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Xiaomi first entered the Fortune Global 500 list

The Company Xiaomi Corporation today announced that in 2019, after nine years since its founding, it first entered the list of Fortune Global 500.

The Chinese company notes that became the youngest in the list of Global 500 this year, finishing 468-e place revenue 433,50 26 million dollars and a net profit of 2 049,10 million dollars in the previous fiscal year. The company also holds the seventh position in the category "Internet services and retailing".


Samsung Electronics will be divided into 2 companies

With an unexpected statement was made by representatives of Samsung Electronics at the end of the year.


The company Xiaomi is selling smartphones at cost

Hugo Barra, Vice President Xiaomi, in a recent interview with the news Agency Reuters explained why the company will not suffer much from a drop in sales of smartphones.


Apple tests smart glasses with augmented reality

The smartphone Market is stagnating, and Apple earns there 2/3 of the profit. Obviously, Tim cook is looking for new sources of income, one of which can become augmented reality.


Over 1,000,000 users have downloaded an Android Trojan from Google Play

Android.MulDrop.924 distributed through Google Play using the application name "Multiple Accounts: 2 Accounts," which had already downloaded more than 1,000,000 users of Android smartphones and tablets. The program allows you to simultaneously use multiple accounts in games and other SOFTWARE installed on the mobile device. However, this seemingly innocuous and even useful the app hides Trojan functionality, which the developer has forgotten to inform potential victims. The company "Doctor Web" gave Google information about the Trojan, however, at the time of publication of this news Android.MulDrop.The 924 was still available for download.

Virus analysts "Doctor Web" found in Google Play another Trojan. This malware added to the virus database as Android.MulDrop.924, without the knowledge of user downloads of the application and offers to install them. In addition, it shows annoying ads.


Income ABC and Google exceeded expectations of analysts

Nearing the end of 2016, so IT's time to bring the companies financial results. After Apple and Samsung, the successes reported by Google, which includes Google.


IPhone do not bring profit to domestic retailers

Due to the absence in Russia of the retail Apple Store, the sales techniques of the company are authorized retailers. However, the sellers are earning little, even taking into account the special situation in the market.


Samsung has assessed the impact of the discontinued Samsung Galaxy Note7 $2.67 billion

Samsung Electronics announced the assessment of the impact of the termination of sales of its flagship phablet Galaxy Note7 an operating profit in the fourth quarter of 2016 and first quarter 2017 approximately 3 trillion Korean won ($2.67 billion).


Galaxy Note 7 may be again withdrawn

This opinion was formed after an episode of self-ignition phablet Galaxy Note 7 out of safe series on Board. At the moment experts find out the cause of the fire apparatus. If during investigation it is found that the smartphone was safely out of the party and the cause of ignition defect in the device, probably, the smartphone will be withdrawn again - said the former Director of the Commission consumer products USA.

Some members of the Commission consumer product safety US have come to believe that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 may be subjected to re-review.


The YU brand from Micromax will officially come to Russia

Micromax so popular in India that successfully puts Xiaomi on the home market, offering buyers interesting device at an affordable price. However, the company also wants to grow in different directions, some of which is Russia.


Lenovo again dismisses the employees of Motorola

Lenovo continues gradually dissolving inside Motorola Mobility. The company will cut worldwide, about 1 100 people, most of whom are members of the unit.


"VKontakte" allowed to listen to audio in other applications

Social network is preparing to launch a music service, details of which appeared late July.


Experience of payment, I want

Article in blogs, because it's just personal experience with MTS and its own lyrical digressions and reflections on the topic.

MTS is a unique Agency. For me is unique in that it is unclear how such a chaotic and not well-oiled mechanism able to grow into something big and clearly profitable to its owners. The question of profit remains a mystery because the company does not even want money from users to take when they voluntarily want to part with them.


Only Apple, Samsung and TCL have been making money on selling smartphones

A Number of manufacturers of smartphones in the tens, however, earn on the production units.


Facebook and Unity Technologies is prepared similar to Steam

Facebook together with experts of the game engine Unity has announced the development of its own digital games store.


Package Spring: preparing for the threefold increase in the price of communication services

That means for us taking this "anti-terrorist" zakonoproekta?

the Bills proposed to the state Duma Irina Yarovaya and Viktor Ozerov already passed all three readings in Parliament, was almost unanimously accepted by the deputies. They are also approved and the Board of Federatsii. Next, they will be handed over to Russian President Vladimir Putin for his signature. If it happens, will come into force. Analysts say it will set back the development of the Internet and technology in our country about 10 years ago. By the way, we're about this period behind US.


Samsung has no plans to reduce the price of the device

Interesting seems to be the message that the Koreans plan to abandon investment in new technologies because you don't see the point. Samsung thinks they already have enough technology for today, and investments in new research are higher than those obtained in consequence of profit - according to Phone Arena.

Some sources reported that Samsung revealed that it's not going to reduce the price of their devices. The company wants to get bigger profit and thinks to change its current policy. In Samsung want to keep the current market share, but it is not going to compete with cheap Chinese brands.


In the Google search will appear lyrics

Google has partnered with LyricFind service, dealing with licensing of song lyrics.


Apple holds the title of most expensive brand in the world

The Name Apple used to see in the same sentence with the word "most" in all sorts of rankings of successful companies.


What was interesting about the conference MATE in 2016

This is an industry event for businessmen and entrepreneurs who need new solutions for profit and increase the audience.

April 26, 2016 in Moscow was held the IV international business-conference on innovative developments in the field of mobile applications and IT-technologies, – MATE in 2016.