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Smartphones on Windows 10 Mobile began to Anniversary Update

Even fans of Windows Phone have already ceased to wait for a miracle in the form of Windows 10 Mobile.


[Review] Duo — a competitor to Skype and Facetime from Google

At the may developers conference Google announced 2 application — Allo and Duo. First specializiruetsya on the text, the second for video calls. The company has promised to release both applications before the end of summer 2016. However, the Duo did not wait for a colleague and appeared in the Play Store separately.


Samsung has confirmed the imminent release of the Galaxy Tab S3

Earlier on this topic slipped only a rumor that the company will reveal the device at IFA 2016.

If you enjoy tablets and love them, and you like Samsung as a brand, you may already be familiar with the line of Galaxy Tab S. Then you have good news - the company confirmed that it will release Galaxy Tab S3. This was announced officially on the website of the company, however, Columbia.


57% of Russians are against frequent announcement of smartphones

The international independent non-governmental environmental organization Greenpeace conducted a survey of consumer willingness to change old smartphone to a new one.


The announcement of smart watches Gear S3 will happen at IFA 2016

Samsung has invited journalists to a press conference on 1 September, which will open the 2016 IFA in Berlin.


No Man's Sky very successfully on the take-off: first place in the charts

A game Developer is a small indie Studio Hello Games, which now can safely uncork another bottle of champagne. After all, No Man's Sky almost can compete with, for example, Destiny or WatchDogs on the PS4 platform. It is also one of the largest Steam releases for the year 2016.

No Man's Sky is a new highly successful title in the world of video games. The product sets records and repeats the success of Uncharted 4 . For example, this toy has started very successfully in the world charts, hitting the British in the table immediately on the first place in the first week of release. For PS4 this is the second such a runaway success.


LeEco smartphone with 8 gigs of RAM is on the way

This monster is going to introduce a Chinese brand LeEco next month, it is even possible that the event will coincide with the release of the iPhone 7.

If you suddenly upset by the reports that Samsung may release Galaxy Note 7 with 6 gigabytes of RAM only to China or Korea, you all really not so bad. Not Samsung om only live market. Those other Chinese, with whom intended this course to compete the Korean company is ready soon to show the smartphone with 8 gigabytes of RAM.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be delayed in Russia

Samsung is clearly proud of the success of articulated models, even sends a press release talking about the fact that in Russia (and actually around the world) device called the wildest interest, the number of pre-orders for the gadget is through the roof. They are so numerous that in some countries the date of start of sales it is necessary to shift the company simply can not cope with the satisfaction of the desire of the market.

the Internet is the Internet: today, reading some of the leaks about Samsung Galaxy Note 7 people are buzzing that the device is not impressive, there is no progress, a small increase of gigahertz and gigabytes is not a reason to buy such expensive device. the iPhone 7 is crap, it looks horrible, so Apple will definitely losing ground and will lose his fans. But what we see when the device comes out? Right, as always, quite the opposite. For iPhone queues in shops, and tabletop Galaxy Note 7 huge number of pre-orders and... delays in deliveries.


Samsung plans Galaxy Note 7 with 6 gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of ROM

According to him this version of the device could actually see, but will be primarily focused on China, because there are now a large number of manufacturers that offer the market a variety of gadgets with the same amount of memory, trying to impress and to lure the consumer numbers.

President of mobile division of Samsung Dong-Jin Ko commented around the rumors that the company could release an extended version of phablet Note 7 with 6 gigibayty of RAM and 128 gigabytes of user.


Nokia smartphones will be equipped with optics of graphene

There is less doubt that Nokia will release one or more Android-based smartphones before the end of 2016.


The PlayStation 4 console Neo will be available in September

Sony has confirmed work on an improved version of the PlayStation 4, but did not disclose details about the console. Did the insiders who published features of the console.


The price of Galaxy Note 5 fell after the release of the Note 7

The Proposal turns out not so bad, because many commentators on the network said that the Galaxy Note 7 is hardly innovative. Yeah, updated, impressed but not all, many believe that to pay for the new spec makes no sense.

Samsung has recently showed the world a new phablet Samsung Galaxy Note 7. This range has caught the fancy of Android users. Now, some izdaniya reported that after this event is quite perceptible dipped, the price of the previous model - Galaxy Note 5. Hi Tech Mail reports that the price tag is now below 40 thousand rubles for modification with 64 gigabytes of internal memory.


In Google Now you will see the information card Explore Interests

Despite the imminent release of the Assistant, live virtual assistant Now continues to acquire new features.


Nexus Launcher implemented in the beta version of Action Launcher 3

Last week pojavilis screenshots of the new launcher for Nexus smartphone, which debuts with the release of Android Nougat.


Lenovo Vibe C2 increases more capacious battery

Lenovo has quietly announced the release of the new smartphone Lenovo Vibe C2 Power, which from the normal C2 is characterized by having a bigger battery (3500 mAh vs 2750 mAh) and two gigabytes of RAM, whereas in the "normal" S2 had only 1 GB of RAM.


Nexus smartphones will be able to distinguish between gestures on the sensor of the fingerprint

We have recently found out that Marlin and Salfish, which finishes the job by HTC, will also receive a fresh software from Google - brand new launcher . By the way, judging by the animation, which is given for illustration, we will see a new button control system.

We expect Nexus devices, which said a lot of things, once shortly after the release of Android 7.0. However, despite the fact that the information is already abound and it would seem that everything is already known, come some new details, for example, a fingerprint sensor, which will be slightly more advanced and interesting than you would expect.


Xiaomi has introduced a "toy" VR headset

The Company Xiaomi has announced the long-awaited counterpart Cardboard — VR-headset Mi VR with a strange PostScript "Toy version".


It looks like Xiaomi is preparing a smartphone Redmi Pro Mini

Although, I confess, very very compact, this device can be called a stretch. Here the diagonal of 5.2-inch (OLED technology) that we personally will be a lot. Yes, the elder brother of 5.5, and even severed 0.3-inch adds convenience, but sometimes you want the device even less.

last week was announced the smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Pro, which was expected by many. Now, Chinese sources (you're already used to the fact that information is often supplies Weibo?) report that the company is preparing a compact version of this smartphone that received plain and clear the name of Redmi Pro Mini. And I must say, many fans of the company's products are already expressed in the comments that they are ready not to run to the store for Pro the original Redmi, and Redmi wait for the Pro Mini, because really tired too large diagonals.


Google again updates brand launcher, new Wallpaper included

The Release of the latest version of the launcher with a major change is also associated with the fact that Google is already ready to show soon release Android 7.

Android Police tell us that once again can change the launcher to Google, which the company intends to include in the release of the Android Nougat. We can even see some animations that demonstrate new interaction with the shell. And to touch yourself you'll have with access devices Marlin and Sailfish.


Characteristics of the metal 4 from Xiaomi Redmi

Xiaomi Company does is preparing to release the next smartphone. Redmi 4 even managed to get the lens "spy" cameras.