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Stereo Bluetooth: overview of acoustics SVEN SPS-615

The Design of SVEN SPS-615 can be considered a classic: the case of hexagonal columns made of wood – a favorite material of music lovers. Round speakers stacked-type dolls. The design turned out simple, concise, and at the same time modern and fashionable, as evidenced by finishing the front panels of glossy black plastic and silver bezel speakers. Pleasantly surprised that in the budget model, the manufacturer has applied a full two-lane scheme. The result is acoustics boasts a wide frequency range, which is inaccessible to single-sideband systems.

SVEN SPS-615 is a two-lane acoustics, which according to its sound characteristics and functionality can be compared with a full music centre. Connection to audio sources available in both wired and wireless modes. The stereo pair is connected to personal computers, laptops, TVs and DVD/CD/MP3 player, and also communicates with mobile devices via Bluetooth. But that's not all: in acoustics has a built-in audio player that reproduces sound with USB flash drives and memory cards. In the details view, consider the system in detail and find out whether the manufacturer's parameters of reality.


The results of the III international exhibition and conference "Internet of things"

This conference can rightly be called the Central event of Russia, devoted to smart technologies. After all, compared to other industry events, here are represented all the development from the sphere of Internet of everything and IoT market.

September 29 was held the main event in the world of innovative technologies – international conference "the Internet of things". The event was attended by representatives of state authorities, business, investors, developers, start-UPS and all who are close to the world of smart technology. It is worth noting that there were official foreign delegations, which have become frequent guests of the "Internet of things".


Small Nightingale, but the voice is great. Compact wireless audio player BT-06 from Rombica

You just Need to decide, as Yandex.Market in the section "Portable audio" offers a huge number of models! Oddly enough, many portable systems have learned to play well, they used very simple acoustic diagrams, so sometimes I can't believe that an audible sound plays a small box on the table.

Wireless speaker — it's convenient, you can carry everywhere: at parties and picnics, office and cottage. As Leonid Utesov sang: "We build a song and live help".


Portable audio in retro style. An overview of the MySound audio player BT-18 from Rombica

The audio Player is Packed in an opaque cardboard box. Bright and attractive packaging design makes its mission, attracts attention, makes you want to pick up and learn more about this device. All useful information is collected on the back of the box, so before buying you can understand what you're dealing with.

With the gradual extinction of physical media music the primary means of acquiring and storing music be smartphones, tablets, laptops, and network servers. Owing to this fact, wireless video cameras, long part of the acoustics market, is now experiencing its heyday. I offer an overview of portable speakers where style complements the functionality. We are talking about the audio player BT-18 from the mysound from Rombica.


Advanced ergonomics, features: 4K monitor Philips Brilliance 241P

Philips Brilliance 241P embodies everything needed to perform any task: with ultra high definition 4K UHD image is bright, intense and alive, advanced technologies save energy and reduce eye strain. Display offers advanced ergonomics – the user can rotate the display clockwise to adjust the angle and height relative to the surface of the table. Proceed to a detailed review.

How to be a monitor for professionals working with color and graphics? With a detailed, clear picture, lifelike color reproduction, fast response time and technology to work on the computer all the time without harm to health, and huge energy bills.


For incredible experiences: review curved monitor BDM3490UC

To display the "wrong" forms are used modern matrix and advanced technology, which minimizes eye strain. The developers claim that the curved panel creates the effect of full immersion in virtual reality: the image is three-dimensional, deep and alive. In addition, this monitor is useful for working in multiple Windows simultaneously. Philips did not stay aside and offered his solution to the trend – monitor BDM3490UC, which we will consider in this review.

Bulky tube monitors are long gone. Today, the discerning user will not surprise a compact and LCD displays in an ultra-slim design, the size of the long diagonals of which exceeds 25-inch. Therefore, a completely new solution – monitors with curved panels.


Phonics ambitions. Minimalistic audio player MySound BT-17 from Rombica

Good-quality packing material and its design give us hope even in the wildest expectations and reinforce the anticipation of a new acquaintance, spurring the desire to open it. Impressions are not forced to wait. After opening the box, unwittingly suggests an Association with models premium class. Primarily due to flawless forms covered with equal quality textiles.

