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Google Pixel and Pixel XL can appear in Russia

Are Not specified and also the sales date and price. However, despite the fact that the company is trying to ventilate the demand for gadgets, the representatives of the "Coherent" comment on the situation, reporting that sales will not necessarily be held.

Some Russian media reported that Russia can still receive smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL in the sale. At least "the Messenger" and "Euroset" with an interest in these devices. Moreover, in "the Messenger" in the online store, there were cards of gadgets, though, and while the status is "not available".


Droider Show #266 Frameless hope iPad and Samsung

Hi friends! Fresh Droider Show full of news from IT giants: Samsung Kapil Harman, HTC announced the top Bolt, smartphones Pixel can come in Russia, and Apple may introduce the tablet without frames.

And it also shows a virtual drum set Freedrum, concepts Hyperloop tracks and unit Charge truck, mini-gyrometer Carr-E.


GDG DevFest Minsk 2016

25 noyabrya – Workshops Day. Vi smozhete prinyat uchastie v sleduyuschih vorkshopah:

25 i 26 noyabrya v SPACE proydet 4-aya konferentsiya po tehnologiyam Google dlya Android-razrabotchikov, organizovannaya soobschestvom GDG Minsk i komandoy SPACE – GDG DevFest Minsk 2016. V etom godu v fokuse #DevFestBy — traditsionnie temi po Android, a takzhe testirovanie, TensorFlow, Artificial Intelligense, Firabase, Kotlin i Docker.


Huawei P9 - smooth phablet from the Chinese company

We will not allow the multiple tests and the results of the run the device in the benchmarks. This information is so completely on the Internet. We will tell you about my impressions of using the gadget for about a month. Looking ahead – returning the machine back did not want to, although at first he seemed a little uncomfortable.

Huawei has successfully sold over 9 million units of the smartphone P9. And the last 3 million sales were achieved in just two months. For the first time the company reported overcoming the 6-million milestone in September. Sales of the device began in April. Good numbers. Let's see what the smartphone has attracted the consumers.


Droider Cast #43 — Make Droider Cast Great Again

Traveling to parallel universes, can meet the measurement where Apple sets iPhone on Android, where Windows Phone is the best mobile OS and where the elections were won by Hillary Clinton. However, a world where Droider Cast out on Sunday afternoons, it's difficult to find.


Playstation 4 Pro goes on sale in Russia

Experience this can be after the purchase on the most popular toys: Call of Duty: aerial Warfare, Ratchet & Clank, last of us (updated version), Uncharted 4: way of the thief.

PlayStation Russia announces the start of sales of the new Playstation 4 Pro in our country. This is a more powerful version of the regular Playstation 4. The main feature of the console will be a new level of graphics and gameplay that will get the player. Content for the Playstation 4 Pro is prepared with 4K.


Smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL will officially arrive in Russia

Simultaneously with the announcement of Pixel and Pixel XL became aware of the fact that Google has no plans smartphone shipments to Russia.


[Video] YouTube gaming came to Russia

More than a year is needed game unblocker to get to the Russian streamers and viewers.


Social network LinkedIn will be blocked in Russia

The Tagansky court of Moscow upheld the decision to block LinkedIn social network in Russia.


Family plan to Play Music earned in Russia

In may 2016 Google has launched a "family pass" in Google Play. Earlier a similar proposal to work for the music service Play Music. However, both subscription option was not available in Russia.


The company LeEco financial problems

Looks Like LeEco spent on grandiose launches in Russia and the United States more than they bargained for.


In Russia, the Microsoft products will rise by 10%

Compatriots have got used to the new exchange rates and higher prices as a result. However, in early 2017, some devices and services will rise even more.


Uber has radically redesigned apps for iOS and Android

Service for call cars, Uber has updated the design of the app for the first time since 2012, and presented the bookmarks for routes and the ability to specify the location of another person as the destination.


Meizu has announced the H1 Smart bracelet Band and TV-console-Box

The Company is gradually moved from the smartphone segment in the wearable electronics. This time was presented a fitness tracker and set-top box.


Droider Show #264 What will be the iPhone 8?

Hi friends! YouTube channel Droider published a new series of the show, which tells about the most important thing in a week. From the fresh rumors about iPhone 8, after the announcement smartphone 2 Mi Note from Xiaomi and monoblock Jamboard from Google, the results of the fall presentations Apple and Microsoft .

Droider Show continues the stories about the Exo-battery, electric from Faraday and Future unmanned marshrutka "MatrEshka" from Russia.


On the shelves of Russian stores do glass smartphone MEIZU U10

The Chinese company MEIZU announced the beginning of sales from the second of October this year, its new compact model of the smartphone MEIZU U10, which is similar to MEIZU Mini M3s, but in the case of strong glass.


[Video] unboxing the Pixel and not only

Through an intermediary, ocean, customs and "Mail of Russia" smartphone Pixel made it to the editorial Droider.

In the latest video Boris Vvedensky unpacks the "Google phone", demonstrates equipment and gives his first impressions about the model.


The Russian announcement of the smartphone Huawei metal nova

Huawei has announced the start of sales in Russia of its new smartphone Huawei nova, which it is positioning for an active and modern users, offering them a bright and attractive design with metal housing, high quality camera for shooting in a variety of situations and productive filling.


Meizu M5 with LTE now revealed officially

Here, a fingerprint scanner and capacious battery 3070 mAh and the screen resolution of 720p (5.2-inch, IPS), which will consume the battery very carefully.

Meizu could not resist and now brings to market the next smartphone. This time it's about the model M5. A smartphone with two SIM-cards (both can LTE) that the company is positioning the device the successor of the Meizu M3, which is officially in Russia is not sold. The unit of discharge is available, because the housing here is made of polycarbonate, but the specifications are good.


60% of users of RF block Internet advertising

Data taken from the study, which was conducted in October 2016. It turned out that only 2% of users consider online advertising is useful.

Opera has done the research and shares its results, saying that more than 60% of Internet users block ads on sites while you surf.