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Samsung looking for suppliers of fingerprint sensors

But the latest news from the Western media suggests that Samsung is looking for suppliers of fingerprint sensors in their smartphones. At the moment the major manufacturers on the market is FPC and Synaptics. But reported that Samsung is negotiating with smaller local Korean player, intending to place an order for the production of 2 million units.

Now the fingerprint scanner is quite familiar to us the possibility that has overtaken even the device of the budget class. Almost all new devices come with a fingerprint sensor. In addition, recently we heard that Samsung was attempting to occupy this niche, leading in their engineering labs research is to continue to engage in self-production.


Nokia is preparing a 3 Android smartphone

After the official statements the company plans to return to the smartphone market, showered with messages about the various models.


Smartphones P10 and P10 Plus appeared in the fresh rendering

Huawei has once again decided to show the world a top smart phone with a few variations. We are talking about the new flagship of the Chinese vendor — P10.


Meizu may release a debut tablet

In Recent years, Meizu releases exclusively smartphones, occasionally being distracted by headphones and backpacks. However fans, of which not a few, have long been waiting for the tablet.


Lenovo unveiled in Russia a multimedia smartphone series K6

The Company Lenovo has officially presented on the Russian market the K6 family of smartphones, including models K6 and K6 Power Note, featuring affordable price and with stereo speakers and technology support Dolby Atmos surround.

Lenovo K6 Power battery capacity is 4000 mA/h, it features a 5-inch IPS-screen with Full HD resolution (1920x1080), 2GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory, 13 MP primary camera with phase autofocus and a front 8 MP camera.


So it tells about the character of the owner?

They came to the conclusion that the iPhone lovers are less sincere than those who have chosen Android.

If you take a typical Android lover and someone who prefers Apple products, then you can easily play a game "find 10 differences". Researchers at the University of Lincoln and their colleagues from the University of Lancaster decided to share with us their observations about how the difference is usually the characters of these two categories of geeks.


Talk about the Huawei P10 for new photos and renderam

The New leak on the appearance of the device give rise to fresh ideas and suggestions. If previously we saw only the front panel and the back cover, you can now separately consider the glass covering the front part. Apparently, the smartphone will not have full hardware home button, but instead will be the sensor with the same function. And this in turn means that the button will not keep the fingerprint scanner, because, perhaps, the model P10, it will ultrasonic.

We is not the first time talking about the smartphone Huawei P10 , which is still not officially released and only preparing. And this is not surprising because Huawei P9 for half a year, which is about half the cycle life of the flagship, and then to it on change has come something new.


Xiaomi Mi Mix with Cortana included, and no Nano

Marketing Director of Xiaomi said that the Xiaomi Mi product Mix Nano simply doesn't exist. However, later the news in the Weibo was deleted.

Some time ago in the network appeared rumors that Xiaomi will release the Mi gadget Mix Nano is a smaller version of the smartphone that surprised everyone with frameless design and has a genuine wow-effect among consumers. However, now have official confirmation from Xiaomi that it was indeed just a rumor.


On Xiaomi Mi5c expect a price tag of $ 144

In Other words, 999 yuan or 136 euros. It's half the cost, for example, Mi 5s, which is currently the most sophisticated device Xiaomi. But at a lower price, of course, less performance.

Xiaomi continues to produce the device and to treat it differently. But when asking for it don't have much money, then it seems not so bad. The company plans to market the device, about which already wrote before, referring to it as "Meri". It is now definitely known that this gadget will hit the market under the name Mi 5c, and will cost only $ 144.


[Video] iPhone 7 Plus for 21 rubles

What else can you do with the iPhone 7 Plus Jet Black? YouTube is full of videos where the gadget stick, throwing, burning and humiliated in other ways. But this you will not see.

Boris Vedenskiy tries his hand at DIY and preparing edible copy smartphone of gelatin.


Pro 7 smartphone from Meizu again "lit up" on the images

Recently, the flagship Pro 6 was replaced as the Pro model 6S, which will be sold only in China. For all other countries, Meizu is preparing a new smartphone Pro 7 (aka X Mix and 7), which is ostanovilsya the victim of a "leak."


Xiaomi has officially denied the rumor about Mi Mix Nano

Last week in the press hodili photos frameless Mi Mix Nano from Xiaomi. The announcement predicted for December.


The creators of Tor presented a prototype of a rugged smartphone

The Developers the "onion" Tor browser presented a prototype of a rugged smartphone. A device running the Android operating system, called Mission Improbable in the spirit of films about agent Ethan hunt.


Smartphone Xiaomi from Mi6 showed up on the render

Most Likely, the Mi 5S smartphone from Xiaomi, which debyutiroval in October 2016, will be replaced with the Mi6. On this hint the latest rumors.


HTC has announced a budget smartphone Desire 650

Looks Like HTC is rushing to introduce before the end of the year as many smartphones. After Bolt and his international versie 10 evo, the company announced the Desire model 650.


The video on the channel: a Review of Moto Z Play

On our YouTube channel there are new videos on the Android operating system. Your attention the video review of the mid-range smartphone from Lenovo — Moto Z Play with support for plug-in modules and features a 5.5-inch Full HD display, OCTA-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 625, the main 16 megapixel camera (laser and phase detection autofocus) and 5 MP front with flash, 32 GB of internal memory and 3 GB of RAM, support for 4G/LTE networks, fingerprint scanner and running the operating system Android 6.0 Marshmallow


Lenovo introduced in Russia smartphone family, Moto Z

Today the company Lenovo has officially presented on the Russian market two smartphone family, Moto Z — Moto Z model Z and Moto Play, which features a 5.5-inch screens, connectors latest USB Type-C and support for plug-in modules Moto Mods.


HTC has introduced a new budget smartphone HTC Desire 650 in a fresh design

The Taiwanese company HTC officially unveiled at home new smartphone model – HTC Desire 650, which belongs to the same budget line of this manufacturer. This model stands out for its unusual appearance, especially at the rear, which has a relief surface and rounded edges.

of the distinguishing features of HTC Desire 650 notes the presence of a durable 5-inch HD display, protected by Corning Gorilla glass, 5 MP front camera with advanced features when creating self-portraits, playback support high-resolution audio, as well as a wide range of tools to personalize your smartphone.


Nougat and switch resolution for Galaxy S7 Edge

Despite the fact that initially, Galaxy S7 has a resolution of QHD (1440x2560) in the new firmware the user has the option to switch to full HD (1280x1920) or HD (720x1280).

a Couple of weeks ago Samsung started seeding a beta version of the firmware for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Android Nougat. Now ready to update the firmware with some new zapilami reported by some testers. It is not clear when will be released the final firmware version. But now Samsung offers an interesting possibility to control the resolution of the smartphone.


Testers with Honor 8 get Android Nougat

Here is an updated and more lively color scheme. In addition, changes in the quick settings. Now you can insert up to 6 icons in a row, as well as some other optimization. Besides optimization and bug fixes, characteristic for Android Nougat in General.

a Few weeks ago, Huawei was looking for testers with smartphones Honor 8 on the XDA forum. People were required for testing the firmware with EMUI 5.0. Those who have left the application and was selected by the company, now get the firmware for your gadget based on Android Nougat 7.0.