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[MWC 2016] the Most freaky gadgets Sony

Much more interesting at MWC 2016 could see not for smartphones and tablets, and for devices from other categories.


Apple is the best manufacturer of smartphones, tablets and computers

The analyst firm interviewed Brad Keys of the US population aged 18 to 65 years and found out which devices they give the preference.


The preferences of men and women in mobile free-to-play

Analysts from deltaDNA conducted a study of the preferences of men and women in mobile free-to-play games.


Manufacturers gave up on tablets

Tablets were before the iPad, but Apple told us what they needed. It was followed by other manufacturers, introducing a new type of interaction with the content during the "enormous" 4.3-inch smartphones. However, the lack of need to change the tablets every year has led to the fact that sales of these devices the last 2 years falling.


[MWC 2016] How to break tablet MateBook for the review?

Is the flagship P9, which was expected by consumers, Huawei has shown a transformer tablet MateBook. However, rumors about the device too hodili.


Plus from ZTE Spro is another tablet with a projector

It would Seem, only to have forgotten the experiments Lenovo with a projector inside the tablet, as an initiative taken up by ZTE.


Nokia will return to "former glory" in the smartphone market

One of the biggest booths at MWC 2016 belongs to Nokia. It would seem, why this area of the company, which already produces smartphones?


Lenovo unveiled at MWC 2016 new tablet TAB 3

Lenovo has unveiled a tablet for business TAB3 10 Business, running the Android operating system 6.0 and also the first in the line of Lenovo a series tablets for the whole family, including models TAB3 TAB3 7 and 8 for MWC 2016.


Archos introduced the new phablets from the Diamond

Although previously, the French company Archos has announced their presentation of three new tablet (Oxygen 70, 80 Oxygen, Oxygen 101b) in the framework of the exhibition MWC 2016, trying not to get lost in the string of the flagship innovations of the forthcoming event, the manufacturer is glad to announce two new mobile - Diamond 2 and Diamond 2 Note Plus.


Huawei showed hybrid MateBook on Windows 10

Inside the device disappeared Intel Core 6th generation, which is typical for tablets here used a modification of the Core M.

Huawei today at MWC 2016 showed that the company calls in a press release exclusively device. Upon closer examination it becomes clear that this feature-rich tablet, which can connect at least a keyboard and stylus. The gadget works on Windows 10, in this arrangement, turns it into a laptop. Or even an ultrabook, considering the specs, the battery and the dimensions of the device.


Xiaomi can please their own processors

First with their own processors will appear in smartphones Redmi Note. And just this is the first device, which of the entire portfolio Xiaomi will get the update in the second half of this year. Say that now in laboratories Xiaomi on development of the processor employs a team numbering 200-300 people.

About a year ago for the first time talked about the fact that Xiaomi is developing its own chipsets for use in mobile equipment. Now Reuters reports that one of the future smartphones should be equipped with home development, will have its own processor. Adding that the company plans to break them into budget lines of their devices.


The elegance and comfort – miniature Bluetooth headset ML15

Packing gadget is simple and concise: the compact box provides a transparent plastic window through which is visible the headset. In these characteristics – extremely useful information, stating that the weight of the headset is 9 grams, battery life – 6 hours continuous talk and 9 hours in standby, and the radius of 10 m from the connected smartphone.

Today is a miniature mobile phone – a rarity in fashion has firmly entered the "tube", its size reminiscent of tablets. Video function phones have faded into the background: currently, the crucial transmission of visual information and navigation on the Internet. At the same time compact, lightweight headsets, which have long become an indispensable attribute of business people, are becoming more popular. Keeping pace with time, Plantronics, the legendary manufacturer of communications devices, issued a "weightless" Bluetooth headset ML15, placing at the forefront of ergonomics, practicality and comfort.


[Video review] Remix OS 2.0 — 5 reasons to try Android on PC

Android with a share of more than 80% settled not only in smartphones and tablets. Watches, cars, TVs, Green robot has reached out to almost all types of electronics. In addition to computers.

In the new video Boris Vedenskiy talk about Remix OS is the initiative of the third-party software developers to optimize Android for PCs.


Huawei teases stylus

Information was shared by Richard Yu on his official account.

Huawei, along with all the major vendors planning to participate in the 2016 MWC in Barcelona. However, if about some we know already, leaks of the specs, spy photos, statements by the representatives of the companies, etc., that Huawei plans to launch new products conceals. However, this was true only until recently. Now in Weibo appeared picture-teaser, which hints at a device with a stylus.


New renderings and specifications of Galaxy Tab E 7.0

The Publication SamMobile has published features and great image quality Galaxy Tab 7.0, the release of which is expected in March-April.


ARCHOS presented its new tablet models in the Oxygen range

The French company ARCHOS, with the upcoming opening of the exhibition Mobile World Congress in 2016, introduced a new line of high-end tablets Oxygen that is available in three versions with a diagonal of IPS displays 7, 8 and 10.1-inch and a resolution of Full HD.


Review sports tracker Onetrak Sport

The test we got the bracelet company OneTrak Sport, which the representatives of the brand called only element to issue a data "dashboard". I will try to consider separately to consider how the device and the global idea that "moves" OneTrak, but we need to understand: between the two concepts there is an inverse relationship.

a Healthy lifestyle and exercise are trying to impose on the consumer, almost all modern technical company: the last time the world saw a lot of smart watches and bracelets, fitness trackers and pedometers.


Huawei will present a notebook-transformer at MWC 2016

Back in October, we told about the plans of Huawei to debut in the segment of laptops.


The benchmarks are testing a possible Galaxy Tab S3

Actually not yet with 100% certainty that this is the Galaxy Tab S3, but if you follow the logic numbering of the Samsung models, then the probability is very high. Information about the tablet has appeared in the GFXBench benchmark. There he is called SM-T819. Last time was SM-T810 (the Galaxy Tab S2).

unlike the Galaxy Tab S, which Samsung is actively advertised and promoted, attention Galaxy Tab S2 was paid much less in the first place by the manufacturer. It is possible that this is due to some loss of interest of buyers to the tablets in principle. Here is the information about Galaxy Tab S3 leaked by accident and literally almost passed unnoticed.


Music in focus: review portable speakers SVEN PS-40BL

Packaging SVEN PS-40BL is a standard plastic blister with a list of basic technical parameters. Despite the massive design, the column seems a miniature and the packaging takes up very little space. Package in addition to the dynamics enters the universal cable used for charging via a USB port and can connect to devices via the 3.5 mm Jack. In pack and user manual, which should not be neglected – it provides guidelines for quick pairing speakers with the audio source via Bluetooth.

Compact Bluetooth speakers, primarily useful for those who lead an active lifestyle and is constantly in motion. Miniature gadgets you can take camping, to use for sports activities and during home parties. In order to save space on the desktop portable speaker with good volume reserve can be connected to the computer instead of full columns. Bluetooth speaker can be used during conferences: it will be useful for voice presentations and videos. So we have to test – Bluetooth-column SVEN PS-40BL that looks like a camera lens.