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Smartphone Moto Z Play posing on the "live" pictures

A New smartphone series Moto Z from Lenovo and Motorola appeared first on the photos. The gadget was named Play should be the cheapest in the line.


For Google docs and sheets apps available for Android add-ons

Google has announced the availability of a new tool to work with documents and spreadsheets on Android – ons for the same applications that are designed to help business people in a way where the primary means of access to their documents are on their mobile device.


Nexus-s 2016 will be made of different materials

Apparently, this is due to the size and materials of the case companies plan to play with the price tags of the devices, because one will be slightly cheaper.

Foreign colleagues share a new rumor about the two Nexus devices that HTC and Google are preparing for us in 2016. Report that both smartphones that we will see, it seems that soon enough will please users of the same or very close characteristics, but will vary in design. Including the materials from which will be made.


Artisto from Mail.Ru Group video processing neural networks

Neural network fever continue Group c application for processing videos. Artisto using neural network applied on video artistic effects different style.


[Video] the History of relations Boris Vedeno and Rosebank

Droider continues to experiment with formats. After the video buy gadgets , the front man took something between a clip and a review.

The Boris Vedenskiy tells the romantic story of the relationship with map Rosebank.


Yandex.Money has launched a service of payment by QR code

The Developers of the payment service "Yandex.Money" has reported on new functionality for Android, iOS and Windows 10.


Vinci — analogue of Prisma from the "VKontakte"

Fantastic success of Prisma is haunted by many developers. Some believe that the train photo application with neural networks are gone and others trying to jump.


Hardcore runner - Alice in Wonderland: run Alice!

Here, the developers, inspired by the story of Lewis Carroll, embodied the worst fears of Alice. Under your strict guidance she needs to run through the collapsing of the wonderful worlds, jump from one piece of land to another, to avoid collisions with a variety of turrets and stone blocks, in other words, to survive as long as possible.

Game in the genre runner is a great way to pass the time, if you get a spare minute in the transport, queue, or anywhere else. Many fans of arcade games in these games are accustomed to the unhurried pace, but we offer to your attention a hardcore runner from Zug Bull Games "Alice in Wonderland: run, Alice!" is not such.


CyanogenMod will continue to exist

Steve kondik, CTO of Cyanogen Inc, said media reports about changing the model of work of the company.


The line of Nexus and Android One will get protection against telephone spam

Google has released an update to the original "dialer," which protects users from spam calls.


Moscow Pokemon Go with Gagarin and Choi

The city Government of Moscow on the basis of the app "Discover Moscow. The photo" restaurant, travel services, operating "on the principle of Pokémon Go."


Prisma photo editor available for Android

Beta-test Android version of the app Prisma ended as quickly as it Nacala.


Phonics ambitions. Minimalistic audio player MySound BT-17 from Rombica

Good-quality packing material and its design give us hope even in the wildest expectations and reinforce the anticipation of a new acquaintance, spurring the desire to open it. Impressions are not forced to wait. After opening the box, unwittingly suggests an Association with models premium class. Primarily due to flawless forms covered with equal quality textiles.

Starting to write the review, I remember one quote about the music, it sounds like this: "Thank you, music, for being there when no one the number to be failed". Now I want to paraphrase and say: "Thanks to portable speakers, allowing you to be your favorite music always with you." And even add words of gratitude to the brand Rombica, and in particular for portable column BT-17 from the MySound. What has earned my gratitude in this column, I will write in more detail, but first things first.


Swiftmoji – Emoji-SwiftKey keyboard for iOS and Android

To develop, companies often try themselves in new areas. These include SwiftKey and owned by Microsoft.


App Prisma for Android is available in beta

The Developers of virus editor, Prisma has launched a closed beta of the Android version.


Google released the final Android beta Nougat

From March 2016 monthly Google vypuskaet the beta version of Android N for developers and enthusiasts. During this time, the system has acquired the official name of the Nougat and the serial number of 7.0.


Android apps Nougat misleading about the source of the installation

In order For your application to use this new feature of the system, you must use the "getInstallerPackageName". In the end danney will occur, for example, fill the Amazon Appstore, if it is a resource, or otherwise place or ostavatsia the string will be empty if the application is loaded otherwise.

Android Police - very observant guys report that Nougat in the Android Developer Preview 5 introduced a new feature: application display to the user the source from which were established. To view information in the data about the app at the bottom.


$ 100 per device - will turn the smartphone into a laptop

However, attempts to make a successful transformation from a smartphone into a laptop are still ongoing, the idea to invent a perpetual motion machine. But in the case with a smartphone-laptop, it still seems real, at least the contrary is proved.

Probably, almost since the emergence of Android-tablet vendors suffer the task to make the gadget all-in-one to your smartphone could turn into planets or laptop and then back to the phone when you need portability. I remember once Motorola Atrix, which began experimenting with docking, and then perhaps the Asus, which has long persisted with a line of Padfone. It resulted in a hybrid form factor - Transformer. But it's still not a smartphone.


Malware already disguised as Pokemon Go

Applications that promise to some bun or just posing as Pokemon Go contain Trojans malware and other muck, and some even lure the players in different remote places and robbed them.

the World is going crazy: over pokemon hunted everywhere, and even trying to join the General hysteria in countries where the game is still not available. On this play the crooks who disguise their malicious apps under the currently popular fun Pokemon Go.


Making the choice for a new smartphone

And you? Urge to share my impressions about the success of mobile technology in the comments to the article.

would you Like to change your current smartphone for something different or new? I'm not. Why not see something on the market that actually would like, though he's not the most modern machine. I have in possession of the Xiaomi Mi4, but today I walked on the crust, taking aim at what would to change it. And found nothing. In addition to the realization that most devices on the market today, I don't like. You can buy them if necessary. But you don't want to just pick up and updated.