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View photo of Meizu smart watch

Meizu today one of the most successful and aggressive challenging market vendors. And I must say, the company makes it successfully, the share is growing, and the competitors have to hustle. The company's products many people really like, because it is not surprising that the Chinese are planning to produce not only smartphones, but also to pay attention to other gadgets.

In fact, we expected it to happen even on August 10 that the presentation of Meizu will show their smart watches, but this did not happen. Only online social network Weibo appeared the next photo of the device. Picture quality not the best, but to consider something.


Smart watches Asus Zenwatch will be 3 round

Yet not a lot, but it is clear that the device will work with Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fu 802.11 n, and the case is made of steel. The operating system will be as it should, Android Wear.

showed Asus smart watch ZenWatch 2 in September 2015, but because it was time to start preparing for the announcement of the future model. Data leak from the FCC says that the company is indeed preparing a new generation ZenWatch, which at this time would be round. Thus, it is very likely that the new device will have a smaller bezel than the previous generations.


3 ZenWatch from ASUS will get round screen

The Smart watch ASUS first and second generations had the same rectangular AMOLED screens with a resolution of 320x320 pixels.


Smart watch Meizu was on the "spy" picture

In Spite of his previous dannymthe company Meizu has not demonstrated the debut of the smart watch along with the smartphone M3E to special events.


Watch in 4K Viewsonic VX2475Smhl-4K

When Steve jobs took out of the envelope Macbook Air, the world was interested in 13-inch devices. Lightweight, self-contained, small. But... small. They are not so comfortable working with spreadsheets, videos or websites to impose.

In the middle of the last decade, laptops have replaced the usual dekstop in the homes of consumers. At first they coexisted in the neighborhood, but over time the big box left position. Along with them went the monitors.


Meizu is going to show their smart watches for 10 August

I Must say that the watch in the picture, look really nice and perhaps stylish. At the same time, which is nice, it's not a copy of the Moto 360 or Apple Watch, as one would expect, knowing the love of the Chinese manufacturers even level Meizu to copy successful products of competitors.

China is already beginning to provide us with almost rumors that Meizu is preparing to show the world its own smart watch. Social networks of this country have already caught some picture supposedly with this product. In addition, added that the presentation of the device will happen very soon - on August 10.


Meizu announces the debut of a smart watch in August

The Chinese company has continued to fuel interest in "smart" watch. After a teaser Meizu has sent out an invitation to the event, which will take place on August 10. It is expected that then will be submitted to the wearable accessory.


The safe, smart watches and trackers by AV Test

The Company AV Test conducted a large-scale test of the wearable device. First and foremost, professionals interested in a comprehensive security gadgets.


The owners think their Apple Watch the best smartwatch

Apple is in no hurry to release the second generation smart watches. Probably wanting to make the accessory a truly innovative.


Google is preparing its own smart watch in the line of Nexus

The Latest rumors on the network now that Google has decided to expand its line of Nexus devices, adding there's smart watches. However, tablets-loss, new to be announced, because the place for smartwatches it is currently available. What do they promise us? What to expect from Google in this case?


Smart watch from Xiaomi, you can wait for the price to 150$

Guess watch show in September. For example, on the website of the company recently appeared category of products "smart watch", located under "smart devices".

Yet from the wearable on the body of the Xiaomi fitness-bracelet, now Mi Band 2, but smart sneakers. However, some time ago in the network appeared rumors that the company is preparing to conquer the market of smart watches, which have now become quite popular. Recent evidence suggests that the intentions Xiaomi really serious and soon you can wait for the announcement.


A smart watch from Nokia appeared in the video

When Microsoft purchased the mobile division of Nokia, all the existing patents and the development became the property of the Corporation. Then the Finnish company created the smart watch codenamed Moonraker, but the bosses from Redmond decided to close the project.


Apple Watch 2: front-facing camera and new hardware buttons

Apple does not hurry with the second generation smartwatch and is working on several prototypes.


[WWDC 2016] All that remains of the Apple presentation

Yesterday in California held a regular conference for developers WWDC 2016, where Apple traditionally introduced updates to the operating systems.


OnePlus made a smart watch, but refused to release them on sale

This tells the Wall Street Journal. Pete Lau has said that OnePlus said that the company should not be sprayed, and to concentrate on what she was doing now. Have good OnePlus are selling their smartphones, and the company plans to expand the market for these devices.

Until now, we've seen dozens of smart watches from different vendors. Some managed to produce several generations or several lines of these devices. Therefore it is not surprising that the company OnePlus has also drawn attention to this segment of the market and even made its decision. But as it turned out, the management of OnePlus, has decided not to release the device to market, although it is almost ready.


Android Wear 2.0, who will win?


at Google I/O show and tell many interesting things: Instant Apps, the platform Daydream for virtual reality, and Android Wear 2.0. GSMArena has conducted a lot of work, gathering information about available today Android Wear devices to find out which of them can count on a platform upgrade to version 2.0.


Pebble has already raised money to manufacture new smart watches

After the Apple Watch and Android Wear watch from different manufacturers, the press almost forgot the pioneer of the market of wearable electronics — Pebble Technology.


Samsung says goodbye to Android Wear

The Gear Live, which runs on Android Wear was released in 2014, all other smart watch Samsung worked with its own Tizen OS.

Samsung has officially confirmed that the company plans to continue to release devices like smart watches that use Android Wear as the operating system. However, we cannot say that the Samsung is different some love to the creation of Google, the company has previously produced only one watch with Android Wear, smartwatch but the portfolio is much more than a single model.


Craftsmen launched Windows 7 on the clock LG G Watch

It is also able to run on a smart watch. Device made the LG G Watch. A stripped down version of Windows 7 really works! Although, of course, to use it in this case, it is absolutely impossible and uncomfortable. Yes and downloaded it 3 hours. But this is quite curious and funny. The video clip below.

Personally, I love the news. Meaning from them, of course, no, but funny. Things from the category that Doom launched on the terminal inside the game itself. Or about today - Android Wear. That only did not run on a smart watch: Minecraft, Flappy Bird, Windows 95. What is next? Of course, more recent version of OS such as Microsoft Windows 7.


Watch the gameplay of Doom with the new GeForce GTX 1080

PC Gamer has recorded a little video of this process, which share with us on Youtube. Doom uses the new Vulkan API. Initially the game runs at 1080p and 60 fps. Then, after disabling vertical sync, the frame rate increases to 120-200 fps. 1080p in this case only the limitation of the monitor.

on Friday, NVIDIA revealed their new powerful cards GeFeorce GTX 1080. In the event the developers at id Software decided to show their full potential on the example of his creation of Doom, which, incidentally, will soon be available. Ultra-max settings where the game just flies and easily gets 200 fps.