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Came Android 7.1.1

Google announced the release of an update of the Android operating system 7.Nougat x to version 7.1.1 for Android smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL and the supported devices of the Nexus line – Nexus 5X, 6P Nexus, Nexus 6, Nexus 9, Nexus Player, Pixel C and General Mobile 4G (Android One). In addition, for device manufacturers is available for download the source code of this Android version.


Lenovo promised to release for the year 12 modules Moto Mods

According to several sources, at a secret event, the company promised partners to release at least 12 modules over 12 months. This list will include brand Moto Mods, and created in collaborations or third-party manufacturers.


Motorola will slow down with the release of "smart" hours

The First Moto 360 is one of the most beautiful smart watches on the market. The heir of the imagination is much smaller, but still remained ognised standards for Android Wear.


Global HMD will release Android smartphones under Nokia brand

The Finnish company Oy Global HMD, said that since December of this year becomes the new home for mobile devices released under the Nokia brand, and in the first half of next year will see the release of the first Nokia smartphones running the Android operating system.


Droider Show #268 Ubiytsa iPhone i Galaxy S8

Hi listeners, readers and viewers! This time from the regular Droider Show you can learn about the appearance of the future flagship of Samsung, the possibility of the announcement directly couples Surface Phone from Microsoft, the impending frameless slider from ZTE and fatal clip for Apple smartphones.

Even in the release about "smart" accessory for glasses, almost the perfect tablet Eve V, "control of Power" a pocket-sized drone AirSelfie for a selfie.


Meizu will release 2 versions of the smart bracelet H1

Meizu is preparing to debut on the market of wearable electronics. To do this, the company has developed the tracker H1 and its premium version.


Release ZUK Edge will take place next week

The Company ZUK ("daughter" Lenovo) will represent the top Edge at the beginning of December. The main feature of the device — 5.5-inch screen, curved at the sides.


In Russia started selling smartphone TP-Link Neffos Y5

The TP-Link, known primarily for its wireless solutions, announced the release of its new smartphone Neffos Y5 in Russia, which will be available in two colors – pearl white and dark grey. The model will appear in retail in early December for a suggested retail price 9490 rubles.


YotaPhone 3 will be released on the market in 2017

Despite a multimillion-dollar losses incurred by Yota Devices, the company is preparing to release the third version of the YotaPhone.


Nokia is preparing a 3 Android smartphone

After the official statements the company plans to return to the smartphone market, showered with messages about the various models.


Meizu may release a debut tablet

In Recent years, Meizu releases exclusively smartphones, occasionally being distracted by headphones and backpacks. However fans, of which not a few, have long been waiting for the tablet.


Talk about the Huawei P10 for new photos and renderam

The New leak on the appearance of the device give rise to fresh ideas and suggestions. If previously we saw only the front panel and the back cover, you can now separately consider the glass covering the front part. Apparently, the smartphone will not have full hardware home button, but instead will be the sensor with the same function. And this in turn means that the button will not keep the fingerprint scanner, because, perhaps, the model P10, it will ultrasonic.

We is not the first time talking about the smartphone Huawei P10, which is still not officially released and only preparing. And this is not surprising because Huawei P9 for half a year, which is about half the cycle life of the flagship, and then to it on change has come something new.


Xiaomi Mi Mix with Cortana included, and no Nano

Marketing Director of Xiaomi said that the Xiaomi Mi product Mix Nano simply doesn't exist. However, later the news in the Weibo was deleted.

Some time ago in the network appeared rumors that Xiaomi will release the Mi gadget Mix Nano is a smaller version of the smartphone that surprised everyone with frameless design and has a genuine wow-effect among consumers. However, now have official confirmation from Xiaomi that it was indeed just a rumor.


Testers with Honor 8 get Android Nougat

Here is an updated and more lively color scheme. In addition, changes in the quick settings. Now you can insert up to 6 icons in a row, as well as some other optimization. Besides optimization and bug fixes, characteristic for Android Nougat in General.

a Few weeks ago, Huawei was looking for testers with smartphones Honor 8 on the XDA forum. People were required for testing the firmware with EMUI 5.0. Those who have left the application and was selected by the company, now get the firmware for your gadget based on Android Nougat 7.0.


MTS will cease to take into account the traffic for 3 rubles a day

The MTS notes that now the video is the most popular among the majority of consumers of services of cellular operator. And the number of gigabytes of video processed, the MTS is growing.

MTS said that it will no longer take into account the video from sites YouTube, "VKontakte", Amediateka, IVI, KHL, Zoomby, NTV, Vimeo and some other popular services. But only for those who pay for it. The cost of the service will be from 3 rubles per day. However, such options may indeed be the point if you burn your traffic mainly in watching video.


Apple may shift production of the iPhone in the US

Add that Foxconn even as consider the idea while Pegatron completely refuses to even think about that. Moreover, such a measure will lead to the fact that the cost of Apple products will grow approximately two times.

it would Seem, and then Donald trump? Meanwhile, the Nikkei Report reported that Apple ventilates the subject of the transfer of production of the iPhone in the United States. Maybe just because the newly-elected American President even before the victory promised that Apple will be legally obliged to release their products at home.


An alternative view of the boot screen, Android O

Not all the flagships of 2016 has been updated to Android 7.0 or 7.1 Nougat, and fans of the Green robot is already speculating over the name of the next version of the OS. According to the tradition, Google, the name of the next major updates will begin with the letter O. the Most probable becomes the sweetness of an Oreo cookie.


Mate 9 Lite – a simplified version of the flagship Huawei

In addition to the original 9 Mate, Huawei announced Mate 9 Pro and limited Serio from Porsche Design.


Nokia announced the release of smartphones in 2017

Information about the appearance on the market of new smartphones Nokia never confirmed officially, so fans had to be satisfied with only rumors about the possible devices.


Huawei said, why didn't you help with the release of the Google Pixel

In light of this news even more interesting is that Huawei could participate in the production of Pixel and Pixel XL along with Google, as was the case with the Nexus s last year.

as usual: despite the cries that the new Google Pixel and Pixel XL expensive, despite the remarks that have smartphones scary appearance, these gadgets are bought well. Moreover, Google does not even have time to release the device and to deliver them on time, the lack of pixels in the warehouses there is a fact.