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Sony will provide all the dual cameras

Kenichiro Yoshida said about this, reporting on the success of the company for the third quarter of 2015.

One of the most profitable divisions of Sony, that is engaged in the production of optics and sensors for cameras. The company is not the first year supplies camera models of all major vendors that produce mobile technology. Here and HTC, LG, Samsung and many others. Therefore it is not surprising that Sony strongly develop in this direction. Now the company is preparing to offer the market a new technology of deep focus and dual sensors, that is planned primarily to give the major players.


Android Marshmallow came to the line of Sony Xperia Z5

Now the update comes to those who has on hand gadgets Xperia Z5, Z5 Compact and Z5 Premium. It seems that the distribution of a marshmallow version of the green robot started with Turkey, but we look forward to when the turn will reach us.

Sony did not hide their plans, plans to update the range of devices Z5 to the latest version of Android. The company over the firmware update worked for a while, and now the time has come when shared with users. The Sony device began receiving the Android Marshmallow in the air. This is reported by Western buyers devices.


The renders of the smartphone Sony Xperia C6 allude to the lack of a framework

In addition C6 are more subtle than the C5, which many people probably like it too.

Comrade @onleaks reports that Sony is preparing us for the next smartphone, which will replace the Xperia C5 Ultra. The novelty has received the logical name of the C6 and now can please us with their design. All feels a continuation of the style of the C5. Render from the network shows a device that is practically devoid of borders around the screen than in the first place and attracts attention.


Sony has combined the PlayStation division

Sony announced the merger of the divisions of Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Network Entertainment, who oversees the PlayStation, in one company — Sony Interactive Entertainment.


Sony patents a new design of buttons for the portable console

Despite the fact that portable consoles have given way to smartphones and tablets, Sony is trying to bend the line.


Apple, Samsung and Sony accused of using child labour

Apple, Samsung and Sony have suspected of using child labor. The company was not able to pass the tests to find out how those mined cobalt for their devices.


Sony has released a News app Suite for Android

Sony has announced the launch of a free news app for Android – News Suite, which is the largest update of Socialife News, which was launched in 2012.


Price of smartphones in Russia can grow by 10-20%

A Prolonged drop in the ruble and the end of the Christmas sales push manufacturers to the next review of prices for smartphones in Russia.


Sony Xperia Z5 is now available in pink

The Japanese company Sony Mobile announced the expansion of the color gamut of the casing for its flagship smartphone Xperia Z5 new shade, which is now available ash-pink color.


Pictures of "frameless" C6 Xperia Ultra from Sony

Those who have been watching the exhibitions of mobile technologies know that the producers often ignore the January CES and cherish the key announcements for the February MWC.


The first details about the Xperia Sony Lite Z6

The Rumors about the development of several smartphones Xperia Z6 confirmed. In the Internet appeared the technical characteristics and the price of Xperia Z6 Lite.


Sony launches branded app 4 shared

Manufacturers of smartphones will continue to Sully their creations and often pre-installed undeletable apps. However, some of them are useful.


Seen Xperia Z5 and Z4 under the control of Marshmallow in Japan

The Firmware is already approved for some operators NTT Docomo, SoftBank and Au.

Information from the authorities in Japan hints that some devices, Sony is just about ready to get firmware update to Android Marshmallow. Though, Sony told me only that the owners of Xperia Z3 will be able before the others to touch a Marshmallow, it seems in fact that bought the Z4 and Z5 can get the upgrade for their devices as early as next month.


Sony promises to extend the operating time of smartphones

Despite intensive development of the market of smartphones, autonomy is still one of the main drawbacks of the segment. Some manufacturers solve the problem by increasing the battery capacity, others adopting the technology for fast charging devices.


Uncharted. Nathan Drake. Collection: a Gift from Sony "three in one"

A Collection of "Uncharted. Nathan Drake. Collection" is a great opportunity to get three games in one box plus a small bonus (about it later). It was prepared Texas team Bluepoint for the year with a small group of 48 people have done a tremendous job, completely updating the outdated graphics. Most went to the original "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune". It was released in 2007 and therefore was lying on the operating table the longest. I specifically started the game on the PS3, to compare the results. The difference is striking. The game has received new textures and lighting system-rendered cut scenes, and together with the sisters began to issue a stable 60 fps on 1080p. Even fire has become much easier (apparently, the physics engine is also worked). The only thing that remained unchanged in all three parts is the story.

Adventure series "Uncharted" is one of the most powerful exclusives on the PlayStation 3. Nathan Drake, this daredevil adventurer and a brisk (and allegedly a descendant of sir Francis Drake), became a respected personality for the owners of consoles from Sony. That's only on PS4, nobody has seen him, and as the fourth part of the cycle is not far away, the developers decided to introduce a new generation of previously released games.


Rumor: Sony will cut in 2016 the number of smartphone models

As the portal DIGITIMES, citing its anonymous industry sources, Sony Mobile is likely to reduce the number of new models of smartphones in 2016, which will likely lead to the downsizing of its R & d units in Taiwan.


Came to Jailbreak Playstation 4

It was given to find a hole and run the exploit that allows you to replace the RAM to various processes, and set up custom firmware, which will allow you to run apps not approved by Sony.

the Playstation 4 has a decent time present on the market, but only now hackers have reported that the console managed to crack. Sony worked hard to write software for consoles. Just now a hacker with the alias CTurt talked about the fact that the console managed to get around and to access the kernel.


Playstation 4 sales ahead of Xbox One in November

Microsoft is not voiced no specific figures, but commented, calling this November the best sales among all which occurred in the lifetime of the Xbox One. Supposedly the Americans have set a record.

According to NPD Group, Playstatin 4 have shown good sales in November, overtaking the Xbox One. While a month earlier the leaders were it an Xbox, but could not hold on, now Sony has just regained first place.


Smartphones and other Sony gadgets in movies and games

We already used that smartphones of the Japanese company can often be seen in movies, for example in the stories about James bond, but the device Sony in video games is still new.

Uncharted is one of the hit adventure series for the Playstation. The dialogue, script, characters, beautiful graphics, action and shooting - something for which gamers love this game. And now, the main character, Nathan Drake can do a selfie in the game with Uncharted 4. Apparently, after the success of this feature in GTA V. is it Surprising that Drake makes a photo on a smartphone Sony Xperia Z5?


Sony has released a messenger for the PlayStation

We have repeatedly talked about the popularity of instant messengers and the release of their functionality beyond simple message exchange.