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World Honor 10 sales exceeded 1 million copies

Chinese company Huawei announced that sales of its new flagship smartphone Honor 10 exceeded 1 million copies in just 1 month after official start of sales in China and a week since the global launch.


HTC introduced a new flagship with two screens — HTC U Ultra

The Taiwanese company HTC today unveiled its new smartphone – HTC U Ultra whose distinctive feature is the presence, in addition to its core 5.7-inch display, small of 2.05-inch information display, similar to what we have previously seen in some models from LG Electronics last year.


[Video] a day in the life with Go TV ZenFone from ASUS

"Mobile TV" most associated with the retractable antenna of the Chinese fakes under iPhone 3GS.

Boris Vedenskiy learned, what has changed since then. And tested a smartphone from ASUS with ZenFone speaker called Go TV.


App Play Newsstand gets a new design

Google often recalls the most successful services, refreshing its interface. The app is a news aggregator Play Newsstand has received an update to version 4.0 and radical new design.


Magnetic mount: video recorder Prestigio RoadRunner 506 GPS

The fact that registrars are encouraged to remove and take with you when you leave your car in the Parking lot, especially in winter. The device does not tolerate low temperatures, and being a long time in a cold car can lead to failure. To remove a standard, the Registrar will have to Tinker. But not in the case of RoadRunner 506 GPS. With magnetic mount couldn't be more simple: lightly pulled and the device you have in hand. Let's take a closer look at the Registrar.

Manufacturers of DVRs have been determined with optimal set of parameters, the most comfortable design and ergonomic design. However, the company Prestigio has decided to make a variety of well-established range of devices and has released a significant new RoadRunner 506 GPS with magnetic mount.


[Video] the End of the presentation, Made by Google

Finally, Google made a long-awaited event with the hashtag #madebygoogle and introduced several products.


It also disclosed details Droidcon Moscow 2016

Natalia Alimova, I. O. SMO e-Legion

September 22 in Moscow hosted the third annual conference Android-developers Droidcon Moscow 2016. In Technopolis gathered more than four hundred greedy of knowledge of the participants, Google Developer Expert s and media representatives. The event was organized by Apps4All developing Russian community of mobile developers, and a leader of mobile development in Russia and abroad e-Legion.


Smart mirror from Google and implantable microchips: what surprised exhibition "Internet of things"?

Large-Scale event will bring together a conference of the two clusters (Industrial IoT and LifeStyle IoT), the exhibition will demonstrate the latest developments of the industry, meeting investors and developers Speed Dealing, thematic workshops and the Grand Battle of startups, which will be attended by Russian and foreign team.

on 29 September in Moscow will host the largest CIS event dedicated to advanced IoT technology, international conference "the Internet of things". This is a great event for the third consecutive year will serve as a catalyst for the development and implementation of technologies of Internet of things in Russia and the CIS countries.


Mobile Yandex.The browser started supporting add-ons for desktop browsers

"Yandex.The browser is the first mobile-based browser Chromium, which began to support desktop add-on. For our users this opportunity to work with your favorite tools in your Browser and add-on developers an easy way to capture a new audience", — says Dmitry Timko, head of mobile Yandex.Browser.

Alfa-version Yandex.Browser for Android starts to support the additions with which people used to work on the computer. Among them are tools for password management, browsing in night mode, save any pages and thousands of others.


Droider Cast #36 — Popyhtet

Are Pleased to introduce your ears to the release of Droider boring Cast, who are trying to produce on a regular basis.


Weather widget will appear in the quick settings menu Android Nougat

Google will allow third-party Android developers to add their apps to the quick settings menu.


5 common myths about cellular

All the interesting details under the cut.

the Company "Megaphone" has shared interesting information, explained what the myths about mobile communication prevail among those who use it daily. For example, as working in the plane, does the speed of your movement on the quality of the connection, subject to whether the mobile signal distortion in bad weather, etc.


For the commands "OK Google" has a separate website

For several years, Google has popularized the voice search and made the phrase "OK Google" meme. Users daily so are looking for information, control functions of the smartphone or create reminders. However, the number of teams is so great that to remember everything is impossible.


Travel wisely: mobile guide for Android with audio guide

Where to start: For the nearest Dating service, downloadable to the smartphone, note that the app is available on IOS and Android platforms and is free.

Avid travelers know the smartphone is the main assistant in tourist trips. The gadget will help you to find the necessary information about a particular city or country, tell cool museums or help in finding the best observation deck. However, it is difficult to understand the diversity of content presented on the Internet. To help the wise and modern travelers, the creators of released the app, which presents a specially designed guides equipped with audio guide.


AccuWeather will tell you about the weather in Russia the users of UC Browser

Wherever in Russia you are - you can safely count on an accurate forecast. Right in the opening browser window, even the address to drive is not necessary, but on a smartphone using a virtual keyboard, it is not always convenient. Simply tap on the thumbnail much easier. If necessary, the browser can even broadcast widget for notifications, telling you about the temperature, rainfall, wind speed, visibility, humidity and more.

How to determine the exact weather today with a smartphone? Barometer and weather vane in most phones is not yet built, but it is useless. After all, you can just download the browser, go to any weather website and see the forecast for today and the coming days. Or you can make it even simpler, by skipping one step if you use UC Browser, which is now in cooperation with AccuWeather just talk about the weather.


Google I/O 2016 — Home, Allo, Daydream, Android Wear 2.0 and more

Began a long-awaited conference I/O in 2016, the first day which Google introduced to the public operating system updates, new services and applications. A couple of times the IT giant even surprised the audience with unexpected premieres.


Google AI learns "humanity" in romance novels

Virtual assistants do a good job with the basic user command: put the alarm clock, know the weather, send dictated messages. However, the feeling of "live" dialogue between man and assistant to achieve so far failed.


Samsung has shown personal robot assistant Otto

At the ongoing worldwide developers conference San Francisco, Samsung has shown personal robot assistant Otto.


Google will help to follow the figure

Google never stops to improve the main product by adding simple tools like calculator, currency Converter or weather.


In Android N found a support Force Touch

Despite the dubious need for "chips" with a touch screen in the iPhone 6/6S, manufacturers are copying the idea.