Starting to write the review, I remember one quote about the music, it sounds like this: "Thank you, music, for being there when no one the number to be failed". Now I want to paraphrase and say: "Thanks to portable speakers, allowing you to be your favorite music always with you." And even add words of gratitude to the brand Rombica, and in particular for portable column BT-17 from the MySound. What has earned my gratitude in this column, I will write in more detail, but first things first.


Striking design, features: review the speaker system SVEN MS-305

A Line of budget speaker systems produced by SVEN company has been supplemented with triphenicol MS-305 with an attractive design and features. Their features are not inferior acoustics multimedia centres and Sundaram: it can be connected to any audio source to use as a standalone audio player and radio. An interesting solution is the possibility to connect acoustics to computers, smartphones, tablets and smart TVs. Glad that for all its virtues the system is adequate money. But let's not get ahead of ourselves and proceed to a detailed review.


Review powerful portable speakers Rombica Mysound BT-16. Love at first sight

If you want to take it with sound able to please music lovers and audiophiles need to be ready to fork out more than 10K rubles and be limited in choice of design: the JBL or cylindrical, or rectangular Jabra, and Sony. Already known Singaporean company offers Rombica column Rombica Mysound BT-16 c speakers at 10 watts in a non-standard casing with sound, able to compete with the top JBL in two colors, and most importantly – with a small price in 3490r.

the Popularity of portable Bluetooth speakers is growing, stores you can find a column of any shape, size and color. This is true mainly for the lower price segment. In this segment the choice is design or price - all speakers generally play better "than the laptop" and enable you to get a little better sound quality and a significant increase in volume, but no more.


Review of Micromax Canvas Juice 2: loud


a Budget model with excellent performance — that's what Micromax Canvas Juice 2. First, the capacity of its battery is 4000 mAh. Second, he has a great and a very loud speaker. Finally, there is support for two SIM-cards, 2 GB of RAM and a good 8-megapixel camera. Take it!


Review of musical "combine" SVEN MS-2050 Bluetooth

As a material for housings of the subwoofer and satellites manufacturer traditionally selected wood (MDF). It has long been believed that the special properties of the wood gives the sound richness and volume. Front panel is lined with acoustic black plastic glossy texture. This design harmonizes with the design of modern electronics.

Multimedia speaker system SVEN MS-2050 format 2.1 shows a number of features that a few years earlier, was characteristic only of expensive musical centers. So, the device supports connections to mobile devices and computers via Bluetooth, plays files from USB flash drives and memory cards, and customizable to any FM station.


Advanced technology and high resolution – review of AOC monitor Q2577PWQ

The Monitor is Packed in a cardboard box with a convenient plastic handle for transporting the device. On the box depiction of the monitor and a list of the main technical characteristics. To secure components inside the packaging provided for the insertion of a thick foam. The monitor is attached a comprehensive set of cables – DisplayPort, DVI, D-Sub, audio cable and power cable. Package includes CD with software, drivers and manuals.

currently boasts advanced technology can not only expensive monitors extra class. With the advent of IPS matrices which are high pixel density, reduced response time and wide viewing angles, have the opportunity to implement them in low-cost models. If earlier high resolution was effective only for displays with a diagonal of not less than 27-inch, now it suitable for more compact screens. Today we are testing a 25-inch AOC Q2577PWQ with a resolution of 2560x1440 pixels.


To the delight of the lover – full acoustics SVEN MS-302

Design of multimedia innovations combines elements of classic and trendy touches in the style of hi-tech. Wooden enclosure of subwoofer and satellites have a traditional rectangular shape. On the front panels of the installed overlays from plastic with a glossy texture – a nod to the modern trends. The design of the satellites involves the installation on the table – for this there is little feet on the pill. The length of the wires is designed for speaker placement near computer or TV. Holes for mounting on the wall is missing, but if you want you can hang the satellites on suitable brackets.

SVEN Company again delights the music lovers multi function new speaker system MS-302 format 2.1. Phonics is in line with full-length music is not only audio for PC and televisions, but standalone player that plays tracks from SD-card and USB-flash. In addition, the system includes a built-in radio receiver, which "catches" any FM station.


