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Switch from Nintendo hybrid console for home and travel

In August, Microsoft started selling XBOX One's updated in September, Sony introduced the PlayStation 4 is Slim and Pro. In October, his word in the "NextGen" said Nintendo.


Pictures of the unannounced tablet HTC from the designer company

In 2012, Evleaks posted a photo of an unusual tablet with the HTC logo. Has passed 4 years, but the device still not been presented to the public.


Samsung is considering variants of using NVIDIA and ATI accelerators

Tell that at the moment the company is interested in solutions from NVIDIA and ATI. Currently Samsung Uses ARM Mali accelerators for graphics.

SamMobile specialiosios on tracking the news and rumors about the Samsung misleading, supposedly the company is considering options to upgrade their home Exynos processors.


NX portable console from Nintendo will be shown in September

Nintendo has often come to the attention of the media because of the news about Pokemon Go and retro-console NES, in September, will introduce a portable console NX.


Adreno 530 benchmarks is very impressive

The 40% figure and without that pleasant, but if you believe the benchmarks, it turns out that we get even more powerful piece of hardware.

Probably, no one will argue that the Snapdragon 810 Qualcomm has made some not happy, unsuccessful and problematic. And because all want him to forget and to aspire to a bright and productive future, and most importantly, moderately cool, a future in which we are led by a Snapdragon 820. The new chipset, graphics accelerator Adreno 530 will be. Qualcomm Promised that the performance gain here will be at least 40% compared to Adreno 420.


On sale: transformer reference Google Pixel C

As promised, before the Christmas holidays, Google has started selling of its new reference tablet Google Pixel C.


Pixel C impressive performance in the tests

At the presentation of Google's attention riveted not only the Nexus smartphones, but the device Pixel S.


NVIDIA has introduced an updated gaming tablet NVIDIA SHIELD tablet K1 for $200

NVIDIA today introduced an updated version of the tablet NVIDIA SHIELD K1 tablet has an 8-inch Full HD display, 2.2 GHz chetyrekhyadernykh own processor NVIDIA Tegra K1 with 192 Kepler graphics cores, and support for a wide range accessories, including game controller SHIELD.


Google may engage in the production of processors

Even the Nexus line of gadgets, which is tightly controlled by the search giant, still falls on the shoulders of some company, which specializes in the production of gadgets. What smartphones and tablets that chromebooks.

Historically was always that Google is a company which largely deals in software and services, although in secret labs also maintains its own design with regards to iron. But, if it comes to Android and manufacture devices, they have generally given to outsourcing to third-party vendors.


Buy from the Chinese, does it make sense? On the example of Lenovo smartphones

The Back cover of the smartphone is "metal". Moreover, the special coating of the gadget should have a positive impact on the appearance after prolonged use: it resists the appearance of fingerprints and other traces of life. If you lay the smartphone flat, you can notice a slight curve of his rear — engineers expect Lenovo to do this grip its product more convenient. Available 2 colors: black and white, weight — 140 grams.

Order electronics from Chinese shops have long been the norm among geeks. Now many fans of various gadgets prefer Asian online showcases European, which is quite logical — the prices are lower, and local products are widely represented. One of these "natives" — Lenovo A3690, which you can pre-order at GearBest store until October 30.


Itogi Google Event: Nexus 6P/5X, Chromecast 2 i Pixel S

Ended the long-awaited Google Event where the company finally revealed innovations in the field of hardware and software.


Pixel C – the new tablet from Google

Google, on this past Tuesday's event, also presented new 10.2-inch tablet Pixel C, which is positioned so far outside of the Nexus line, but with high technical characteristics.


Google is preparing a tablet Pixel C — killer Surface Pro

Around today's presentation, Google has accumulated a lot of rumors. Apart from the Nexus smartphones, and Chromecast 2 family access to Play Music, can show off a new tablet.


Half-Life 2 Episode Two Android

Half-Life 2 Episode Two Android – continuation of the cult of the second part of the famous shooter game of all times and peoples.

This project was developed by NVIDIA Tegra Partners is a striking continuation of the second part of the legendary shooter. In Half-Life 2 Episode Two Android you will continue to play as Gordon Freeman, caught in a wooded area near secret city 17.


Igra Q.U.B.E.: Director’s Cut — dlya Android (Tegra 4, K1)

The Game Q. U. B. e: Director's Cut — Android (Tegra 4, K1)


Goat Simulator



SmartMonitor Philips S221C4 to replace the home PC

In essence, the model Philips S221C4 is a normal monitor, but without the usual stand, but with a touch screen and mobile OSes Android. On the surface it is mounted on rubber feet on the bottom. They hold firmly on the table and do not let the monitor slide. Support for monitor stands hinged leg, which in a rather large range adjusts the angle of the monitor. The device can be compactly placed on almost any surface. And even take to bed with me, if you'll get bored.

the Monitors, all-in-one rather interesting kind of products whose popularity among users is not very high. Which is weird, because they combine the capabilities as a full-fledged computer or tablet, and the display device from external sources. The hero of our today's review will be a 21.5-inch SmartMonitor Philips S221C4 with touch screen and Android OC on Board.


NVIDIA prepares the console SHIELD Pro Android TV

The Company NVIDIA, apparently, works tirelessly on a game console SHIELD Pro Android TV with built-in storage to 512 GB.


SmartMonitor AOC A2472PW4T – for work and play

AOC A2472PW4T very similar in appearance to modern frames, that is, on a horizontal surface this device is mounted without the stand, which we used to see in monitors. But the bottom end of its body is equipped with a pair of "legs" made of rubber, while on the back there is a special folding plate. It's meant for the throttling angle. Also note the remarkable resilience of the AOC A2472PW4T on a horizontal surface.

AOC A2472PW4T device that perfectly combines the features of tablet PCs and traditional monitors. The device has an interesting "implementation", it is suitable as an ordinary means of output images and videos for conventional, stationary PC, And the device is equipped with a full-fledged system based NVIDIA Tegra 3 T33, and which runs on Android 4.2.


The Tango tablet from Google will go to the international market

Google is soon going to bring a tablet for Project Tango developers to the international market.