sold only 1.4 million units, which is 53% less than Sony. But it's still a 27 percent growth compared to last year for Microsoft. Though not reported how many of these 1.4 million were Xbox One, and how much is the Xbox 360.

Sony sells console much better than that manages to do Microsoft. According to the latest data, the Japanese only Playstation 4 sold three times more units than the Americans realized the Xbox 360 and Xbox One together. This is only for the period from April to June 2015. There are no signs of a decrease in sales. Last quarter Sony sold more than 3 million units.


Xbox One will master the game from Xbox 360

In short, now if you bought the game online, then it can be safely downloaded and run on the Xbox One. If the toy is on the disk, then there will have to insert the disc into the console and then download the digital version of the game. All compatible, maybe. But it is worth noting that the game disk should be in drive. But now on Xbox One you will be available some new features, such as screenshots, streaming video and record gameplay.

Slashgear reports that fans of backwards compatibility and the owners of the Xbox One will be pleased. Microsoft has ensured that the console could work with the games for the Xbox 360. And those who participated in the preview program, you can start to try this opportunity today. At the conference E3 showed us the compatibility on the example of toys Mass Effect, even on a digital copy.


In the joystick for Xbox One will have the headphone Jack

Microsoft is developing a new joystick for my Xbox One. Its main difference from the current model will be the presence on the body of the entry under headphones. Of course, to connect the "ears" to the joystick right now, but be prepared to pay for this pleasure $ 25 — is exactly the adapter Xbox One Stereo Headset.


Xbox One has become more popular than the PlayStation 4

We are not Talking about global indicators, and the sales in the UK and the USA. Here the Xbox One console from Microsoft in November, sold better Japanese console, the PlayStation 4. This has not happened in the 2014 edition GameSpot reports, citing insiders at Microsoft.


[E3] Xbox One on the other side of the barricades

Hello dear readers We told you about the new console generation PlayStation 4, and today I would like to talk about her main competitor, also presented at the exhibition E3 – Xbox One. And here is our video from the event:


Droider Show #96. PS4 vs Xbox One.. and Unicorn!

All privetische!


Droider Show #93. Xbox One against silicone breast

Hello all who are not indifferent to the words «megahertz», «pixel» or. In the new issue of Droider Show let's talk about the announcement of the Xbox One from Microsoft, the most expensive Samsung Galaxy S4 and the latest rumors about Android 4.3.