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Telegram received the "cloud" and the category with the popular stickers

With Telegram update (version 3.11) has acquired cloud storage in which you can upload photos, documents and other files.


Google again updates brand launcher, new Wallpaper included

The Release of the latest version of the launcher with a major change is also associated with the fact that Google is already ready to show soon release Android 7.

Android Police tell us that once again can change the launcher to Google, which the company intends to include in the release of the Android Nougat. We can even see some animations that demonstrate new interaction with the shell. And to touch yourself you'll have with access devices Marlin and Sailfish.


ZTE Blade A910 – budget phablet in a slim housing with a fingerprint scanner

The Chinese company ZTE presented the update in the model number of the Blade series – A910 smartphone with a 5.5-inch AMOLED display with HD resolution and is enclosed in a thin casing with a biometric sensor. As noted by the manufacturer, its new product successfully combines high performance, attractive design, and affordable price.


Android Nougat waiting in the next month

As for the Nexus 5, this smartphone went for 3 years, he was released in 2013, and Google no longer intends to support it. However, you should not even doubt that firmware with Android Nougat for Nexus 5 can be downloaded from the XDA forum.

we have all Known Evan Blass recently said on Twitter that soon the world will see the release of the final version of Android 7 Nougat. He says that Google has scheduled the release for August, with a fresh security patch. But, unfortunately, the owners of the Nexus 5 officially it will not get. The first would be owners of Nexus 6, and after smartphones of different vendors.


Yandex.Money has launched a service of payment by QR code

The Developers of the payment service "Yandex.Money" has reported on new functionality for Android, iOS and Windows 10.


Beta firmware version with Android Nougat is available for Huawei P9

Presumably, the practice of Google results the OS in a Developer Preview for developers, which leads to the fact that those who have datacache desires, can prepare updates for its devices faster.

quickly Touch fresh Android Nougat until now could only owners of Nexus devices. But it turns out that soon happiness in the form of updates will come for some other Android lovers. For example, the lucky ones will be bought Huawei P9, because now the network has already leaked a beta version of the firmware for this device based on Android Nougat.


[Video] Top 10 features of Windows 10 and Anniversary Update

On July 29, ends the year during which users could free upgrade to Windows 10. In this regard, Boris Vedenskiy explains more about the benefits of update Microsoft operating system.

Not to bore the audience with unnecessary details, selected 10 significant features and innovations.


The line of Nexus and Android One will get protection against telephone spam

Google has released an update to the original "dialer," which protects users from spam calls.


Allo and Duo will replace messenger Hangouts

After announcement Allo Duo on I/O in 2016, the future of Hangouts has become a mystery. Google continues to update messenger, although the company has already created more modern means of communication.


Google has launched project Arts & Culture

The Company conducted a rebranding project Arts & Culture, and also updated the website and application for Android and iOS.


Swiftmoji – Emoji-SwiftKey keyboard for iOS and Android

To develop, companies often try themselves in new areas. These include SwiftKey and owned by Microsoft.


"VKontakte" legalized recordings and return them to the iOS app

Mail.Ru Group, United Music Agency and Universal Music Group have agreed on the licensing of music within its social network.


Making the choice for a new smartphone

And you? Urge to share my impressions about the success of mobile technology in the comments to the article.

would you Like to change your current smartphone for something different or new? I'm not. Why not see something on the market that actually would like, though he's not the most modern machine. I have in possession of the Xiaomi Mi4, but today I walked on the crust, taking aim at what would to change it. And found nothing. In addition to the realization that most devices on the market today, I don't like. You can buy them if necessary. But you don't want to just pick up and updated.


MIUI is updated - closed a serious hole in the firmware

If we consider only the devices Xiaomi, here downright a considerable army. Only in 2015, the company shipped more than 70 million gadgets with MIUI. They are vulnerable because the relevant bug for all firmwares up to version 7.2.xxxx Stable. However, in the latest firmware versions that exist for almost all devices, the vulnerability is already closed. We strongly recommend you to updated.

IBM X-Force found in the firmware MIUI, which gives us Xiaomi company, a serious vulnerability that enables the attacker to run on the user devices of arbitrary code. While MIUI installed only on devices Xiaomi, but also officially issued by the company and for devices of other vendors, and also unofficially ported craftsmen are not those devices that are not officially supported, but have an audience of users.


The female characters in Street Fighter V had boob job

Something abnormal is going on in this world, the characters in Overwatch are changing, because Blizzard flying claim that they are too erotic, it now suffers the company Capcom, which is responsible for fighting game Street Fighter V. There female characters began to censor: to hide some animation and change the model.


To Google Keyboard appeared themes

A test build of Android N added a new version of the Keyboard. The main innovation-branded keyboard Google – themes replacing the background with any other.


In the Russian sale HTC smartphones and HTC 10 Lifestyle 10

HTC announced the beginning of sales in Russia of its flagship devices – smartphones HTC HTC 10 Lifestyle 10.


The most secure Android smartphones for version of Duo Labs

Gal Binyamini, reputable security specialist, has published report on the topic of vulnerabilities in Android smartphones. Experts of the company Duo Labs checked and podtverdili conclusions.


Linux Mint 18

You can Download from the official site of the Assembly with shims Mate or Cinnamon. Linux Mint 18 - global update that is planned for long term support, until 2021.

In a network there Linux Mint 18 Sarah, which is now based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. The distribution is fully compatible with Ubuntu, but has a number of features: redesigned interface and organization principles of the desktop, is more classic rather than Unity or Goneme 3.


Official "sweetness" Android N is nougat

Almost six months, Google kept the intrigue of the name new versions of Android. For the letter "N" seen Nutella, Napoleon, Nestle Crunch and dozens of other sweets.