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From Allo will be a voice message, GIF editor

Android Police prodoljaet portions teasing details about the new Google messenger.


Xiaomi will start handing out MIUI 8 August 23

On the official MIUI forum, we can already find information about that start of distribution of the firmware is scheduled for August 23. First MIUI OTA 8 to get smartphones: Redmi 1S, Mi 2/2S, 4i Mi, Redmi Note 3G and Redmi Note 4G, and for them waves, an update will come to other devices of the company.

Xiaomi has prigotovila global stable MIUI with IOS 8 for some of their drivers. This particular version we have been all waiting for. It is in the global piastol officially Google Play Store and other services and apps, as well as removed are not relevant for Europe debris from purely Chinese apps.


To go or not? 5 reasons to visit the interactive festival WEGAME

One of the participants of the festival will be the company Frogwares. Creative Studio was founded in 2000, and since then games have become very popular among gamers. The developers of Frogwares, a series of games dedicated to Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock Holmes:The Mystery of The Mummy, The Awakened, and others), Dracula (Dracula: Origin), travel and Apocalypse (80 Days, Journey to the Center of the Earth).

on 10-11 September in Kiev will host a festival of interactive entertainment – WEGAME. Still don't know if you let it go? The event will gather the best representatives of the game industry, game developers and gamers, well-known cosplayers of Ukraine, players of world renown. Do you still have doubts? Here are 5 more reasons which their notes.


Allo will get the fancy stickers and the message to be deleted

Despite the simultaneous announcement of Allo and Duo, the last there in the Play Store before the "text" of the partner.


In mobile Chrome tested recommendations articles

Google Now is constantly offering the user hints that can be useful at the moment. Among them — a collection of articles on the topic that interested smartphone owner.


DLC for Dark Souls III, wait 24 Aug

Earlier it was expected that the DLC for Dark Souls III will be released sometime this fall, so August 24 in principle, the autumn months are not far away, maybe it was just about this Supplement, but it is now elaborated and approved the date.

the development Team of Dark Souls teases fans of this RPG on Twitter, telling that soon the game will receive an addition. The official Twitter even named the date - August 24. For Dark Souls III, it will be the first big addition, although the game was launched already in March.


[Review] Duo — a competitor to Skype and Facetime from Google

At the may developers conference Google announced 2 application — Allo and Duo. First specializiruetsya on the text, the second for video calls. The company has promised to release both applications before the end of summer 2016. However, the Duo did not wait for a colleague and appeared in the Play Store separately.


Google Photos boasts startup and smart cleaning

Google is investing a lot of resources to the cloud Photos. About the show regular updates and creative advertising.


Smartphone Moto X (2016) from Lenovo spotted in China

In 2016, the laurels of the flagships got Moto and Moto Z Force Z, while the line of Moto X have faded into the background.


Review game Run to Die: living life by he beginning to end

The Essence of the game is quite simple – you need to run as far as possible, jumping over the gorge. The main role is the gray cube in the center of which a constantly changing picture that reflects a certain period in the life of every person. In the beginning is a Bud, followed by the heart, a small child, a mother with a stroller, and so on. Each period lasts 10 to 15 seconds. What awaits us at the end – you know, passing game completely. In the Run to Die you will have the opportunity to read an interesting statement about how fast is a human life and to understand that need to appreciate each day. They will appear each time you stop the game or when you fail to overcome the next valley. The game interface is quite simple: in the upper left corner shows the current points that you scored during the run.

Run to Die is a simple, without any cool graphical bells and whistles, and even without the music game in the style of "runner" with interesting and original idea.


Watch in 4K Viewsonic VX2475Smhl-4K

When Steve jobs took out of the envelope Macbook Air, the world was interested in 13-inch devices. Lightweight, self-contained, small. But... small. They are not so comfortable working with spreadsheets, videos or websites to impose.

In the middle of the last decade, laptops have replaced the usual dekstop in the homes of consumers. At first they coexisted in the neighborhood, but over time the big box left position. Along with them went the monitors.


[Video] the Transformation of Galaxy S7 Edge in smartphone

It's been a while since then, when the South Korean company announced Galaxy S7 Edge. The flagship Samsung repeatedly fell in the rankings of "most-most for 2016 in the following categories: camera , proizvoditelnosti , avtonomnost popularnosci on the Russian market. Even superheroine the version of the smartphone managed to visit the review Droider, what can we say about standartnoi .

However, the idea that Samsung could make its flagship product even better, never left the office. Especially after sravnenia balanced iPhone 6 Plus from Apple.


[Review] New Skyscanner "multitool" for travel

Planning a trip is always accompanied by stress: find plane tickets, book hotel room, rent a car. Online services have simplified these tasks, but to search for the best conditions we have to work with 3-4 different applications.


Nexus Launcher implemented in the beta version of Action Launcher 3

Last week pojavilis screenshots of the new launcher for Nexus smartphone, which debuts with the release of Android Nougat.


Smartphone Moto Z Play again at the "spy" photos

Smartphone Moto Z was original, but not all who want to try out the removable panel Moto Mods have the budget for full-fledged flagship.


Gatherings on Tuesdays No. 96. About The Play Store

When I use iOS, I go regularly to the App Store to see what's new appeared, and sometimes even downloading something, but here in the Play Store such was never, and here's why..


The final version of Apple's Music made it to Google Play

Apple has released in the Play Store the final version of the original music app. Previously Apple Music was only available for testers.


Xiaomi has introduced a "toy" VR headset

The Company Xiaomi has announced the long-awaited counterpart Cardboard — VR-headset Mi VR with a strange PostScript "Toy version".


Discovered by Doctor Web" Android malware can buy the program in Google Play

The Trojan added to the virus database Dr. Web as Android.Slicer.1.origin is installed on mobile devices other malicious applications. It has a characteristic popular service programs and utilities-optimizers functions. In particular, Android.Slicer.1.origin can show information about memory usage and "clean" it by terminating the active processes and allows you to enable and disable wireless modules Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. However, this app does not have its own label in a graphical operating system shell and the user can't run it yourself.

Among the malicious applications for Android OS became widespread Trojans showing Intrusive advertising. Some of them may perform other unwanted actions – for example, to download and install programs and steal confidential information. One of such Trojan which has detected virus analysts the company "Doctor Web" under certain conditions is able to buy and install programs from Google Play.


Google: Marshmallow share of Android devices exceeded 15%

Google has published its monthly report on the relative number of Android devices depending on the version of their operating system, where the trend increase in the share of devices with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and the fall in the share of devices with other versions of Android.