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Possible Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be able to work with UFS-memory cards

So far, launch date, UFS memory cards is not known, it is also not clear what devices will be able to work with them. They will be incompatible with all current devices because pin location here is quite different than that of MicroSD, but Samsung is working on it.

Samsung has recently announced card-memory UFS 1.0, which is the size the same as MicroSD, but they are superior in speed. Here used the same technology that in the flash memory of Samsung Galaxy S7.


Maybe he will direct the screen at Galaxy Note 7

What is it and how come? Version move different. Perhaps Samsung is preparing a Galaxy Note 7 with direct screen. Maybe we will see two versions, as is the case with the Galaxy S, although it is possible that we are simply afraid, knowing that most fans are waiting for a curved screen for Note 7. The photo may be an early prototype of the device, and in August, we actually see that initially expected.

Everything you've heard about the upcoming phablet Samsung Galaxy Note 7, even what is seen is rumors, speculation and leaks, maybe fake, but hinted that the Galaxy Note 7 will get bent the screen, like smartphones lineup Edge. However, now the network received a strange photo where you can see that the Galaxy Note 7, but with the usual classic, direct screen.


Samsung responded to the drowned smartphones Galaxy S7 Active

Consumer Reports has tested, creating the conditions in which the smartphone should continue to work, but at the same time getting yourself a water load. However, both devices Galaxy S7 Active, which was subjected to testing with the task failed. Adds some interest to what the Galaxy S7 Galaxy S7 Edge B are also weatherproof, but are positioned not as tenacious as Active. But it was the usual Galaxy S7 Edge, and withstood a water test, in contrast to the Active.

last week we rasskazyvali the fact that some smartphones Samsung Galaxy S Active 7, which is protected by standard IP68, needs to withstand the ingress of moisture under the housing, but not all cope with it, does not justify hopes.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in the photo with a working screen

Here also clearly shows the front panel of the device to consider, perhaps, all: and button and front camera.

so, the announcement of phablet Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is scheduled for August 2. About ustroistve known for a lot of things. Let's refresh our knowledge, and at the same time look at fresh images of the device, where it managed to capture the running with an active screen.


Samsung India has announced two new smartphone – Galaxy Pro and Galaxy On5 On7 Pro

The South Korean company Samsung Electronics has introduced for the Indian market the new range of smartphones of the Galaxy series On, which has replenished with two models – Galaxy On5 On7 Galaxy Pro and Pro, which differ only in the diagonal size of the display and small parts in the other characteristics.


Waterproof Samsung Galaxy S7 Active not coped with the task

Mobile devices Samsung Galaxy S7 and Edge came out very successful. Experts independent magazine called Consumer Reports that studied the latest smartphones from South Korea, spoke pleasantly about the above devices, and it spoke well about the body that does not absorb moisture, excellent picture quality and support memory card. But a modified Samsung Galaxy S7 which is Active, alas, not been tested for water resistance successfully.


Most popular smartphones in Russia in 2016

The Team re-AnTuTu, published a ranking of the most popular smartphones for the first half of 2016.


Samsung has announced a new budget smartphone – Galaxy J1 Ace Neo

The South Korean company Samsung Electronics posted in the South African mirror of the website information about the new smartphone budget line of Galaxy J with a 4.3-inch inch display – the Galaxy J1 Ace Neo, which stands out with its appearance due to the presence of protruding corners, which can be observed in protected smartphones, which serve as shock absorbers in the fall, and there is an additional means to hold the apparatus in his hands.


Prepares Xiaomi Mi 5s with dual camera

Xiaomi stays true to its principles. First, the device with the top stuffing at a low price, or low cost devices, but with a price tag and specifications, the combination of which draws attention to the background of the various offerings from Samsung, LG and other major players. Second, kityy love to release a flagship, and a few months later to catch up with his improved version.


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 i Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 - chasche vsego v AnTuTu

Today, AnTuTu is one of the most popular benchmarks, the company publishes interesting statistical data about which smartphones in 2016 most frequently subjected to performance testing. It turned out that most often in the world check the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, and in Russia, even somewhat surprising - Xiaomi Redmi Note 3.


Samsung introduced new Galaxy J2 with led ring

Samsung has introduced for the Indian market a new smartphone Galaxy J2.


Samsung Galaxy J Max – a huge 7-inch phablet complete with a Bluetooth headset

Samsung Electronics has officially unveiled the huge 7-inch phablet the Galaxy J Max support 4G/LTE networks and two SIM cards. In the Indian market the device will be sold bundled with a Bluetooth headset.


In India has announced a new budget smartphones Samsung Galaxy J2 (2016)

The South Korean company Samsung Electronics has officially unveiled in India its new budget smartphone – Galaxy J2 (2016), wherein, in addition to democratic prices (around 145$ in terms of Indian rupees), even and attractive appearance. Particularly striking is his back where the incisions are made of lines and is a color indicator around main camera.


Samsung has hinted at a possible future of flexible smartphones

Unconfirmed sluchamin 2017, Samsung will reveal the consumer version of the flexible smartphone. The audience will see a new, though unlikely to fully understand the practical benefits of innovation.


Phablet Galaxy Note 7 Samsung official rendering

Despite the fact that the stores without any problems find the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, in 2016, Samsung showed not all flagships. From company forward tableta Galaxy Note 7.


Bloggers on Instagram offends camera smartphone Samsung

Mel wells, when posted the photo to Instagram, find offensive the fact that in real time its a selfie transformed. Operate the the function of Beautify the smartphone a few photoshops your face, removing various flaws, changing color, etc. In the end, the social network there was a post that caused a lot of controversy and gathered a bunch of different reviews.

This news is probably the category funny. Some bloggers that publish photos in the Instagram (interestingly, with filters or without them?) complain that the Samsung devices too much treated a selfie. In the end, people do not always find themselves in first sight.


Samsung has no plans to reduce the price of the device

Interesting seems to be the message that the Koreans plan to abandon investment in new technologies because you don't see the point. Samsung thinks they already have enough technology for today, and investments in new research are higher than those obtained in consequence of profit - according to Phone Arena.

Some sources reported that Samsung revealed that it's not going to reduce the price of their devices. The company wants to get bigger profit and thinks to change its current policy. In Samsung want to keep the current market share, but it is not going to compete with cheap Chinese brands.


[Video] Galaxy S7 Edge, Injustice Edition — who smartphone Batman?

Samsung has Recently unveiled an exclusive edition of the flagship Galaxy S7 Edge. Fortunately, Injustice Edition reached Russia, where it will sell 1 day and 500 instances.

Unpacks betonski smartphone and introduces the contents of the box Valery Istishab.


Samsung is looking for design ideas competitions

Let us Return to the concepts and renderam from enthusiasts. Why would Samsung not just use other people's ideas. Certainly, the company has enough resources to buy a good idea or sahantie a designer who proposed to her. Apparently, now likewise began to argue in the company because Samsung has announced a program of Creative Square.

it has always seemed strange that with such an abundance of concepts of different devices that can be found in the network, Samsung continues to copy Apple. Or rather, continued. Now the company seems to have been a own style. Someone he can be to taste, some don't, but it's there. And he is bored.


Just now waiting for Galaxy Note 7

Actually, the image to the post is coming from Evan Blass, which is often aware of the most recent facts and devices not yet released.

the Galaxy Note is a device, which, of course, waiting. But what we eventually see? Already that week thumb the question is, can Samsung to count in order, or allow gaps in the numbering. Apparently, if you believe various sources, including reputable @evleaks, Samsung is going to release it's Galaxy Note 7, not Note 6.