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3.10 Telegram drafts, a video player and the counter of unread messages

Users of Telegram received another update, with a few notable changes.


Facebook Messenger has taught to work with SMS-messages

The Era of messengers have brought the popularity of "texting" to zero. Keep a separate app for text debris — excessive waste. Therefore, the sound of a new message rather portends a notice from the Bank, identification code or spam, rather than SMS.


[WWDC 2016] All that remains of the Apple presentation

Yesterday in California held a regular conference for developers WWDC 2016, where Apple traditionally introduced updates to the operating systems.


Bluetooth 5 soon in all devices

Promise that update since 4.2 will be quite significant. By the way, 4.2, showed in December 2014. At least double the range and four times will increase the speed of data transmission. In addition, there will be support for temporary geo-dependent connections that can be used, for example, for navigation and positioning.

Director of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group mark Powell spoke briefly about what to expect from the next generation wireless technology of Pereda data. It is expected that the official announcement will take place on June 16 in London.


Preparing to upgrade the Asus Zenfone and Zenfone Laser Max up to Marshmallow

Many will like the fact that the update brings not only a fresh version of the OS and chips are inherent, but the company has also decided to prune the list of preinstalled software, we now impose stuff will be in smaller quantities.

Earlier this year Asus promised that some of its devices will be updated to Android Marshmallow. The deadline was before the end of the second quarter of 2016, i.e. until the end of June. It's nice that the company keeps the promise. Now, updates to Android 6.0 coming on the model Zenfone Max (ZE550KL) and Zenfone Laser (ZC550KL).


"VKontakte" received algoritmicheskie tape and play gifs

After Obnovlenie covenants, Material Design in March, the developers of the client "VKontakte" were in no hurry to add fresh features.


Android N has shown, Marshmallow only 10%

Android Marshmallow gradually penetrates to users ' devices and takes more space under the sun. However, this is largely due to the fact that new gadgets are now selling it with a Marshmallow. But updates from vendors are still coming up, although this process has long been would be completed. Marshmallow came out long ago, time to refresh it with a vengeance. Now its share is 10.1%, which is actually not much.

June is here - time to look at open source statistics to Google about the distribution of versions of Android smartphone users? Guess who is now in the lead and what percentage of friends with a Marshmallow?


Viber for Android and iOS has learnt how to send money

Just messenger no surprise in 2016, so to compete, developers are constantly introducing additional features.


Google Play Store helps not only to install but also to remove

In the end, Google something really in person knows, is not a rare situation when the user can't even install a favorite app from the Play Store. Memory is not enough, nowhere to put. It is here that will help Play Store, which recently has acquired a new feature - able to suggest what you can from an already established relatively painless to remove.

Despite the fact that the yard in 2016, still many smart phones only have 16 GB of internal memory, and even often without the possibility to expand it with memory cards. But if we are talking about some budget devices, you can meet and gadgets with 8 gigabytes easily. In addition, we remember that not all voiced gigabytes available to the user because of the space eaten by the system, and the vendors love to incorporate his brand of garbage.


In Russia will start sales of the flagship HTC

The Russian office of HTC has announced the start of sales of the flagship device of the company HTC 10, the global premiere of which took place in April of this year.


Android Wear 2.0, who will win?


at Google I/O show and tell many interesting things: Instant Apps, the platform Daydream for virtual reality, and Android Wear 2.0. GSMArena has conducted a lot of work, gathering information about available today Android Wear devices to find out which of them can count on a platform upgrade to version 2.0.


For Nexus devices will be unlimited storage in Google Photos

Google Photos presented on Google I/O 2015, has attracted many the ability to store unlimited photos and videos in the cloud. With only one "but": the algorithms of the service "squeeze" the content up to 16 megapixels and FullHD-resolution.


Nexus owners will not limit the space in Google Photos

Reported that bought the Nexus, can store any number of photos, but what is important in any quality of Google Photos, it looks like they will have absolutely no restrictions on disk space. Now Google Photos does not consider the disk space is only for photos taken by the cameras of 16 megapixels, and in this case, Google images is a little constricting, to save space.

Android Police reports that a recent update of Google Photos for Android found interesting strings in the code that hint at the fact that the client has updated not only correcting bugs, but also paved the way for some innovations, which will be the taste in the first place the owners of devices Nexus. Google is preparing to give them unlimited space in the cloud Photos.


[Video] Budget smartphones – 8 significant "pros" and "cons"

Buying a cheap smartphone can be justified not only by lack of money. Often people consciously don't want to spend 50-60 thousand rubles for top-end iPhone and Galaxy.

Boris Vedenskiy talks about the pros and cons of owning a budget smartphone, for example, Canvas 5 from Micromax.


Google can blame vendors for being slow to update

Google has ratings of current vendors, which work with Android and stats updates for each. I do not exclude that Google and eventually make this information public. Although, perhaps, for those who follow Android news, it's no longer a secret, so we know which manufacturers have scored on their device.

Despite the fact that Android Marshmallow was released over 7 months ago, used this version of the OS on a small number of devices. According to the latest statistics Google lucky with the current version of the system only 7.5%. Others are working with outdated versions of Android. Rumor has it that Google was not happy with this situation, because the network appeared rumors that the company may publicly "shame" the vendors that are usually not in a hurry with the updates of the manufactured devices.


Google will create a rating of exemplary manufacturers of Android smartphones

Google generates a list of decent manufacturers of Android-based smartphones.


Microsoft became obscenely annoying with Windows 10

Now getting a notification that the system will soon be updated to Windows 10, most users this is likely to agree. The fact that Microsoft just changed the behaviour of the cross, which is designed to close the window. Now click on it will mean that you agree to the upgrade and simply closed the window. The very same process will take place at the time that was specified in the-notice.

Microsoft many months comes up with a ploy to upgrade to the maximum number of systems and machines to Windows 10. But not all users want to change their older system for various reasons. However, now the company is upgrading to dozens almost mandatory. In addition, there is a trick which are usually used by hackers or scammers. Strange move of a large company.


The new MacBook Pro will get a second display and dactyloscopy

The New generation of MacBook Pro, which is expected in the fourth quarter of 2016, will receive a massive update.


Motorola has mentioned about the mysterious version of Android O

Presented by smartfony Moto G4, and G4 Plus working on latest version of Android 6.0 Marshamallow. Although the update to Android N no doubt.


Install Windows 10 from USB drive

So, this text on how to install Windows 10 on a notebook from scratch without having the installation disk, because before this system was installed by the vendor. In our case, Asus, ultrabook UX31A (Zenbook Prime). When you buy it installed Windows 7 Home Premium, which later was updated to Windows 10 Home. But what if the system is filled with so thorough that you will save a reinstall? To recover on the original Windows 7, and then again to wait for an update to ten? The folly. But the installation disk is not in the hands, because the sink in question.

Perhaps, in the last two posts here may seem that I like to write about Windows :) In fact, Microsoft is once again pleased with the fact that the company all "for the people", and therefore immediately after solving another riddle MS, I decided to share the instructions with those who can get into a similar situation. And for ourselves also useful, as I suspect that to reinstall Windows I have not the last time in my life.