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Universal Bluetooth headset SVEN AP-B570MV

The Gadget is equipped with wires for charging and connecting to devices, as well as Russian-language instruction. In the pack you can the transparent plastic window through which you can see the headset without having to take it out of the box. In wireless mode, the gadget works on the built-in lithium-ion battery. Due to its high energy intensity can be continuously use the headphones for several hours.

a tangle of cords that standard headphones are connected to PCs or smartphones, as a rule, causes the user a lot of inconvenience. Universal Bluetooth headset SVEN AP-B570MV is an alternative to wired gadgets. The main advantage of a headset is in the impressive range. To listen to music or communicating via the Internet using this device it is optional to sit at the computer. Music files are switched by using the button located on the headband of the headphones and calls can be done by pressing a single button.


[Video review] Nexus 6P — premium phablet from Google and Huawei

Since the first Vzglyad on Nexus 5X, we have prepared and overview of the rich brother — 6P Nexus. In a new video Boris Vedenskiy will talk in detail about materials, camera, the speed of the fingerprint scanner and overall performance of the phablet.


[Video review] Parrot Zik 2.0 — the best Bluetooth headphones for version Droider

Gadgets are becoming simpler and more minimalist thanks to the development of wireless technologies. Bluetooth keyboard and mouse not surprise anyone, but the Studio headphones are perceived as "wrong" or "broken".


5 "superhero" phones for fans of comic books and cinema

The materials


The Nexus team spoke about the reasons for the lack of wireless charging

The Answer was simple and logical. New 5X Nexus and Nexus used 6P connector USB Type-C. In smartphones the previous generation was a normal MicroUSB, but because the charging process was not easy, starting from what you need to get the plug in the direction shown, ending with the fact that the process of replenishment of the battery charge was quite lengthy. Then was the point to bother with wireless charging to make the process a little more convenient. However, support wireless charging would affect the thickness of the device, which is constantly trying to reduce, making new gadgets smaller and smaller. In addition, it could affect some of the additional cost of the devices.

Guys, Google Nexus recently answered questions from Reddit readers. The theme of the Nmenshe in size. exus devices excites many guys had to answer a lot of questions, among which was the one, why new devices from Google does not support wireless charging, which first appeared in Nexus 4.


OnePlus officially presented X

No, OnePlus on their own, interesting company. They released the once killer flagships, which was quite interesting golovskoi the public. They played the drama with Cyanogen, which we watched with interest. And then gradually moved away from what was promised to us, for a fact, they and interested. OnePlus One offer uber-performance at a low price, why him and watched. Plus, like OS without unnecessary add-ons and debris.

This infection, it progresses. The number of companies that produce devices now grows every day. And is only one model to somehow start to sell, as the vendor considers it his duty to begin to produce modifications to release the mini, churning out phablets, to change to change the color of the case, to give a new name and bring to market what has already been seen, but in the new box packaging.


Motorola and Verizon introduced the Droid Maxx and Turbo 2 2

After a series of rumors and renders, the Duo of Motorola and Verizon have appointed the presentation of the Turbo 2 and Maxx 2 on 28 October.


Motorola for Verizon unveiled two new smartphone – DROID Turbo and DROID Maxx 2 2

Motorola (subsidiary of Lenovo) has presented for the North American mobile operator Verizon Wireless two new smartphone models – DROID 2 and DROID Turbo Maxx 2, which are characterized in that the first model is equipped with, according to the manufacturer, the world's first unbreakable display Moto ShatterShield, and the second – capacity battery.


Google announced a new ASUS router OnHub

Addition to the range of routers OnHub from Google - the future is now.


Plantronics GameCom 818: wireless headset – choice of console player

The construction of the headset GameCom 818 is not new for Plantronics products. Something similar we saw in the model GameCom 318. The novelty, the smooth lines and flow of the corps was perfected, and on the left Cup came button control: turn on the headset, switch tracks, pause, change the volume. In the center of the bowl fits a small indicator light. In the enabled state, he gradually blinks, and when combined with the receiver glows constantly. Underside of the bowl there is a connector for charging the internal battery.

Wireless headsets have a huge advantage over their wired counterparts – they do not stifle the movement of the player, allowing you to stay as far away from the TV and with great convenience. Yes, the TV. After all, wireless gaming headset is often a choice console gamers. Today we will look at the Plantronics GameCom 818, which declares its compatibility with PlayStation 4.


The motor show in Frankfurt: The technological innovations of 2015

Died down 66th Frankfurt motor show. The dust settled, the exhibition lots are backed into the garage, and the Internet is filled with details about various models. Droider to the rescue, collecting all interesting technologies in one place.


Pioneer XDP-100R: Hi-End compact audio player for Android c support MQA

The Japanese company Onkyo and its sister company Pioneer has introduced a new model of the compact audio player Hi-End – XDP-100R, running the operating system Android Lollipop 5.1.1 and featuring support for the new audio format high-resolution MQA (Meridian Quality Authenticated) from the company Meridian Audio.


New iMac monoblocks and the Magic accessories from the Apple

Apple introduced a completely new family iMac and new wireless accessories Magic.


Review sports headset Plantronics BackBeat FIT

Headset: Plantronics BackBeat FIT is distinguished by its attention to detail is excellent. This applies to the package. It includes the charging cable from the USB port and case.

a Healthy lifestyle has become an integral need of every modern man. Are we doing morning exercises or are actively preparing for marathon distances, twirling round the stadium. Technological innovations, and penetrate into this aspect of our lives. Today we will get acquainted with the sport Bluetooth headset, Plantronics BackBeat FIT, which is created from the perfect detail, folding into a complete and harmonious product.


Droidcon Moscow 2015: How it happened

September 25-27 in the office Mail Group held the largest Russian conference Android-developers Droidcon Moscow 2015. Unique business program, an exhibition of gadgets and DemoCamp brought to the event, more than 1000 representatives of mobile ecosystem, as well as more than 3,000 people watched the online broadcast of the first day on the official site.


Music in motion – headset SVEN AP-B250MV

This mechanism makes the device easy to use and compact for storage or transport.

Headset AP-B250MV – new for the active people. From analogues this model features innovative samokleyushcheysya design. Based the headband uses a special bending arc of a flexible wire. Within it stretched the metal base – it and collapsing the device in the ring as soon as the user removes it from the head. Thanks to this feature, the kit sits on your head better than their classical prototypes. So new headset SVEN is of great interest to the market of portable speakers.


On hand to wear: 5 new smart wristbands

On data RBC, in the second quarter of 2015, Apple brought to Russia 12 000 copies Watch. Thus, the company can rightfully wear the medal for superiority in the supply of "smart" gadgets in the domestic market.


Droidcon Moscow 2015: how it happened

The Organizers of Droidcon in Moscow was organized by Apps4All developing the Russian community of mobile developers, with the support of Google Developers Group and Mail.Ru Group.

September 25-27 in the office Mail.Ru Group held the largest Russian conference Android-developers Droidcon Moscow 2015. Unique business program, exhibition of gadgets, DemoCamp brought to the event, more than 1000 representatives of mobile ecosystem, running on the Android platform, as well as more than 3000 people watched the online broadcast of the first day on the official site.


In Nexus 6P uses the latest AMOLED-screen from Samsung

At the session of questions and answers in Reddit was doing a Google spokesperson Hiroshi Lockheimer. Of course, the basic issues related to the devices, predstavlennyh in the event of the company a few days ago.


Apple has patented "smart" ring

Recently in the press appeared information that the future generation “Apple” smartphone can get a displejem tracks around the body devices, and today Apple was granted a patent for a special ring for your finger.