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Samsung has extended the functionality of the buttons Bixby on Galaxy S10

The South Korean company Samsung Electronics has announced the release of software updates for line of flagship smartphones Galaxy S10, which allows you to assign the functionality of the buttons Bixby and open it using selected application.


Google will render search widget in the style of Pixel Launcher

Thanks to the regular cosmetic changes to the system and individual apps that Google does not get bored Android users.


Google Maps will show the next tube and filling institutions

Google Maps is in demand not only from pedestrians, but also motorists who use smartphone or tablet as a Navigator.


Google alerts - different

More specifically, the screenshot with the HTC One M9 with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It tells that the user can use third party widgets and services on your device and not only pre-installed.

According to the decision of the FAS that Google is now obliged to inform the user that not only branded services and applications maybe to use on devices with Android. And here some readers of the site "Roy!" has already reported that similar notices began to appear in the system, at least on the devices of HTC.


The Desire 10 Pro and 10 Lifestyle for high-quality rendering

HTC continues to fight for life: helping Google with the Nexus range, with Valve making a VR helmet Vive and produces branded smartphones.


Nexus Launcher implemented in the beta version of Action Launcher 3

Last week pojavilis screenshots of the new launcher for Nexus smartphone, which debuts with the release of Android Nougat.


Weather widget will appear in the quick settings menu Android Nougat

Google will allow third-party Android developers to add their apps to the quick settings menu.


The final version of Apple's Music made it to Google Play

Apple has released in the Play Store the final version of the original music app. Previously Apple Music was only available for testers.


Meizu is going to show their smart watches for 10 August

I Must say that the watch in the picture, look really nice and perhaps stylish. At the same time, which is nice, it's not a copy of the Moto 360 or Apple Watch, as one would expect, knowing the love of the Chinese manufacturers even level Meizu to copy successful products of competitors.

China is already beginning to provide us with almost rumors that Meizu is preparing to show the world its own smart watch. Social networks of this country have already caught some picture supposedly with this product. In addition, added that the presentation of the device will happen very soon - on August 10.


Samsung will show umnyashiky Gear S3 at IFA in September

The device Information is still there, only the date of the announcement. The exhibition will be held from 2 to 7 September. It is only known that the watch will be round, with a rotating bezel, as in the previous model, but what upgrades they will receive and how it will change is not known.

Time has shown that smart watch Samsung Gear S2 was a fairly attractive product for the market. Despite the fact that they work under control of Tizen OS, not Android. However, now, perhaps, they are already not worth buying because there's not long left to wait before the release of S3 Gear, which according to the latest rumors, Samsung intends to show off at IFA in September.


Look for leaks for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The big Screen, as it should be tabletu, 5.7-inch with a QHD resolution, made by technology Super AMOLED. Managed all OCTA-core chipset, most likely the Exynos 8890, the cores operate at a frequency of 2.3 GHz. Memory 4 GB internal - 64 gig, and a slot for MicroSD cards.

the Number of leaks about the phablet with the ambiguous name of the Galaxy Note 7 will begin to grow. In fact, Twitter has already been posted, probably all the specifications of the device. Let's see what the Korean company has prepared for us. The source of the leak - @onleaks. He also talks a little about the upcoming Gear VR updated.


Wileyfox starts smartphone sales Spark in Russia

Working Wileyfox Spark as before on Cyanogen OS 13 version, which in turn is based on Android Marshmallow 6.0.1. The smartphone will please those who use multiple rooms easily cope with two SIM cards, and can work in networks 4G LTE.

the Company Wileyfox, which is probably known to our readers for the Storm devices and Swift, announces that coming soon will be a new camera - Wileyfox Spark. I will ask for the device in the Russian retail 7990 rubles. What am I bid for this money?


Beta firmware version with Android Nougat is available for Huawei P9

Presumably, the practice of Google results the OS in a Developer Preview for developers, which leads to the fact that those who have datacache desires, can prepare updates for its devices faster.

quickly Touch fresh Android Nougat until now could only owners of Nexus devices. But it turns out that soon happiness in the form of updates will come for some other Android lovers. For example, the lucky ones will be bought Huawei P9, because now the network has already leaked a beta version of the firmware for this device based on Android Nougat.


