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AppGiant - all discounts Google Play within the app

The young, but rapidly developing. Editors actively watching to not miss the lower prices, which in the Google Play Store for various positions occur regularly. The application already has a community, which also shows and discusses the proposals, for example, in Vkontakte, Twitter and Facebook.

Perhaps discounts like all :) And it's a great way to tell developers about their app or to attract attention, to attract users to the product. Often it happens that a full price purchase seems expensive, but a discount is ready to afford to take a sample. Users is a great way to save money. It is because in Google Play Store there is an app AppGiant that will allow daily basis to monitor all of the brand discount store Google apps and games.


The forecast for 2016 for the IT industry from Business Insider

The Analytical unit of the resource Business Insider made 25 predictions for 2016, related to the IT sector.


Review fitness bracelet Onetrak Sport

The test we got the bracelet company OneTrak Sport, which the representatives of the brand called only element to issue a data "dashboard". I will try to consider separately both devices and the global idea that "moves" OneTrak, but we need to understand: between the two concepts there is an inverse relationship.

a Healthy lifestyle and exercise are trying to impose on the consumer, almost all modern technical company: the last time the world saw a lot of smart watches and bracelets, fitness trackers and pedometers.


Android Trojans have learned to infiltrate the system processes

This set consists of three acting in concert the Trojans, which were given the names Android.Loki.1.origin, Android.Loki.2.origin and Android.Loki.3, respectively. The first of them is loaded with a library of, detektorami by Dr. Web for Android as Android.Loki.6. This library is implemented in one of the system processes with Trojan Android.Loki.3 — as a result of Android.Loki.1.origin can act in the system with the privileges of the system user. Android.Loki.1.origin is a service that has a wide range of functions: for example, the Trojan can download from the official Google Play any app using a special link containing a reference to the account of a particular affiliate program, allowing attackers are able to make income. Other features of Android.Loki.1.origin should note the following:

Architecture of malware for the Android mobile platform becomes more and more complicated every year: if the first malicious programs for this system was a fairly primitive application, the current sometimes is not inferior to the complexity of even the most sophisticated Windows Trojans. In February 2016, the specialists of "Doctor Web" has revealed a set of malicious applications for Android that possesses the widest spectrum of functionality.


Apple will release more apps on Android

According to Tim cook, Apple CEO, cupertinos plan to move many branded services on Android.


Apple will allow you to save music on the memory card

Another update added to users Apple apps Music for the Android platform a very desirable feature - the ability to save music on SD cards.


Samsung allowed to block ads

Samsung said its users long - awaited news- brand browser Samsung Internet got built-in Adblock Fast.


Dozens of games from Google Play Android contains-Trojan

The virus Writers have built the Trojan in more than 60 games, which are then placed in the directory Google Play on behalf of more than 30 developers, in particular Conexagon Studio, Fun Color Games, BILLAPPS and many others. The company "Doctor Web" has already alerted Google about the incident, at the time of publication of the infected game was still in Play, it is recommended not to download games from the catalog in the next few hours on the devices that are not protected by antivirus.

Virus analysts "Doctor Web" found in Google Play dozens of gaming applications, which hides the Trojan Android.Xiny.19.origin. The main purpose of this malware – download, installation and run programs at the command of attackers. In addition, the Trojan can show obtrusive advertising.


Samsung is preparing an iOS version of branded apps

According to SamMobile, Samsung plans to migrate all proprietary applications on the operating system from Apple.


WinDroid Universal Android Toolkit updated to version 2.6

Source software, as usual, the XDA forum where guys constantly crack a new protection vendors, and then write software that does this automatically. The program WinDroid Universal Android Toolkit has recently been updated to version 2.6 and now supports more than 130 devices.

it Seems that our readers know what is getting root rights on the smartphone with Android. Not to say that it is a very complicated procedure, especially if you have to do often. But often it can distort so that always do the same long sequence of actions is laziness. Here come to the aid of a program that can get root in one click, for example, WinDroid Universal Android Toolkit.


Keyboard Microsoft keeps the path on Android

From the letter sent to participants of the program Windows Insider, it follows that the company is working on the release of this keyboard for iOS and other platforms. Rather, the other understood it of Android.

If you have a little keyboards that you can download today from a corporate store, Google Play Store, you may be delighted to know that their offspring is going to make available for Android and iOS by Microsoft. Now, Word Flow only available for devices with Windows Phone on Board.


Closes the direction of Microsoft Lumia and Windows 10 Mobile

Yesterday at a closed conference, Microsoft officially announced the closure of the Lumia series.


Rumors: HTC One M10 will be presented in March

The closer the time to open the doors the next annual Mobile world Congress (MWC), the more often in the vast world wide web there are different kinds of information leakage and spy photos of upcoming, not yet officially announced, mobile updates. Reasonably expect such things and fans of the Taiwanese smartphone maker – HTC, which is expected announcement at MWC its new flagship.


A hazardous Trojan horse that is detected in the firmware of Android-smartphone Philips S307 arc

The First information about the Android.Cooee.1 appeared in October 2015, when the malware was detected at several budget Android smartphones from, to put it mildly, not the most famous brands. New case detection of the malware showed that the unknown attackers appetite is gradually growing: the app has been discovered on a mobile device Philips s307. The specialists of "Doctor Web" has alerted about the incident the manufacturer, which is currently considering possible solutions to the problem.

Among the main trends of the past year may be noted the emergence of a large number of pre-installed Android malware, which are invisible to users could download and install different SOFTWARE, and often showed the hype. One of these Trojans has become Android.Cooee.1, built-in GUI several budget smartphones the production of a number of little-known Chinese companies. Apparently, the attackers decided not to stop and continued unsafe practices in the next year: the specialists of "Doctor Web" revealed another case of the Android implementation.Cooee.1 for Android device, and this time the "surprise" awaited buyers of smartphones from well-known electronics manufacturer.


In a large eSports series of gaming headsets, Plantronics RIG 500

The trio of premium from Plantronics is able to attract competitive players and fans of computer games? First and foremost, ergonomic modular design, impeccably-designed sound and high-quality voice transmission. Not to be unfounded, consider the top three gaming headsets in the business.

Most Plantronics headsets universal: they can be used for listening to music, watching videos, voice computer games and communications via the Internet. Specialized as a gaming device different from the multi-tasking gadgets are not only sound but also design. Headset series Plantronics RIG 500 is designed subject to the demanding expectations of professional players and refers to a segment of hi-end. On the quality gadgets demonstrates appreciation of the ESL leader in the organization of large-scale cyberstate.


Roskomnadzor will release an application for comparison of the quality of communication of mobile operators

To free from prohibitions and lock time, Roskomnadzor develops software for assessing the quality of mobile communication.


"Kaspersky lab" has introduced a free antivirus

A Good antivirus program is worth their money. But among the free it's hard to find quality. This niche aims to fill the Kaspersky Free.


QNAP TAS-168 – the domesticated NAS

Do backups between computers or clouds on the Internet, or make their "hranolky", or get ready – a long story, some aspects of which should be skipped. Originally planned to use QNAP TAS-168 as an editorial drive for backups of the website and similar tasks. But the final choice Droider never did, but there was good material for a review.


Facebook wants to be less dependent on Android and Google

The Empire of Mark Zuckerberg uncomfortable to rule on a shaky throne the Play Store, which at any time may file competitive of Google.


[CES 2016] LG announced camera phones K10 and K7

CES 2016 haven't officially started, but the producers are not eager to present new products.