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Google introduced a new preview version of Android O for developers

Google has officially announced a new preview version of Android O for developers, where there is a new functionality, but still have to continue working to increase performance and stability.


Droider Cast #43 — Make Droider Cast Great Again

Traveling to parallel universes, can meet the measurement where Apple sets iPhone on Android, where Windows Phone is the best mobile OS and where the elections were won by Hillary Clinton. However, a world where Droider Cast out on Sunday afternoons, it's difficult to find.


In "VKontakte" appeared a function of remittances

Social network allowed users to attach to messages remittances. Newly-made feature is available only to Russian holders of cards Mastercard, Maestro and Visa.


Samsung patents a dual-boot smartphone

And it's not dualboot! No, not two systems are installed in sections and alternately you can download the required. According to the patent filed by Samsung, the two systems operate on the same smartphone at the same time. In parallel.

Samsung - the company entertainer. Why not just produces! We're not talking now about military equipment, will focus only on the Telecom gadgets that are more familiar to us. But even from a smartphone company squeezes everything. Here you have the appearance of fabletown and the cots that on Android after the appearance of the touch screens seemed entirely unnecessary and unthinkable. And now a new kind of smartphone that can work with two systems at once: Android and Windows Phone.


"Cytsoft by order of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia has developed a mobile application to help Russian tourists

"the Rapid expansion of international tourism, its spread to almost all corners of the globe has exacerbated the problem of ensuring the safety of tourists, — commented General Director of "Catsoft" Anton Dovbnya. — Analysis of tragic accidents shows that almost none of the travelers were not warned about the difficulties and the real risk of travel, including did not have full information about the political situation of the country and the climate conditions. With our app people will be able to ask for help, learn how to act in emergencies and to contact their relatives and close friends. We tried to consider all the necessary scripts and functions to everyone who is in trouble, managed to best protect yourself and save your life."

Mobile application "Foreign assistant" has become available for users of mobile devices. Now Russian citizens who are abroad, can urgently contact the foreign Ministry and report the occurrence of a crisis situation. The app can be downloaded for free for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


In the app "2GIS" appear offline Navigator

In a mobile application, the map service 2GIS will soon have long-awaited feature Navigator and superior design.


Smartphones on Windows 10 Mobile began to Anniversary Update

Even fans of Windows Phone have already ceased to wait for a miracle in the form of Windows 10 Mobile.


Galaxy S7 Edge - the best-selling smartphone

As for vendors, the fact is that the rays luck is awash Samsung, which can be proud of the demand for the Galaxy S7, Apple had some difficulty holds the iPhone 6s in the spotlight, trying to surprise the market also iPhone SE, but focus to actively select Chinese vendors such as Huawei, OPPO, Vivo.

Some Analytics companies have already submitted their reports for the second quarter of 2016, talking about the sales of gadgets during this period. The overall situation is stable: Android dominates the market share of iOS falls a bit, but Windows Phone is close to disappearing from radar.


Android Nokia smartphones will be released before the end of 2016

Nokia periodically excites the audience with news about acquisitions or "leaks" about upcoming smartphones.


A smart watch from Nokia appeared in the video

When Microsoft purchased the mobile division of Nokia, all the existing patents and the development became the property of the Corporation. Then the Finnish company created the smart watch codenamed Moonraker, but the bosses from Redmond decided to close the project.


Why Xiaomi bought 1500 Microsoft patents

About the friendship Xiaomi and Microsoft has long been known. The owners of the Mi 4 is one of the first tried the beta version of Windows Phone 8.1, and the tablet Mi Pad 2 in addition to MIUI fully working with Windows 10.


Enhanced Android and iOS is weakening in Europe

Every year the share of the Green robot is growing in the world, approaching almost limitless monopoly.


Moosic — app to music from "VKontakte"

Holding holding "VKontakte", has released an experimental streaming service Moosic for Android.


WhatsApp now encrypts all messages

WhatsApp is not the first month of implementing this encryption, but previously it was not available on all platforms. Now supports all Android, iOS, Windows Phone.

WhatsApp has announced that all messages, pictures, videos and even voice calls you can make or send through messenger, will now be encrypted. This means that you can access them can you or your partner, even if someone intercepts the transmitted information, it will be not readable. For example, the government cannot just intervene in your conversations.


In Yandex.The Navigator appeared voice warning of cameras

The Voice alerts to work when driving along the planned route. A warning about the camera sounds if the driver exceeds the speed by 15 km/h or more or in front of the camera control the strip of public transport. But if the road accident or is being renovated, the Navigator says, in which row, so the driver has time to readjust.

In Yandex.Navigator for Android and iOS have voice alert cameras, accidents, and repairs. Drivers can now obtain all this information without being distracted from the road. Navigator will report what speed allowed on the site, whether in front of the accident or repair.


App for Windows Phone bring developers more money

Analysts from InMobi presented the statistics on earnings by thousands of different developers of mobile apps in 2015.


Visitors to MWC were victims of hackers

Each of us must have heard about the potential risks of using open public wifi networks, however, the temptation to connect to the free network, Barcelona airport, despite the threat of becoming a victim of fraud, could have very negative consequences for thousands of visitors at the exhibition Mobile World Congress 2016.


Microsoft officially Lumia 650 framed

Swan song, Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile has been dragged on, but nearing the finale.


In the case of Windows Phone are not great - the system loses ground

The World has not seen so many devices on the Windows Phone that from the usual vendors, from Microsoft, which is also one of the reasons why OS is spreading so slowly and uncertainly. Now it became known that the Americans were able to sell only 4.5 million Lumia devices last quarter. When compared to the previous, when it was sold more than 10 million, it becomes clear that the situation is deplorable. The drop in sales of around 57%. Thus, even today, boosting sales by 57% would not be enough to say that Windows Phone saved and is perceived by the market seriously.

When taken out of Windows Phone on the market 5 years, it was a promising system, which many were betting, hoping that she will grow, get stronger and will be a strong competition to Android and iOS. Microsoft was able to launch something that seemed destined to become a real third force, then even Windows Phone 7. But no, now it is clear that the system survives with difficulty, and sales of devices on Windows Phone soon fall.


Keyboard Microsoft keeps the path on Android

From the letter sent to participants of the program Windows Insider, it follows that the company is working on the release of this keyboard for iOS and other platforms. Rather, the other understood it of Android.

If you have a little keyboards that you can download today from a corporate store, Google Play Store, you may be delighted to know that their offspring is going to make available for Android and iOS by Microsoft. Now, Word Flow only available for devices with Windows Phone on Board.