Samsung introduces smartphones in Turbo Speed Technology

Typically, Samsung has always been famous for the fact that released the device that, at least at 100 MHz, but surpass analogues, which offers market - Davila solely on the most recent and productive iron. Now decided to go the other way. This time carefully optimize the software part.

Programmers Samsung offer us a new solution of the company, which is called Turbo Speed Technology. The company publishes a short video on what it is, what it means for buyers of devices. This is actually the solution to the optimization, which allows to significantly improve the user experience from the use of the company's gadgets. Because they simply will begin to work faster. How?


Xiaomi enters the PC arena, showed Mi Notebook Air

However, the Russian media believe differently. Sometimes even the impression that there are those who submit on the subject information with an open mind, and there are those who have paid. However, brought not for advertising, and for anti-public relations. But let's first take a detached view that the product turned out. And then think about whether it was necessary to release him or not. And separately ponder over whether it is necessary on the Russian market.

Chinese iron giant Xiaomi has long produces the most different products: smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, fitness wristbands, kettles, water purifiers and many other things. Because even a few strange looked the fact that the company still has not tried their hand in the PC business. However, yesterday it had been fixed. The Chinese showed their first laptops. Turned out, I must say, quite nice and appetizing.


External battery pack - personal independence. EX series from Rombica

In a series of three models EX70, EX100, EX150 with a capacity of 7 000, 10 000 and 15 000 mAh. The manufacturer offers three colors: yellow, blue, and gray. Color scheme the first two are clearly designed for the fairer sex. It should be noted that the rear side of all devices completely white.

every day manufacturers are spoiling us. New devices, more screens, more powerful processors and the resolution is clearer, but the question of autonomy is poor, and this is the best yet is coming soon. Affordable smartphones with large capacity batteries do not seem to be alternative. As a rule, they are not attractive in the first place its functionality. If you are not willing to compromise, the problem will be the acquisition of external battery. Offer to your attention a series of external batteries NEO EX from Rombica.


Hardcore runner - Alice in Wonderland: run Alice!

Here, the developers, inspired by the story of Lewis Carroll, embodied the worst fears of Alice. Under your strict guidance she needs to run through the collapsing of the wonderful worlds, jump from one piece of land to another, to avoid collisions with a variety of turrets and stone blocks, in other words, to survive as long as possible.

Game in the genre runner is a great way to pass the time, if you get a spare minute in the transport, queue, or anywhere else. Many fans of arcade games in these games are accustomed to the unhurried pace, but we offer to your attention a hardcore runner from Zug Bull Games "Alice in Wonderland: run, Alice!" is not such.


Yandex.Market released app for finding clothes pictures

"Remove the clothes" for iPhone looking things up with the help of computer vision technology developed at Yandex. The neural network of this technology is trained on a sample of more than five million images. She is able to discern about 150 types of clothes and more than 250 attributes: color, style, style, and so on. First, the algorithm determines that the photo — blue jacket, knitted sweater, say, or shorts in the box. Sometimes, there is just a lot of things — then he chooses to search for one or a few major.

Yandex.Market released app "Remove clothes" for your iPhone. The app looks for things in the pictures: it is enough to take a picture or upload a picture and it'll find similar options on the Market, show prices, and if you see something you like — will help to buy it. Any found item is easy to postpone, and to read reviews or to learn the price of shipping — you can go to the Market.


Periscope will appear and auto-play widget for websites

It Seems that the recent announcement of mobile broadcasts on YouTube has spurred developers Periscope to add new features.


Meizu MX6 successfully started:- 3.2 million pre-orders in 24 hours

The Device was really good with reasonable price tag. While some believe that the model is quite intermediate, not very different from previous devices, the company was waiting for more innovation in the device.

only for the first 24 hours, the Chinese company Meizu has collected more than 3.2 million pre-orders for the device MX6. This clearly suggests that the interest of the company's products is large enough, the market wants the top, but not particularly expensive devices, however, many seem willing to pay attention to the brand, not overpaying for something once more prestigious, and confidence in the quality Chinese machines at the customer grows.