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MODE — a bright strap for gadgets on Android Wear

After customization smartphones, designers Google set to "smart" watches.


Popular client Fenix has reached the limit of Twitter tokens

Tokens for Fenix will not give, and this means that the program has collected more than 100 thousand active users. In fact, the developer is very good news. However, the double-edged sword, because new users to use the client.

Twitter is nice because it tries to transplant a user on the official client. These guys even at some point began to issue limited number of tokens for third party applications. For example, this has happened with Falcon Pro and then Carbon when users the program became so numerous that token at all is not enough. It was the turn of the Fenix.


Kidlogger - parental control application

It Is immediately noticed that Kidlogger is available for many platforms: Windows, Mac OS, Android, Blackberry, iOS. We take a closer look at the Android version.

Today's Internet is a tricky thing. The number of divorces and scams and unsafe sites rolls. And just questionable content, which not every adult can digest, really a lot. Because children who are happy to go online with tablets, smartphones and PCs, will be useful for permanent custody of the parents. Keep an eye on your child using the app?


11,1 billion downloads from Google Play in the first quarter of 2016

Today, Sensor Tower reports that for the first quarter of 2016 in the Google Play Store turned out more than 11.1 billion downloads. This growth of 6.7% compared to the first quarter last year.

Now according to the latest data of analytical agencies, it appears that in the Google Play Store offers more than 2 million apps to choose from. Just over 6 years ago there were just over 30 thousand. Strong growth! But imagine that there was no huge pile of applications, without which it's fixing you do not imagine your life.


In the Moscow metro will be "smart" camera

Until the end of 2016, chamber of the Moscow metro suddenly "wiser". About this informed the head of Moscow metro Dmitry Pegov.


Apple will allow developers to buy seats in the top of the App Store

Apple plans to sell to developers first place in the search for a digital App store.


What's new in Android Developer Preview 2 N?

Output N Android Developer Preview came as a surprise. The second Assembly of the new system is no exception.


Google has released an update N Android Developer Preview 2

Google has announced the release of its new version of Android, codenamed Android N, which was presented last month and still in beta testing, and is available in a version for developers – Developer Preview 2.


Google is testing voice control of Android-smartphone

Google has begun testing Voice Access that allow you to control your mobile device using voice commands.


Google has presented the Android voice control

Google announced a new program for voice control Voice Access for devices running the operating system Android, which is currently present in the beta version of English with restricted access for downloading.


Knowledge is light: top 5 educational apps by MATA

For those who have decided to study in depth mathematics, MathStudio is the ideal solution. The program is a mathematical calculator capable to solve simple examples and charts. The creators have invested in the development data, which significantly simplify the work. It is particularly convenient that the application does not require Internet access. Manage the gadget is very simple: enter data, press the button and solved example or a ready-made chart with the useful data already on the screen. Tasks can be saved.

to Master another foreign language, to understand how the body, or to make an interstellar voyage? In the era of digital technology there is nothing easier. In this article we will discuss top 5 mobile apps to acquire new knowledge. Team MATE has made a rating, focusing on the ease and speed of use, functionality and relevance of the topic. Using each of these applications, you can gain new knowledge quickly, easily and at any time.


HTC 10 in white, 8.0 Sense, all brand Wallpaper, Boost+

For Example, a recent photograph of the device in white color was found in microblogging social network Weibo. Someone got ahold of this sample device, we are now seeing the photo of the gadget in the background of the laptop keyboard. But soon it will be possible to take the unit in hand - it will officially show on April 12.

a lot of rumors and leaks around HTC 10. Twitter, Weibo, other social networks and resources, and official teasers from the company. I wonder what this will end. The device, as usual, is praised in absentia, creating a stir. So, what have we learned about the upcoming HTC 10 in the last days?


In Innopolis was the Russian leg of the global AngelHack hackathon

AngelHack is the world's largest and most diversified of the global hackathon, which helps international technology community to build a bridge with Silicon Valley. Organizer of events in Russia – the community of application developers Apps4All.

April 2 and 3 at Innopolis University hosted the Russian stage of the world's largest AngelHack hackathon. The event brought together more than 80 programmers, designers and authors of ideas which are presented to the Russian experts 22 of the developed prototype application from scratch in 5 categories. The main prize went to the team StopCrawl that developed the application prototype for crawling scanning and analysis of pages on the Internet. The winner received an exclusive invitation to the program HACKcelerator, the results of which will be selected top 25 teams to participate in the global Demo Day in San Francisco.


Google stylize all icons of their services

Changes can be seen in the illustrations to the news. Instead of disparate icons as it used to appear everywhere common element in the form of a triangle add to it the so are the same icons that we've seen before, but reduced. In the end we get the usual app icon, it is also convenient to grab a glance from the list of installed programs, and the same triangle eloquently, that is a range of proprietary applications from Google.

there's a stack of applications from Google will soon change their icons. The company decided to stylize them a line of "Play". Here In The Play Store, Play Movies, Play Music, Play Games, Play Books, Play Newsstand. Already long existing applications, the icons will now be at once clearly and clearly indicate the affiliation with Google. Interesting and a cute idea.


Skype - the horror flying on the wings... into the abyss

But modern user who is quite demanding, inquisitive, accustomed to the abundance of the different offers around, this is not enough. But despite that Skype continues to hold the palm of popularity. Because in his time well occupied a niche, and move this giant from the pedestal is not so easy. We are setting a long time ago or now in the habit of Skype to your parents, encourage the brainchild of MIcrosoft, which, in my opinion, support is not necessary. Now we cannot abandon Skype, because there are parents who are accustomed to and don't want to try something new. A familiar situation? Very many hear like it.

If you ask the modern Internet user if she is familiar with Skype, the most probably answer Yes. A this product use. But if you continue to ask questions, trying to figure out why, it is unlikely we will hear in response that this is a handy tool. So I can answer only elderly parents who are not accustomed to technology, but not too savvy it users, which Skype has set the kids, or it was pre-installed on a PC laptop. For them it would be cool if only because it allows you to make free calls, replacing the phone. In short, only those who have not seen any alternatives.


Vladimir Putin asked state-owned companies to switch to domestic software

As long As you want to discuss import substitution in the field, but when expressed by the President of Russia, the case takes a serious turn.


The US army will get their own "store" applications

The US Army may soon get their own “store” for special applications.


Modular smartphone LG G5 starts flowing to world markets

LG Electronics announced the beginning of deliveries this week in the world of its modular smartphone LG G5. Sales will begin in South Korea on March 31, in US – 1 April, after which the model will be available in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The company noted that about 200 retailers and operators around the world have decided to introduce a smartphone LG G5 in their local markets.


LG spoke in detail about the features of UX 5.0

LG surprised the audience at MWC 2016 unusual design of the new flagship G5 and additional accessories.


Tinder will help with choosing a future President of the United States

The Popular app Tinder has acquired the function of Swipe the Vote, which prompts the user to take the test and determine the choice of candidate for President of the United States.