Lenovo unveiled at MWC 2016 new tablet TAB 3

Lenovo has unveiled a tablet for business TAB3 10 Business, running the Android operating system 6.0 and also the first in the line of Lenovo a series tablets for the whole family, including models TAB3 TAB3 7 and 8 for MWC 2016.


The elegance and comfort – miniature Bluetooth headset ML15

Packing gadget is simple and concise: the compact box provides a transparent plastic window through which is visible the headset. In these characteristics – extremely useful information, stating that the weight of the headset is 9 grams, battery life – 6 hours continuous talk and 9 hours in standby, and the radius of 10 m from the connected smartphone.

Today is a miniature mobile phone – a rarity in fashion has firmly entered the "tube", its size reminiscent of tablets. Video function phones have faded into the background: currently, the crucial transmission of visual information and navigation on the Internet. At the same time compact, lightweight headsets, which have long become an indispensable attribute of business people, are becoming more popular. Keeping pace with time, Plantronics, the legendary manufacturer of communications devices, issued a "weightless" Bluetooth headset ML15, placing at the forefront of ergonomics, practicality and comfort.


Music in focus: review portable speakers SVEN PS-40BL

Packaging SVEN PS-40BL is a standard plastic blister with a list of basic technical parameters. Despite the massive design, the column seems a miniature and the packaging takes up very little space. Package in addition to the dynamics enters the universal cable used for charging via a USB port and can connect to devices via the 3.5 mm Jack. In pack and user manual, which should not be neglected – it provides guidelines for quick pairing speakers with the audio source via Bluetooth.

Compact Bluetooth speakers, primarily useful for those who lead an active lifestyle and is constantly in motion. Miniature gadgets you can take camping, to use for sports activities and during home parties. In order to save space on the desktop portable speaker with good volume reserve can be connected to the computer instead of full columns. Bluetooth speaker can be used during conferences: it will be useful for voice presentations and videos. So we have to test – Bluetooth-column SVEN PS-40BL that looks like a camera lens.


The most insane inventions of 2015 version Droider

Year of sanctions, the collapse of the ruble, locks Roskomnadzor, secure instant messengers, dreams about imobilecinema cars, a new episode of “Star wars” and the journey to the future Doc and Marty came to an end. It's time for results.


Headset Plantronics GameCom 388: the superiority of a gamer

The structure of the GameCom 388 can be called an example of minimalism – here every component in its place, buttons, speakers, microphone, convenient to use, besides, the headset is lightweight and the head of the player is not pressing. And coupled with a great functionality of the device is a great solution for those who head out into the virtual world.

Gamers need a headset as much as other means control the computer like mouse or keyboard. Accurate sound positioning and proper soundproofing will need to focus on the game, because the focus of the player is very important for the positive outcome of the battle. Clear sound will allow him to better focus on the playing field, to build up your strategy and in time to neutralize the enemy. This is why gamers need a decent headset like the Plantronics GameCom 388.


Did you know that the Asus Zenwatch 2 is the speaker?

However, not without having to not to look under the case and other smart watches. This time from Asus. Here, after analysis it turned out that the ZenWatch 2 is also has a small speaker, which is now so far not used. It can be seen in the pictures to the article. Now assume that Google to this still involved, telling electronics manufacturers on Android Wear that in the future this item can actually be, if not necessary, at least not too much. However, while on the level of rumors.

When I first learned that the Huawei smartwatch has a speaker, which does not separately stated, then the network is experiencing logical assumption that Android Wear will probably develop in this direction, and Huawei as partners of Google, are aware of this and has planned upgrade. However, for a long time on this subject, there was no official comment from either parties. Thus, we can assume that Huawei had set up a speaker just in case in the future will be useful.


Droidcon Moscow 2015: How it happened

September 25-27 in the office Mail Group held the largest Russian conference Android-developers Droidcon Moscow 2015. Unique business program, an exhibition of gadgets and DemoCamp brought to the event, more than 1000 representatives of mobile ecosystem, as well as more than 3,000 people watched the online broadcast of the first day on the official site.