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Huawei is working on a smartwatch based on Tizen OS

Google has been slow to develop an OS for wearable electronics Android Wear. The company anonsirovana large-scale system upgrade in may, but the watches still not received it. It seems that the producers sensed something was wrong and began to look for an alternative OS.


Shazam for Android has learned to auto-detecting music

The Administration of the shopping center or restaurant, where you briefly heard the song, rarely willing to explain the discography of the musician. For such situations there is a Shazam with peers.


Gear VR will make friends with the controllers from the Xbox

Microsoft will add support for the controller from the Xbox for helmet virtual reality VR Gear.


In Telegram appeared masks and the ability to create animated gifs

While Pavel Durov and Edward Snowden visneliwhich messenger is more secure Telegram had time to update.


IPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus can you not hear

On the support forum of Apple users are complaining about the strange character of the sound during conversations, which sounds like it's coming from behind the smartphone. Decrease the volume a bit brightens up the situation, but not solve the problem. And as usual the sound is on the level.

For a short time the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus users have complained about hiss CPU at maximum load, on a periodic disruption of the Lightning headset that can fix Update to iOS 10.0.2, as now there are complaints of poor sound quality during calls.


Android 7.0 has a bad effect on some Nexus 5X

Employee of Google in response to the malfunction message on the support forum, said that the situation cannot be solved programmatically, can help only to repair or exchange for a new smartphone.

Some owners of Nexus 5X after updating to Android 7.0, I faced with a problem: after update their smartphone starts to reboot. No full reset to factory state, no firmware image does not improve the situation. Even in protected mode, the phone continues to reboot at random times.


App Duo was updated to version 2.0

Application for a tete-a-tete video Duo today received an update to level 2.0.


[Video] Allo — Google's latest attempt to enter the market of instant messengers

Google has finally revealed the partner Duo messenger bots, voice messages, stickers and other benefits. Revision Droider few days used Allo and prepared a detailed overview of the prior Android version.


Social network Twitter has added characters

First intent of these changes became known in may, but the update only happened recently. Some popular Twitter clients, for example, Talon for Twitter were already adapted to the new rules of the game.

Twitter the other day, still decided symbols in messages became more. It seems to be the same figure 140, but the social network has changed the logic of counting. Now do not count links to meadiafire, polls, quotes, and characters in nicknames of other participants of the service.


Problem with Lightning headphones the iPhone 7

We are Talking about disruption and the periodic freezing of the control panel is Lightning-headphones. Why users can't switch tracks and adjust the volume while the microphone continues to work. NOKA it is unclear whether all of the Lightning headphones have such a problem. Frustrating also the fact that included with the adapter are just like headphones, and the old analog 3.5 mm connector is no more.

Each new model of smartphone from Apple, the company had some problems at the start of sales. They bent in the back pocket, the paint peeling, not so long ago we wrote about the hiss of some processors the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus under load. Now there is information about another small problem for Apple, this time wearing a programmatic nature.


Google erases mention Now and Now on Tap

As we approach the release of virtual assistant, the less references Now and Now on Tap remains in the Google services.


The Opera browser gained free and unlimited VPN

After months testirovanie Opera Software has introduced a public version of the browser with free and unlimited VPN service.


Vulnerability found in firmware of Xiaomi smartphones

Information on the official forums of the manufacturer about the app could not be found and the specialist tried himself to learn his destiny. Perform reverse engineering, he found out that the program every 24 hours associated with a vendor's server to check for firmware updates and maybe without participation of the owner in the background to download and install apk files, despite the fact that verifying a digital signature Broenink not found. Although the Xiaomi claim that the apk files are checked.

a Researcher from the Netherlands This Broenink has discovered a vulnerability in smartphones Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi. As the owner of Xiaomi Mi4, he found a strange AnalyticsCore app running in the background.


Solid Explorer has added support for encryption and dactyloscopy

Open the file system – this is a serious argument on the side of Android. Competing in the Play Store dozens of file managers, but one of the most popular is the Solid Explorer.


SwiftKey keyboard is befriended by neural networks

SwiftKey made a name as a keyboard with one of the best algorithms for predictive. However, the developers are ready to go further.


Highscreen Boost 3 i Pro obnovilsya do Android Marshmallow

The Firmware has been updated to version C031 and C017 for Highscreen Boost Highscreen Boost 3 and Pro 3, respectively.

the Company Highscreen released the firmware upgrade for devices Boost 3 and Boost 3 Pro. Nice thing about these devices is taken care of, although just recently released a model SE Boost 3. Judging by changelog, the company has made over the old model look like a new in part.


Pixel Launcher icons will lead to a single appearance

The closer on 4 October, the more information about the products that Google will show for the special event. The latest news about the corporate Pixel Launcher.


Instagram helped to keep the personal "Stories"

The Developers of Instagram have released an update. In version 9.3 of the app users have a chance to keep personal "Historie".


Samsung learned the causes of the fire their smartphones and offers solutions to the problem

As the Corporation found out the cause of fires. The problem is the defect of the plates of the battery, pressure and because of this, there is a contact of the positive and negative poles, and further the fire. According to Reuters, "corrected" Galaxy Note 7 will be used the batteries from another manufacturer – the Chinese company ATL. Boxes with such smartphones will be marked with a round sticker with the letter S.

Samsung has fulfilled the promise and has launched a website where you can check whether Your instance of Galaxy Note 7 explosive. To do this, enter the IMEI of your smartphone in this website. You will find the IMEI on the box in the settings section "About device" or by dialing *#06#.


Google Play has added information value - dimensions everywhere

And the truth became easier, because early to know been in a few taps, now this information directly in the eyes. It seems that Google is working on the usability of its database applications.

Android Police have noticed and reported an interesting new feature of the Google brand. Google Play Store has to give users more information on apps. Now you can immediately see how much weight you intend to load on the device.