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Xiaomi enters the PC arena, showed Mi Notebook Air

However, the Russian media believe differently. Sometimes even the impression that there are those who submit on the subject information with an open mind, and there are those who have paid. However, brought not for advertising, and for anti-public relations. But let's first take a detached view that the product turned out. And then think about whether it was necessary to release him or not. And separately ponder over whether it is necessary on the Russian market.

Chinese iron giant Xiaomi has long produces the most different products: smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, fitness wristbands, kettles, water purifiers and many other things. Because even a few strange looked the fact that the company still has not tried their hand in the PC business. However, yesterday it had been fixed. The Chinese showed their first laptops. Turned out, I must say, quite nice and appetizing.


[Video] Top 10 features of Windows 10 and Anniversary Update

On July 29, ends the year during which users could free upgrade to Windows 10. In this regard, Boris Vedenskiy explains more about the benefits of update Microsoft operating system.

Not to bore the audience with unnecessary details, selected 10 significant features and innovations.


Meizu showed a teaser of "smart" hours

Meizu has long issue exclusively limited to smartphones, occasionally presenting a small batch of headphones. About tablets and wearable electronics like the manufacturer forgot.


SoftBank buys ARM for $ 32 billion

Japanese conglomerate Softbank has announced the acquisition of the British company ARM for 32.2 billion.


Android Nokia smartphones will be released before the end of 2016

Nokia periodically excites the audience with news about acquisitions or "leaks" about upcoming smartphones.


The new tablet Nvidia certified FCC

Tablet Sales are decreasing annually due to the growth of the diagonal of smartphones and no need to change device every year. In an attempt to snatch a share of the collapsing market, manufacturers produce budget or niche "tablets".


Lenovo has announced the release of family tablet TAB3 8 in Russia

Lenovo announced the withdrawal of the Russian market of universal tablet for the entire family Lenovo TAB3 8 with support for multi-user and kids modes as well as Adaptive Display.


Striking design, features: review the speaker system SVEN MS-305

A Line of budget speaker systems produced by SVEN company has been supplemented with triphenicol MS-305 with an attractive design and features. Their features are not inferior acoustics multimedia centres and Sundaram: it can be connected to any audio source to use as a standalone audio player and radio. An interesting solution is the possibility to connect acoustics to computers, smartphones, tablets and smart TVs. Glad that for all its virtues the system is adequate money. But let's not get ahead of ourselves and proceed to a detailed review.


Qualcomm introduced its new top-end Snapdragon 821 – waiting for new flagship smartphones on it

According to the company Qualcomm, since the beginning of this year, when it submitted its latest and most powerful processor for mobile devices – Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, the light appeared more than 115 premium smartphones and tablets, the heart for which he served this processor.


[Video] How to use the Apple SIM?

A Couple of years ago Apple introduced the Apple SIM. Card combines the services of several operators and allows users of tablets on iOS to switch between tariffs.

Valery Istishab have been interested in SIM cards and roaming, so I tested the new invention by Apple.


Samsung has hinted at a possible future of flexible smartphones

Unconfirmed sluchamin 2017, Samsung will reveal the consumer version of the flexible smartphone. The audience will see a new, though unlikely to fully understand the practical benefits of innovation.


"Aeroflot" allowed to use smartphones on Board

Russian airline allowed passengers to use electronic devices during the flight.


Google may release its own smartphone as a whole

Earlier devices from Google was considered as the smartphones and tablets of the Nexus line, which were made (at least the hardware part) of the selected Google the vendor. Now the company will take control of production and filling. In the end, will get much more control over the device as a whole, because the optimization of hardware and software will be engaged in a United team of professionals.

The Telegraph reports that at the moment Google is active and is negotiating with mobile operators on the topic to market their own devices. Yes, a new smartphone, Yes, not Nexus, and the new device, developed by from software to hardware. Yes, just like Apple.


Google itself will release a smartphone in 2016

Google has made Android the most popular OS in the world, hiding the "Green robot" in 4 out of 5 smartphones around the world. Obviously, the ambition of the company to create its own devices is understandable and justified.


Browse external battery Rombica NEO S100 – a practical accessory for those who appreciate style

Battery comes in a darling box. To evaluate the design and small thickness of the device without opening the box. Inside the box is based on documentation, warranty card and USB cable

Tell active user of the Internet what is a portable battery which no longer makes sense. The race for performance and minimum body sizes in smartphones has forced us, ordinary users to accept the need to carry two devices – a smartphone and external battery. For someone the main functionality for a minimum price, and for someone accessory is a question of image - is a Singaporean company created Rombica Deluxe external battery NEO S100 in black and brown. Such a battery would look great even with the most expensive smartphone. A capacity of 6500 mAh enough to fully charge most devices.


Samsung has introduced at home new tablet – Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2016

The South Korean company Samsung Electronics has presented at home new model 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2016, equipped with a quick connect feature, which, according to the manufacturer, its novelty can easily connect to smartphones and TVs.


Xiaomi has no plans to waterproof smartphones in the near future

There are two Reasons. And really hard to disagree with them.

Moisture proof - great topic. Everyone wants a device that is not afraid of water. Even in the rain get out the smartphone, at least in the sink accidentally drop the unit survives, nothing will happen. A nice bonus, right? However, Xiaomi is going to release a device with protection from moisture in blizhashee time. Lei Jun of the company commented, explaining why.


TrusTPad – "antiviral" tablet with two OS

The Company TKK-M ("Trustedcertentry Millionaire") has developed protected from viruses tablet TrusTPad with the ability to run Android and Linux.


ASUS has introduced a new 8-inch tablet ZenPad 8.0

ASUS has officially introduced its new eight-inch model of the tablet ZenPad 8.0, supports 5.1-channel surround sound DTS-HD Premium Sound and sound technology SonicMaster, as well as a special cover feature six speakers, including one subwoofer.


"Doctor Web" found in Google Play Trojan that steals usernames and passwords of users "VKontakte"

Android.PWS.Vk.3 hiding in the app "Music from the VC", which is distributed by cyber criminals through Google Play on behalf of the developer MixHard. Virus analysts "Doctor Web" has informed Google about this malware, however, at the time of publication, Android.PWS.Vk.3 was still available for download.

the Specialists of "Doctor Web" found in Google Play a new Trojan. This malware, named Android.PWS.Vk.3, steals user logins and passwords from accounts in social network "VKontakte".