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MEIZU M3E – inexpensive smartphone in the metal with fingerprint scanner

The Chinese company MEIZU today announced in Beijing its new all-metal smartphone MEIZU M3E with stylish buildings of different colors.


Discovered by Doctor Web" Android malware can buy the program in Google Play

The Trojan added to the virus database Dr. Web as Android.Slicer.1.origin is installed on mobile devices other malicious applications. It has a characteristic popular service programs and utilities-optimizers functions. In particular, Android.Slicer.1.origin can show information about memory usage and "clean" it by terminating the active processes and allows you to enable and disable wireless modules Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. However, this app does not have its own label in a graphical operating system shell and the user can't run it yourself.

Among the malicious applications for Android OS became widespread Trojans showing Intrusive advertising. Some of them may perform other unwanted actions – for example, to download and install programs and steal confidential information. One of such Trojan which has detected virus analysts the company "Doctor Web" under certain conditions is able to buy and install programs from Google Play.


Google again updates brand launcher, new Wallpaper included

The Release of the latest version of the launcher with a major change is also associated with the fact that Google is already ready to show soon release Android 7.

Android Police tell us that once again can change the launcher to Google, which the company intends to include in the release of the Android Nougat. We can even see some animations that demonstrate new interaction with the shell. And to touch yourself you'll have with access devices Marlin and Sailfish.


Characteristics of the metal 4 from Xiaomi Redmi

Xiaomi Company does is preparing to release the next smartphone. Redmi 4 even managed to get the lens "spy" cameras.


Huawei has unveiled its a 6.6-inch Note

The Chinese company Huawei has presented at home your option premium phablet – Honor Note 8, equipped with a 6.6-inch Super AMOLED display with 2K resolution, capacious battery (4500 mAh) and a fingerprint scanner.


Google will get rid of the icons in the applications menu in the new launcher

For the First time in the history of the Green robot Google will cancel icon the apps menu, which is used to display a list of all programs installed in the smartphone.


Beta firmware version with Android Nougat is available for Huawei P9

Presumably, the practice of Google results the OS in a Developer Preview for developers, which leads to the fact that those who have datacache desires, can prepare updates for its devices faster.

quickly Touch fresh Android Nougat until now could only owners of Nexus devices. But it turns out that soon happiness in the form of updates will come for some other Android lovers. For example, the lucky ones will be bought Huawei P9, because now the network has already leaked a beta version of the firmware for this device based on Android Nougat.


New photos of the flagship MEIZU MX6 officially presented

The Company MEIZU today unveiled in Beijing its new all-metal photo flagship smartphone MEIZU MX6, who continued the tradition of the line MX is the best technology for the best price. According to the manufacturer, particular attention in creating this smartphone has been given the camera design, autonomy and performance of the device.


Meizu officially MX6 and $300

For the money, getting at least an all-metal body with a thickness of 7.25 mm. the Antenna is made in the same way that you can see on the model Meizu Pro 6.

Beijing today cheered the presentation of the smartphone Meizu MX6. This smartphone was written much lately. Including were even rumors that the machine will cost more than announced officially. It was reported that the price tag may be $ 345, but in the end have a more attractive number - 300.


HTC Desire 628 exclusive to "Beeline"

The mobile Operator "Beeline" announced the beginning of sales in its stores and online shop for exclusive rights of new odnoimennoy model 4G-smartphone HTC Desire 628 in just 14 990 rubles including connection tariff "ALL for 500" for 3 months with unlimited 4G for six months.


Making the choice for a new smartphone

And you? Urge to share my impressions about the success of mobile technology in the comments to the article.

would you Like to change your current smartphone for something different or new? I'm not. Why not see something on the market that actually would like, though he's not the most modern machine. I have in possession of the Xiaomi Mi4, but today I walked on the crust, taking aim at what would to change it. And found nothing. In addition to the realization that most devices on the market today, I don't like. You can buy them if necessary. But you don't want to just pick up and updated.


9 MIUI is based on Android Nougat

The Company has officially confirmed this information, saying that he had received source code of Android Nougat and is going to prepare MUIU 9 in this bundle.

Last news on brand firmware 9 MIUI from Xiaomi was the fact that the company is already beginning to prepare the next version. And now we learn that MIUI will be released for Android 7.0 Nougat. Double joy for users in this way get buns and fresh Android and the original shell of the Chinese.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in the photo with a working screen

Here also clearly shows the front panel of the device to consider, perhaps, all: and button and front camera.

so, the announcement of phablet Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is scheduled for August 2. About ustroistve known for a lot of things. Let's refresh our knowledge, and at the same time look at fresh images of the device, where it managed to capture the running with an active screen.


Xiaomi MIUI is already planning 9

Xiaomi hasn't given out free shell MIUI 8, even though beta testing is in final stage and known the release date of the Chinese and global version of firmware. Announced she was in may. But despite all this, Mydrivers reports that the company is working on creating the next version of MIUI 9. However, work is only preparatory.


The radar Arrow will help prevent letters

"Antiradar Strelka" - the application will be evaluated by the motorists. Yes, the program paid, but for 199 rubles, by purchasing one license, will help to avoid getting letters. Once it becomes clear that the cost will justify it. Already from the name it becomes clear that the program is designed to alert the driver about the cameras on the road. What it can do?


4 Redmi Note from Xiaomi is seen on the "live" pictures

All-Metal phablet with dual camera from Xiaomi appeared on the "live" photos.


The video on the channel: a review of the smartphone Meizu mini M3s

On our YouTube channel there are new videos on the Android operating system. Your attention the video review of the smartphone Meizu mini M3s has a 5-inch HD display, OCTA-core MediaTek processor MT6750, the main 13 MP camera and 5 MP front, 16/32 GB of internal memory and 2/3 GB of RAM, support for 4G/LTE networks and two SIM cards and running the Android operating system's own c shell FLYME


A real notebook from Xiaomi?

Look at the laptop. It's hard not to notice that the device is very similar to the Apple device. Only the logo different. But this is hardly surprising, because in the smartphone Xiaomi copies Apple close enough, both externally and in the original shell MIUI. And, of course, the company will receive a portion of the comments on this matter.

Events are accelerating and now unfold rapidly. More recently, we read only the rumors that Xiaomi is planning to release their own laptop. A little later we saw a picture of the stamping shape from the factory. And in today already walks photo supposedly live devices from the Chinese. However, with the caveat that it could all be a fake.


The ASUS Zen UI launcher becomes available for all

Launcher Zen UI is quite customizable: you can change themes, icons, effects and animations. In addition, it works quite smoothly and smartly. But users report that it is somewhat more complex than Google Now Launcher or Nova, to which we have long been accustomed. However, it's sure more than Google Now Launcher. For example, you can block certain applications if you don't want that someone could run them without your knowledge.

If you go with a smartphone with Android 4.3 or higher, you feel that you have ceased to love the previously selected launcher, now you have the opportunity to download a proprietary shell from Asus. Trend asked HTC, which began to give their apps in Google Play, as well as giving a Sense wish to try a shell on its not HTC devices, and now this same car got in and Asus giving its Zen UI.


Sense from HTC will be available for all

HTC will release a proprietary shell Sense as a separate launcher.