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HTC has announced another smartphone – the HTC U Play

In addition to the flagship 5.7-inch models: HTC U Ultra, HTC has announced, in fact, its simplied version in the form of HTC U Play in the same "iridescent" style, but with simplified technical characteristics.


HTC introduced a new flagship with two screens — HTC U Ultra

The Taiwanese company HTC today unveiled its new smartphone – HTC U Ultra whose distinctive feature is the presence, in addition to its core 5.7-inch display, small of 2.05-inch information display, similar to what we have previously seen in some models from LG Electronics last year.


HTC has officially unveiled two new mid-range smartphone lineup HTC Desire 10

HTC today officially introduced two new smartphones in the line of middle-level HTC Desire 10 – Pro and Lifestyle, where the first is more advanced in terms of functionality, and which is based upon photographing component, while the second is a simpler model is presented as a music solution.


The first images of the smartphone HTC Desire 10

Here add that the smartphone will have a screen of 5.5-inch with a resolution of 720p, inside the traditionally chipset from Qualcomm and Android 6.0 and signature batches of HTC Sense.

Recently about the smartphone HTC Desire 10 talking VentureBeat, and today picks up the baton of Evan Blass, known as @evleaks. This fellow seems to have a couple of years ago I went to retire, but in fact continues to provide Telecom one of the most accurate leaks in the industry. And here we see the first pictures of the future HTC Desire 10.


Sense from HTC will be available for all

HTC will release a proprietary shell Sense as a separate launcher.


HTC offers Sense for everyone using Google Play

To Take participants to test HTC Will be up until June 28. At what time will extend the beta test are not reported.

Ausdroid reports that HTC is now actively working with testers, adapting its proprietary shell Sense to run on all smartphones, not just their own company. It became known thanks to the electronic letter sent to one of the participants of HTC Preview Beta. The only requirement is that possession was not a HTC-device with Android 4.4 or above.


Beautiful picture - it is impossible in Windows 10

Today you can find on the market besides Apple's laptops with screen resolutions above 1920x1080 pixels. But working with such equipment, it is absolutely impossible. Even despite the fact that in the summer, Microsoft released a new version of its operating system. Windows 10, which personally I had hope not saved the situation. It's all the same crude and poor semi-finished product, like Windows 8, but in a new wrapper.

World saw Apple with Retina displays in 2012. By that time there was a tradition that Apple sets trends, and other vendors that produce electronics, pick up something that was brought to life by Apple company. A new type of screens without pixelation, which should start the experiments and the manufacturers of Windows laptops. In the court without day 2016 that we see today? The situation is deplorable.


Half of teenagers from the US are dependent on smartphones

To such a disappointing conclusion columnist for CNN, based on data from Common Sense Media.


HTC introduced in Germany a new smartphone – HTC One S9

HTC has introduced in Germany its new model of smartphone – HTC One S9, which it is positioning as a device with an elegant finish curved all-metal case, high quality workmanship and innovative technology inside.


Ergonomics, quality, thoughtful design: review headset Plantronics BackBeat Sense

The Headset is Packed in a "suitcase" made of thick textured cardboard black, which, in turn, wrapped over a thin material. On the box the images BackBeat Sense and the list of technical parameters. On opening the box, we see a stylish case with two pockets, one of which is the headset and the other with a kit that includes instructions and cables for connection: 4-pin mini-jack with remote control and microphone and cord USB-microUSB.

Plantronics BackBeat Sense can be called the "face" of a designer range of headsets one of the leading manufacturers of acoustic devices. Light, sophisticated models with a touch of vintage to replace bulky gaming headsets, and a massive stereo. Plantronics keeps up with the times and makes the choice in favor of minimalism and restrained shapes. Consider headset BackBeat Sense in action.


HTC 10 officially presented

The Body is made from a single piece of aluminum, which is already traditionally. The front panel is covered with a protective glass Gorilla Glass, the screen size is 5.2-inch, resolution QHD. Matrix technology Super LCD 5, which should ensure 30% more natural colours and 50% increased responsiveness to touch.

After months of waiting and almuslimani rumors, HTC finally revealed its new smartphone. The name of the gadget HTC 10. Most of the leaks that have been associated with this product proved true, ranging from photos of the look and up to spec. However, let's look at the device in more detail.


HTC 10 in white, 8.0 Sense, all brand Wallpaper, Boost+

For Example, a recent photograph of the device in white color was found in microblogging social network Weibo. Someone got hold of this sample device, now we see a photo of the gadget in the background of the laptop keyboard. But soon it will be possible to take the device in your hands - you will officially show on April 12.

a lot of rumors and leaks around HTC 10. Twitter, Weibo, and other social networks and resources, and official teasers from the company. I wonder how will it all end. The device, as usual, is praised in absentia, creating a stir. So, what have we learned about the upcoming HTC 10 in the last days?


Screenshots shell HTC Sense 8 to 10

After 3 days, HTC will present its new flagship, which, seemingly, we know everything.


The first Wallpaper from HTC with Sense 8.0 10

Posted on the web first pretty friend @LlabTooFeR, who for the first time provides public information about HTC devices. It is, incidentally, available in two variations.

Twitter has long been a place of major leaks about the devices that the vendors are preparing for us regularly. Thus we learn not only the specifications of the gadgets, look at appearance, but also can get some resources: icon packs or Wallpapers for desktop. Interesting you HTC 10? And as it has already pulled the first Wallpaper. Swing.


Samsung revealed 3 secret development at SXSW 2016

Samsung has brought to SXSW 2016 several developments from the lab C-Lab: Hum On! Waffle and Entrim 4D.


Specifications on new smartphones HTC Desire 530, 630 and 825

HTC has introduced specifications for the previously announced budget smartphone HTC Desire range, which included models such as the HTC Desire 530, 630 and Desire Desire 825, characterized by the presence of specially designed pattern of colored dots, Micro Splash on the polycarbonate enclosure of the new products.


ZTE has introduced a smartphone Blade and Blade V7, V7 Lite in a slim metal body

The Company ZTE today unveiled at the Mobile World Congress 2016 sequel to the popular Blade line of smartphones Blade and Blade V7, V7 Lite, whose global sales will start with a limited number of countries, with the Blade model first Lite V7 will only be available to Russian consumers.


HTC is preparing a smartphone with Android Perfume and Sense 6.1 8.0

This tells Twitter account LlabTooFeR. If you believe this information, then the future of HTC is called Perfume. It is not clear whether this is the final name for the device or only internal. Guess it can still be replaced by O2.

the other day HTC once again reported profit for the last six months. It turned out that now the Affairs of the company went up again, apparently, it contributed to the notorious A9 in which the company tested the updated design and the latest version of the original shell Sense. Now to wonder what the company has in store for lovers of mobile technology in 2016.


HTC Perfume - the first flagship 2016

New rumors suggest that one of the first flagships in 2016 will become the new HTC Perfume, running Android 6.1 "out of the box" with proprietary shell Sense 8.0.


HTC One M8 gets a Marshmallow in the coming weeks

HTC has previously said that the smartphone should receive the update before the end of 2015. It seems that HTC will be able to do so, and thereby to provide a high refresh rate of at least parts of its devices.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow can come for the smartphone HTC One M8 in the next couple of weeks. About it reports a trusted source of leaks, LlabTooFeR via Twitter. However, note that this date called for Europe. When you upgrade the smartphone will also receive a new version of proprietary shell Sense. Now it will be 7.0 (although Sense 7.0 planned to distribute even earlier, along with Android 5.1).