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[Video] Call of Duty: aerial Warfare shooter of the year?

For the First time on the channel Droider out review video games! Begin to dissect the gaming industry with fresh shooter Call of Duty: aerial Warfare.

Boris Vedeno on personal experience talks about the new shooter, Activision Blizzard, and puts the new "cold" expertise.


For Duke Nukem 3D remake planned

Tezla55 said on Reddit that the new game will be called Duke Nukem 3D: World Tour, and the development involved Nerve Software, which operates under the leadership of one of the former developers of id Software. Earlier they were seen in games Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Doom 2 remake for Xbox Live.

Rumor has it that next week will be announced a remake of the once extremely popular shooter Duke Nukem 3D. The source of the rumor was a post on Reddit, and confirmation that while I think a countdown clock on the website toys.


To go or not? 5 reasons to visit the interactive festival WEGAME

One of the participants of the festival will be the company Frogwares. Creative Studio was founded in 2000, and since then games have become very popular among gamers. The developers of Frogwares, a series of games dedicated to Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes:The Mystery of The Mummy, The Awakened, and others), Dracula (Dracula: Origin), travel and Apocalypse (80 Days, Journey to the Center of the Earth).

on 10-11 September in Kiev will host a festival of interactive entertainment – WEGAME. Still don't know if you let it go? The event will gather the best representatives of the game industry, game developers and gamers, well-known cosplayers of Ukraine, players of world renown. Do you still have doubts? Here are 5 more reasons which their notes.


Spotify has launched a special service with music from the games

The Creators of Spotify has launched music service with the Gaming soundtracks from video games.


A flood of players flooded into Evolve after the game became free

Turtle Rock Studios do not like newcomers to the game world, the Studio know, as most active players aware of the existence of the online shooter Evolve. Recognize that the game is very good, but somehow the popularity of the gamers are not particularly find. Online usually about 200 people. However, after switching to shareware model, the number of players has increased dramatically.


Heroes do not die: Anyone play Overwatch popular bloggers

May 24, Blizzard has released Overwatch — session multiplayer shooter in the new universe. The game holds the second month in the top streams on Twitch, and active base of players exceeds 7 million.


Droider Cast #27 — Ayou, Google

This week we left you without a Droider Cast, but you'd hang on. "You all good, good mood and health" (with).


Cheaters in Overwatch they will get a hard permanent bans

If you find that a player is using bot or cheats or software of other manufacturers, which gives an advantage during gameplay, that player will be permanently banned. Such methods simply break the competitive spirit of the game and prevent other players to enjoy the game.

Blizzard Entertainment has recently expressed a tough stance on cheaters in shooter Overwatch. The company said that the game must be fair, and those who will violate this rule, waiting for the sanctions and bans.


Vivomove from Garmin is a classic watch and a tracker in one housing

Garmin is not moving away from wearable electronics aimed at athletes. However, instead of bracelets, the company offers ordinary at first glance, the watch.


Absolutely everything you need to know about PlayStation VR

Today, Sony took a picture of virtual reality in 2016, revealing the price, release date and games lineup PlayStation VR.


Overwatch will be released in may 2016

Rumor has it that pre-orders will start to take longer from may 3.

Some time ago, IGN reported that Overwatch, which Blizzard does, due out on console and PC on may 24. This conclusion was made on the basis of some promotional materials. Now and Blizzard official press release confirmed the date for their new multiplayer shooter. To appear in the game have for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.


The preferences of men and women in mobile free-to-play

Analysts from deltaDNA conducted a study of the preferences of men and women in mobile free-to-play games.


GS Gamekit — game console from the "Tricolor TV"

Good news for those who are willing to support the domestic producer price of ridicule from owners of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. "Tricolor TV" and GS Group announced what has repeatedly Savalas.


Top 10 games of 2015

The Outgoing year was difficult in many ways, but such people are not stopped, so the gaming industry working and developing as never before, despite the crisis in the world. Google has already summed up the end of 2015, creating a selection of the best apps and games for the year. I have suggested that these applications were chosen not by people but by a specific algorithm as it is a very mediocre game included in this list. So I decided to create my selection of the best games of the year for the Android mobile platform.


Christmas discounts on games in Google Play

We had Not in Google Play over sale the best digital content in 2015, as the shop launched another timed for the New year.


Space Jet - furrow and fire back!

Here unfold real space battles. Game network because it will have to fight with real players showing their skill for the human mind and not bots.

Star wars are different. You can run and swing a sword, awakening force. And you can get to a seat in the cockpit of the spaceship, push the pedal or something and just notice how the past carried by stars, and even faster flying spaceships of the enemy. All this can be tested in space arcade shooter Space Jet.


A Review Of Uncharted: Nathan Drake. Collection. PS4

To dispel your skepticism about the usefulness of this article, I decided to reflect on the topic, why do we need reissues, and collector's sets of games? Of course, to please the true fans of the series. But whether for this? According to Sony, most of those who have already bought the Play Station 4, never played any of Uncharted, so for them, this compilation is a great chance to get acquainted with the universe and immediately immerse in the diversity of the adventures of Nathan Drake. And if this review will ultimately help someone to find in Uncharted is exactly what he likes, my efforts were not in vain.

Frankly, when I sat down for this review, it had not the slightest idea what I will write. Well, judge for yourself: before us is a re-release for the new console is very popular game series, gained fame in the past decade. It is only a little "drip" of the Internet, anyone can find dozens of different reviews, articles, descriptions, passages (especially video), where exhaustively chewed almost every scene from the games. And the question is, what else is valuable or interesting to bring to this ocean of information?


Droider zastrimit Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

Yesterday, on sale on all current gaming platforms has been one of ozhidaemym shooter of the year Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

The Annual series, much has changed graphically, but the gameplay is diversified. All that you see in the streamers from the team Droider.


Announced the nominees for the Golden Joystick Award 2015

2015 is about to end, so it's time to look back, take stock and prioritize.


[Video] the 7 most terrifying games on the PS4 version Droider

On the night of October 31, before all Saints ' Day in many countries adults and Delhi celebrate Halloween.

Instead of the strange costumes of the dwarfs and vampires, revision Droider made top most scary games for PlayStaion 4.