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IPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus can you not hear

On the support forum of Apple users are complaining about the strange character of the sound during conversations, which sounds like it's coming from behind the smartphone. Decrease the volume a bit brightens up the situation, but not solve the problem. And as usual the sound is on the level.

For a short time the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus users have complained about hiss CPU at maximum load, on a periodic disruption of the Lightning headset that can fix Update to iOS 10.0.2, as now there are complaints of poor sound quality during calls.


App Duo was updated to version 2.0

Application for a tete-a-tete video Duo today received an update to level 2.0.


Social network Twitter has added characters

First intent of these changes became known in may, but the update only happened recently. Some popular Twitter clients, for example, Talon for Twitter were already adapted to the new rules of the game.

Twitter the other day, still decided symbols in messages became more. It seems to be the same figure 140, but the social network has changed the logic of counting. Now do not count links to meadiafire, polls, quotes, and characters in nicknames of other participants of the service.


The FSB wants to control the entire Internet traffic in Russia

"the Law Spring" obadal providers and website owners to store user data. However, the use of storage of encrypted Internet traffic was a little bit.


Durov and Snowden argued on the protection of Telegram and WhatsApp

Edward Snowden has often criticized the Internet services for lack of proper protection of user data from the government and security services. At this time, the former CIA and NSA questioned the reliability of the Telegram and was advised to use WhatsApp.


"VKontakte" began testing the gaming

"VKontakte" launched a testing platform, which will allow you to broadcast gameplay directly to the social network and earn money.


Google erases mention Now and Now on Tap

As we approach the release of virtual assistant, the less references Now and Now on Tap remains in the Google services.


In "VKontakte" appeared a function of remittances

Social network allowed users to attach to messages remittances. Newly-made feature is available only to Russian holders of cards Mastercard, Maestro and Visa.


The Opera browser gained free and unlimited VPN

After months testirovanie Opera Software has introduced a public version of the browser with free and unlimited VPN service.


Doctor Web: Trojan Android.Xiny learned how to infiltrate the system processes

The Trojans of the family Android.Xiny known in March 2015. Virus writers actively disseminate them through various sites – collections of software for mobile devices and even through the official application directories, such as Google Play and the company "Doctor Web" reported previously.

Virus analysts "Doctor Web" found a new version, Trojans of the family Android.Xiny, which is designed to seamlessly upload and removal of programs. Now these Trojans can infiltrate the process of system application and load the program to exploit various malicious plug-ins.


Google Play experimenting with downloads and sizes

On the one hand, such concern about our finances touches. On the other hand - I want more freedom. Enough to warn me about the consequences, but I myself can make the decision to pay or not to pay. Or maybe I have this traffic in General so much that to deny myself the downloads actually ridiculous.

you've Probably noticed that when you try to install or download anything big from the Google app store, the latter allows to do not always. Some things to pull only on the condition that you're connected to Wi-Fi, if the system sees that the use of mobile traffic, you can put the download in standby mode until the connection will not change.


Gaming peripherals at a reasonable price: review keyboard SVEN Challenge 9300

That Challenge 9300 belongs to the segment, it becomes clear at a glance: important for the gamer WASD keys and the arrows have a bright orange color. However, there is flexibility – if desired, they can be replaced by a simple the black keys, which are included in standard delivery. The keys are made of durable plastic. Fingers do not slip even during intense battles. Plastic housing to assembling the claim arose: the lower part is attached to the upper using screws 15.

SVEN Company has expanded its lineup of gaming devices – it appeared the Challenge 9300 keyboard and mouse GX-950 Gaming. Compared to the advanced gaming devices, new items are quite inexpensive – the kit can be purchased for only$ 25. It is designed for novice gamers who are just discovering all the delights of "bloody" Doom and Dark Souls. So, let's begin testing.


"The company is testing a virtual operator networks Tele2

Rostelecom is testing in several regions of the virtual mobile operator networks Tele2.


Siri became friends with Viber

Apple's Intelligent assistant helps you to manage popular messenger Viber voice. You can now command, for example, sending a message, adictiva his voice, or ask Siri to make a call in Viber network to the selected contact.

the Press service of Viber reports that Apple device owners can now control the application by voice, giving commands Siri, which in turn will execute them in Viber.


Solid Explorer has added support for encryption and dactyloscopy

Open the file system – this is a serious argument on the side of Android. Competing in the Play Store dozens of file managers, but one of the most popular is the Solid Explorer.


How many time lives the SIM card of the operators?

Data are presented to support operators in August 2016.

Perhaps you once wondered how it is possible to not pay SIM card before the operator it will block and return the room to myself for resale. Let's see what time frame provided by the modern operators of Moscow: MTS, Beeline, MegaFon and Tele2.


"Fee" from the "2GIS" is the app to compare prices for taxi

A Map service 2GIS launched "Fee", which allows you to compare the prices of different taxi companies for travel on the same route.


19 Sep Twitter increase the character limit in post

In may, the microblogging service anonsirovana a number of innovations. All functions, except for the expanded number of characters have been working.


Samsung Galaxy A8 (2016) will look like Galaxy S7

According to the user @OnLeaks microblogging service Twitter, smartphone Samsung – Galaxy A8 (2016) will look like its latest flagship, the Galaxy S7. To confirm his words he cited a series of detailed pictures of this device, noting the unusual location of the speaker – on the side of the smartphone:

Other details regarding Galaxy A8 (2016) is not given, except to specify dimensions that make 156,5x77,5x7,3 mm.


Google Pixel XL on the "live" photo

User @usbfl the microblogging service Twitter has published, as she claims, "live" photo of the new smartphone Google Pixel XL, previously known under the code name HTC Marlin.