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AngelHack Saint-Petersburg: welcome!

AngelHack is the world's largest and most diversified of the global hackathon, which helps international technology community to build a bridge with Silicon Valley. Organized a series of competitions in Russia is a community of application developers Apps4All. Partner of the event is the national research University "Higher school of Economics".

on June 11-12 at the National research University "Higher school of Economics" will be held Russian stage of the world's largest hackathon – AngelHack Saint-Petersburg. The strongest team of designers, programmers and developers of mobile apps in 24 hours will solve the technological problems and create prototypes of applications on the Google briefs, "Beeline", OneAPI and the "Open mobile platform". Global nominations submitted Code4Impact and Amazon Web Services.


Acer Aspire happy fresh ultraboom S13 and Switch Alpha 12

Both machines are running Windows 10. If about Aspire S13 the company claims that it is battery - up to 13 hours on a single battery charge, then Switch Aplha also has its own particularity. This device works without a fan, the company's engineers for cooling technology used Acer Liquid Loop.

Modern technology is not only smartphones and tablets (which by the way they write less and less), but the PC, and in our case, the laptops, which gradually evolved and was even given the name "ultrabook". Acer being one of the first companies that entered the market of ultrabooks launching this new direction, has now presented its new solutions in this area: the Aspire Switch S13 and Alpha 12.


The atomic brain: a Review of the tablet TurboPad 1014i

On the exterior, there is no need for a long time to stop - when creating a used plastic of dark color, the outside of the case almost no metal elements. On the right side focus controls, volume control wheel, power button and micro-USB port and mini-jack for headphones.

Imagine a classic big tablet. 10-inch screen, processor 4 core, building strength, mobile Internet, Wi-Fi and GPS navigation - mandatory. Given the crisis - Refine and cost up to $ 100.e. But it is necessary to score these uncomplicated requirements to any search engine and the eyes will diverge. Limit the variety of...price. Externally, the device (particularly the picture) are very similar to each other, and the characteristics do not vary too much. So it makes sense to apply to testing that we now do. Visiting us tablet TurboPad 1014i, we are interested, first of all chipset from Intel, while not so common in budget devices.


Why Xiaomi bought 1500 Microsoft patents

About the friendship Xiaomi and Microsoft has long been known. The owners of the Mi 4 is one of the first tried the beta version of Windows Phone 8.1, and the tablet Mi Pad 2 in addition to MIUI fully working with Windows 10.


Google bypassed "Yandex" in popularity in Russia

Ever Since Google came to Russia, the share of "Yandex" has started to decline, however, the search and services are still enjoyed high popularity among Russians.


ZenBook 3 i Transformer 3 Pro — ubiytsi MacBook i Surface Pro ot ASUS

Computex is an annual platform where ASUS is demonstrating best practices in the field of smartphones, laptops and computer hardware.


LG has introduced a new 8-inch G Pad tablet III 8.0

The South Korean company LG Electronics announced its new tablet model III G Pad 8.0 has an 8-inch IPS display with Full HD resolution and USB 2.0 standard connector to which you can connect various external storage.


For Nexus devices will be unlimited storage in Google Photos

Google Photos presented on Google I/O 2015, has attracted many the ability to store unlimited photos and videos in the cloud. With only one "but": the algorithms of the service "squeeze" the content up to 16 megapixels and FullHD-resolution.


Xiaomi may present interactive book

Every year more and more difficult to find a category of devices that do not produce Xiaomi. Smartphones, tablets, headphones, lamps, rice cookers, smart suitcases — not even half of the gadgets with the Mi logo on the body.


Study the Alphabet - interactive game-ABC for kids

It is Difficult even to say a game or an educational application. Probably, young users will be perceived as an exciting game, which in between them will also develop.

Smartphones for a long time - toys are not only for adults but also for children. Children of all ages happy tapout the screens of smartphones and tablets, getting from this real pleasure. Some developers are watching this picture, rightly believe that in this way it is possible not only to entertain, but also to combine business with pleasure - to train. It becomes possible, for example, with the app "Learn the Alphabet".


Banking Trojan attacks lovers hacked mobile games

In the field of view of the enterprising cybercriminals that distribute the banking Trojans as fans of mobile games, which tend to get everything at once, without paying a penny and not spending any efforts. In particular, when users are trying to find in popular search engines information about cheats to facilitate passage of play – for example, possible to obtain infinite gold, crystals and other in-game currency, or just want to download the cracked version of the beloved gaming applications in the search results, potential victims are demonstrated links to numerous fraudulent web-sites created specifically for fans of the infamous "freebie".

Virus analysts "Doctor Web" is constantly fixed cases of distribution of various banking Trojans designed to infect mobile devices running Android. It is no secret that cyber criminals often try to hide such malicious applications for a harmless and useful program. Was no exception and the bunker Android.BankBot.104.origin, which virus writers teaches potential victims how to hack the popular mobile games and also under the guise of programs for cheating.


Samsung has introduced in India are Galaxy Tab Iris authentication, iris of the eye

The South Korean company Samsung Electronics has introduced for the Indian government and corporate market its new tablet model – Samsung Galaxy Tab Iris authentication, iris of the eye.


Eight "atomic" inches: an overview of the tablet TurboPad 802i

A lot like each other in appearance devices brands from the second and third divisions, characteristics are also identical. Will try today to take and to work closely with a device that will : a) powerful enough and b) have a good display;) and, of course, to have the broadest possible functionality. At the same time - to meet 100 "evergreen". Under these requirements quite gets tablet TurboPad 802i - and we'll find out whether he really claim to be a decent pocket companion for reasonable money.

In the past year and a half on the market of mobile devices was a strange situation - from sale almost disappeared tablets lower price segment from leading manufacturers. Thus, a buyer wants when buying a new gadget to meet the amount "$ 100", is faced with many difficulties.


[Google I/O 2016] Instant Apps — Android the secret weapon

An Important part of the I/O 2016 was the announcement of Instant Apps — Android applications that do not need to be installed on your smartphone.


In "Yandex.Browser" appeared reading mode

Shaping the search results, Google and "Yandex" for a long time, give preference to the sites with the mobile version. However, not all resource owners in a hurry adapting pages for smartphones and tablets.


Google I/O 2016 — Home, Allo, Daydream, Android Wear 2.0 and more

Began a long-awaited conference I/O in 2016, the first day which Google introduced to the public operating system updates, new services and applications. A couple of times the IT giant even surprised the audience with unexpected premieres.


In Yandex.Browser for Android appeared reading mode

The Company Yandex has announced that its eponymous browser for tablets and smartphones based on Android has got mode of reading, which, according to the company, it is useful to view the articles, stories or blog posts. In the reading mode from page disappears all the excess, there is only formatted text with illustrations.


Legendary Nokia back on the smartphone market

The Famous Finnish brand Nokia has announced a return to mobile devices.


Microsoft think about selling the mobile phone division of Nokia

After acquiring the mobile division of Nokia, Microsoft received the right to release phones under this brand until 2024.


NVIDIA Shield gets an update to Android 6.0.1

Changes in the firmware are the same as those for the second model. To try and get the update faster if your device is still not signaled, it is possible via settings, forcibly tapping on the button check for updates.

About a month ago, owners of the NVIDIA Shield K1 Tablet happy IOS with Android Marshmallow. And now this update comes to the device Shield Tablet, bringing Android users 6.0.1 and the March security patch.