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Hasselblad showed a concept of a modular camera

Hasselblad for 75 years is in step with the times. Recently, the company together with Lenovo predstavila module, True Zoom for smartphones Moto Z. the Next step — a bold concept of a modular camera.


Samsung smartphones will be able to learn the owner's face and voice

One of the "Pisek" Galaxy Note 7 was a scanner of the iris, supplied with the usual fingerprint scanner.


Google erases mention Now and Now on Tap

As we approach the release of virtual assistant, the less references Now and Now on Tap remains in the Google services.


Droider Cast #39 — Hadron chauvinist

Lock PornHub, ambitions Samsung, the launch of another Chinese company in Russia — all in the new issue Droider Cast.


Google will release messenger Allo 21 Sep

From the stage of Google I/O 2016 submitted and Allo Duo — new text and video messaging company. Analog of Skype and Facetime managed to gain 10 million units mid-August, a competitor to WhatsApp and iMessages came out so far.


The conference Droidcon Moscow 2016 and discounts to our readers

After 8 days of Russian and foreign Google Developer Expert you will make presentations and will share their expertise in the field of new technologies and tools. The conference program is divided into four main areas: Android, Firebase, VR and IoT.

In London, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Montreal, Berlin, Paris and finally to Moscow. 22 Sep 2016 Android will be the largest Eurasian conference- Droidcon Moscow 2016.


Unreleased Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans was leaked

However, if a little string up, the sources could be found, after that hit the Internet stays here forever.

In 1998, Blizzard Entertainment was going to release a quest similar to the then popular Broken Sword or Full Throttle, but in the Warcraft universe. The game with high-quality hand-drawn graphics. But all of a sudden the project never saw the light of day officially. But the distributions of the game appeared on various resources. However, to download it is not so simple - the company removes the links.


How to avoid becoming a victim of fraud, buying Apple equipment

There are many tricks that can help the cyber criminals to enrich themselves and leaving the customer without money. The Kaspersky lab experts talk about the most frequent methods of fraud used by unscrupulous sellers and give tips on how to protect themselves and their savings.

Sites, free classifieds offer a huge selection of various gadgets from the famous American campaign Apple. Ahead of the release of the new iPhone sellers have been particularly active. But choosing a new smartphone you can not lose vigilance, as there is a high risk of stumbling on the Scam.


The console will be PlayStation 4 and other versions

A Few days ago, Sony pokazala new consoles — reduced PlayStation 4 Slim PlayStation 4 and the productive Pro. And the company is not going to stop.


"VKontakte" is testing desktop messenger behind closed doors

Developers "VKontakte" launched a series of competitions to test applications under the name VK Testing Challenge.


Highscreen shows Easy S and Easy S Pro

The Company expects that these gadgets will appeal to those who enjoy nice design and reasonable performance, but do not want to overpay for more expensive models. And for those who appreciate the ability to control a gadget with one hand.

Highscreen announces the release of two new devices for those who need a smartphone, but preferably not expensive. Easy S and Easy S Pro may be suitable for you. This is the second generation device in the line.


YotaPhone 3 will produce a company Coolpad

Holding China Baoli (formerly Rex Global), bought Telconet 30% of the company Yota Devices has agreed to jointly develop YotaPgone 3 with Chinese handset vendor Coolpad.


Microsoft has postponed the release of a Surface Phone in 2017

Microsoft has postponed the announcement of the smartphone Surface Phone which was supposed to replace the Lumia.


I normally super Gud: results of the autumn Apple presentation

On 7 September Apple held a traditional autumn presentation where you showed the world the iPhone 7 Watch Series 2 AirPods and a bunch of stuff.


V20 LG is the first smartphone with Android Nougat out of the box

After a couple of weeks after the release of the final version of Android 7.0 Nougat, LG announced the first smartphone on the new OS out of the box.


Huawei sold more than 6 million P9, gives new colours

In some countries Huawei P9 sold particularly well. For example, in Thailand the demand for the current flagship exceeded last year's by 400%. In the UK even more impressive. There the figure is 800% compared to P8. In addition, in England he was recognized as the best smartphone on Android.

the company's Flagship product Huawei P9 happy with their sales, than the Chinese reported in the official press release. The presentation of the unit happened in London in April. Since managed to sell over 6 million smartphones. Statistics IDC and Strategy Analytics says that this success has strengthened the company's position in the market, Huawei is among the three leaders, and its share is now 8.5 per cent.


The new tablet Nexus 7 from Huawei, and Google are already in the works

The Last time Google released the tablet in October 2014. The Nexus 9 turned out to be a problematic device, so the company took a break and concentrated on smartphones.


The Uncharted film will be released, but it is not known when

Earlier, at the end of July it became known, the script will deal with Joe Carnahan. He previously stated that he is not averse to become the Director of the project. However, it is not clear whether he was approved for this role.

the Film based on the game Uncharted once again postponed. reports that Sony Pictures has removed from its release schedule of Uncharted, which is going to release in June 30, 2017.


Google gave up: Project Ara turned

However, if Google found the idea of Project Ara not too good, Shine it more than one year (started in 2013), the G5 was just too popular with the public. Apparently, our society does not yet need a modular device, at least in the form in which we now can offer manufacturers.

Forget about Project Ara and the modular smartphone from Google. The company is putting this initiative on hold. About it reports Reuters, citing its intelligence sources. They say that the idea is not particularly well, much progress was not achieved, Google got tired of it, and therefore it was decided that for modular devices, the time has not yet come. In the meantime, if you really want, you can refer to LG G5.


Turing prepares codesmart Cadenza with Snapdragon 830

Turing Robotic Industries announced that it will release in 2017 smartphone Cadenza with impressive features.