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New Samsung Galaxy A8 is even better

The product is made in all-metal casing and equipped with a 5.7-inch FullHD display with a matrix Super AMOLED and support "always on display" (Always On Display).

Samsung Corporation held the official presentation of the new generation smartphone Galaxy A8 (2016) on the South Korean market. The new model is bigger and thicker than last year's Galaxy A8, dimensions of the smartphone is 156,6x76x7,2 mm, and the weight has increased to 182 grams.


Apple Pay will launch in Russia in October

The Payment system Pay Apple will work in Russia already in the beginning of next month.


It also disclosed details Droidcon Moscow 2016

Natalia Alimova, I. O. SMO e-Legion

September 22 in Moscow hosted the third annual conference Android-developers Droidcon Moscow 2016. In Technopolis gathered more than four hundred greedy of knowledge of the participants, Google Developer Expert s and media representatives. The event was organized by Apps4All developing Russian community of mobile developers, and a leader of mobile development in Russia and abroad e-Legion.


Apple is already engaged in the creation of iPhone 8

Just the iPhone 7 and 7Plus started to sell in Russia, as there were rumors about the next generation of Apple's smartphone.


Droider Show #258 Russian and Snowden vs iPhone

On the shelves of Russian stores delivered the same "rolls with Apple and figure 7, and Droider Show is traditionally broadcasts about the main gadget-the events of the week: Google has released another promising Allo messenger with a built-in Assistant, leaked rumors about merging Android and Chrome OS (the result is Andromeda). Meanwhile in Russia are preparing their own iPhone.

Gadgets, too hot. In November, will see the light serial samochowiec Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 - just like in the future, GoPro has finally revealed the drone - Karma and introduced a new generation of action – Hero 5, and Snapchat changed the name and released the first gadget glasses camera Spectacles.


Samsung Pay will work in Russia from September 29

At the end of the year payment system of the smartphone manufacturers rushed to Russia. First became known the arrival of Apple Pay, now with a similar statement was made by Samsung.


The main conference in Russia about the real-time communications INTERCOM will be held in the hackspace "Steel"

Communication technology — "hot" trend this year in the IT field. Due to the active development and spread of instant messengers, bots and services-chat they have become an integral part of modern life and is increasingly being used for customer interaction in a business environment. A number of specialists consider them as a new stage in the process of building communication with customers.

on October 6 in hackspace "STEEL – Forge Technologies" will be held the first Russian conference dedicated to modern technologies of communication with customers – INTERCOM. Event organizer — company Voximplant.


The Hyperloop train can unite the Moscow and London

Sotrudnichestvo One Hyperloop and the Ministry of transport of Russia continues to acquire ambitions.


In Russia again, expensive electronic gadgets and appliances

Only the Russians are accustomed to the flagship with a price tag of around 60 000, as sellers can raise prices on electronics.


Fixed Galaxy Note 7 is sent to Europe. Or he's in trouble again?

To determine if it is safe to smartphone, you need to look at the color of the battery indicator. Safe smartphones instead of white the colour of the indicator will be green.

Samsung managed to solve the problem with samovosproizvoditsja Galaxy Note 7 and by the end of November the company is planning return flagship on the European market. 28 Sep phablet will be available in South Korea. And in the US the first batch (almost half) safe Galaxy Note 7 was received on September 21. When to begin official sales in Russia is unknown.


Fotoimage the first day of sales of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in Russia

In Russia there was an important day for all fans of Apple products — start trading iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.


In 2018 in Russia will be a "Patriotic iPhone"

The holding company Ruselectronics, a division of the Rostec, in 2018, plans to release the "Patriotic iPhone", which is considerably inferior in price of Apple products.


The FSB wants to control the entire Internet traffic in Russia

"the Law Spring" obadal providers and website owners to store user data. However, the use of storage of encrypted Internet traffic was a little bit.


"VKontakte" began testing the gaming

"VKontakte" launched a testing platform, which will allow you to broadcast gameplay directly to the social network and earn money.


You wonder how much is the iPhone 7 in production?

The Most expensive component is the display that has received many accolades, and some consider it the best on the market is $ 43. The following cost: a set of network adapters, including LTE modem from Intel, for $ 33.9, the processor a10 Fusion for 26.9 and two cameras for 19.9 dollars. In the total amount Apple spent on components for the iPhone 7 32 Gb - 219,80 $ 5 for Assembly. This is almost 37 dollars more than the "old" iPhone 6S. And, according to the Director of the division of comparative analysis IHS Markit Andrew Rassweiler, almost as much as spending on Samsung Galaxy S7.

that Apple is always expensive. The "simple" iPhone 7 with 32 Gb of memory in Russia will cost 57 thousand rubles, in the United States without a contract - more than $ 600. Experts from IHS, Markit took it apart to check and evaluate the cost of components.


Droider Cast #39 — Hadron chauvinist

Lock PornHub, ambitions Samsung, the launch of another Chinese company in Russia — all in the new issue Droider Cast.


Droider Show #258 PornHub hisses Without my iPhone

Regular Droider Show is coming to the screens of your PCs, laptops and smartphones. In the first half of issue Boris Vedenskiy will tell about locking PornHub and YouPorn, strange sounds of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, society YouTube new virtual operator in Russia.

Secondly, but not least, part of the movie will be entertained Valery Istishab. It will be about "smart" clock Clock Glance, the extreme clocks, Mission and drive-killer and retro-the chamber Sofort from Leica.


In "VKontakte" appeared a function of remittances

Social network allowed users to attach to messages remittances. Newly-made feature is available only to Russian holders of cards Mastercard, Maestro and Visa.


Some PS Plus subscribers will be able to get on IgroMir 2016 for free

To do this, go to the official website and fill out an application. In the end, will be selected 100 winners.

In Moscow soon will host the exhibition "IgroMir/Comic-Con Russia in 2016", it's going to happen on September 29 and will run the event until October 2. Those of players who have a PS Plus subscription, which ends not earlier than 1 November 2016, will have the opportunity to get to IgroMir 2016 for free.


[Review] What's new in iPhone 7 — 11 chips flagship Apple

September 16 in some countries started to sell the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, perhaps, the most anticipated gadgets of autumn.