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Instagram gives you the ability to zoom-in photos

Instagram today in an official press release said that the Zoom feature will become available to some users today. This will affect those who get out in social network with iOS devices. For owners of Android smartphones, this chip has been delayed, will be widely available in the next few weeks.

Well, finally! Since we allowed users to upload service not only square photos than lost some of its chips and individuality, it could give users some more freedom. You never was such that you see someone's pictures in the feed and desperately want to increase the photo below is something to consider more closely?


MTS acquired a Telegram bot

Moreover, because the bot is so trust by sending different data through the network, as well as giving the right to change things that are directly related to your finances, like security and privacy in communication in the creation of Pavel Durov really at the proper level.

Who would say that no, a Telegram is actively conquering the market. They are already used by millions of people, companies also have to product your interest, bots in addition attract audience. It just illustrates what mobile operator MTS has launched the official bot-assistant in Telegram with a good amount of possibilities.


Opera VPN for Android free

A Little earlier, in may of this year, Opera released app-VPN for iOS, and now closes the gap on Android. Although previously we had available product Opera Max, which is also essentially an VPN app.

the Company Opera - great guys. They always give us various useful and interesting products. Yes, it is give. Or how else can be called the absolutely free VPN service for Android that was announced a few days ago?


Google has simplified the transition from iOS to Android Nougat

Google introduced a new version of the mobile OS is a special option that allows to smoothly change the iOS to Android.


To manage the LADA cars will be possible with a smartphone

At the international motor show MIAS 2016 in Moscow "AVTOVAZ" has presented the LADA technology Connect.


Bloggers Twitter will be able to filter other people's insults

To increase the audience, Twitter needs to ensure that each microblogger comfortable.


YouTube is preparing a new animation in Android application

Active users of the video service, Google has noticed that the YouTube app for Android then new animation.


YouTube displays elements of the social network

Google does not leave attempts to create a social network, or, at worst, to integrate its components into an existing product.


Started selling SIM cards ComfortWay without reference to the operator

The Company ComfortWay, resident of the SKOLKOVO Foundation, presented the system, which will allow users to connect directly to the local mobile operator, and purchase rates for the Internet.


Experience of payment, I want

Article in blogs, because it's just personal experience with MTS and its own lyrical digressions and reflections on the topic.

MTS is a unique Agency. For me is unique in that it is unclear how such a chaotic and not well-oiled mechanism able to grow into something big and clearly profitable to its owners. The question of profit remains a mystery because the company does not even want money from users to take when they voluntarily want to part with them.


Shazam and Zvooq made music free

Service Shazam has signed a partnership agreement with the Russian music application Zvooq.


Droider Cast #36 — Popyhtet

Are Pleased to introduce your ears to the release of Droider boring Cast, who are trying to produce on a regular basis.


Russian planes will be equipped with high-speed Internet

The national satellite operator of FGUP "Space communication" (RSCC) develop equipment to provide high-speed Internet services on Board the Russian aircraft.


Russian Place - find the Russian anywhere

By using this service, you will be able to post information about your services, browse interesting news, learn about discounts and promotions, finding new friends and acquaintances that share similar interests. The service allows in real time to find useful objects on the map such as pharmacies, currency exchange offices, restaurants, hotels, etc.

Mobile service Russian Place is useful and the only mobile application that combines the communication features, discount and beneficial services. The main challenge is to expand the boundaries of the Russian-speaking world, helping users to navigate most comfortable abroad.


Xiaomi will start handing out MIUI 8 August 23

On the official MIUI forum, we can already find information about that start of distribution of the firmware is scheduled for August 23. First MIUI OTA 8 to get smartphones: Redmi 1S, Mi 2/2S, 4i Mi, Redmi Note 3G and Redmi Note 4G, and for them waves, an update will come to other devices of the company.

Xiaomi has prigotovila global stable MIUI with IOS 8 for some of their drivers. This particular version we have been all waiting for. It is in the global piastol officially Google Play Store and other services and apps, as well as removed are not relevant for Europe debris from purely Chinese apps.


The functionality of Google Now appears in Chrome

Now, creating a new tab in Chrome Mobile, you not only see the recently visited pages and bookmarks, but also to block recommendations of content that you can be interesting by Google. In principle a good thing, not pushy, who is looking for some news and materials - has the ability quite convenient to scroll the tape. This is not necessary - just ignoring it.

Google continues to change and improve their products and services. This time changing two at once: Chrome and Google Now. The search giant is trying to combine the intelligent assistant and the browser, however, functionality is somewhat limited. There is not a complete Google Now, but rather something similar to Yandex.Zen - Advisory services.


Facebook and Unity Technologies is prepared similar to Steam

Facebook together with experts of the game engine Unity has announced the development of its own digital games store.


In the app "2GIS" appear offline Navigator

In a mobile application, the map service 2GIS will soon have long-awaited feature Navigator and superior design.


Xiaomi has launched its own payment system Pay Mi

Every major IT company wants to be closer to the customers money, therefore, at least, thought about the brand the payment system.


[Review] Duo — a competitor to Skype and Facetime from Google

At the may developers conference Google announced 2 application — Allo and Duo. First specializiruetsya on the text, the second for video calls. The company has promised to release both applications before the end of summer 2016. However, the Duo did not wait for a colleague and appeared in the Play Store separately.