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Samsung will release a limited edition smartphone Galaxy S7 edge, Injustice Edition

The South Korean company Samsung Electronics has announced the release of limited edition smartphone Galaxy S7 edge, Injustice Edition, created in collaboration with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment, to celebrate the third anniversary of the video game "Injustice: Gods Among Us" (Injustice: Gods among us) and is dedicated to one of the Central characters of this game – Batman.


Eric Schmidt prefers smartphones from Apple and Samsung

Conference Europe Startup Fest in the Netherlands called for Eric Schmidt. However, journalists were attracted not so much the fact of the appearance of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alphabet, as its smartphone — the iPhone 6s.


AccuWeather will tell you about the weather in Russia the users of UC Browser

Wherever in Russia you are - you can safely count on an accurate forecast. Right in the opening browser window, even the address to drive is not necessary, but on a smartphone using a virtual keyboard, it is not always convenient. Simply tap on the thumbnail much easier. If necessary, the browser can even broadcast widget for notifications, telling you about the temperature, rainfall, wind speed, visibility, humidity and more.

How to determine the exact weather today with a smartphone? Barometer and weather vane in most phones is not yet built, but it is useless. After all, you can just download the browser, go to any weather website and see the forecast for today and the coming days. Or you can make it even simpler, by skipping one step if you use UC Browser, which is now in cooperation with AccuWeather just talk about the weather.


Manual: on Windows 10 Xiaomi Mi 4, official firmware

By the Way, following is a method you can use to change the Android firmware. Just previously we considered how sewing of a custom rekaveri. Now follow the other way, personally, I myself like it less. But perhaps it is more versatile. Anyway, this way you can sometimes save the phone if other means something went wrong.

it was evening, there was nothing to do, but because, realizing that MIUI 8 yet too crude for everyday use is not good, appeared the idea to try Windows 10 for smartphone Xiaomi Mi 4. Don't know why could someone need in addition as out of curiosity, but I will tell you how fast to flash the mobile OS from Microsoft Mi 4.


In touch every minute: review Bluetooth headset Plantronics Explorer 500

Perhaps, such devices are convenient for contact only through the Internet, to hold the device near your ear is problematic. Plantronics offers a comfortable and lightweight Bluetooth headset Explorer 500, which allows you to answer calls without being distracted from the urgent cases. Needless to say that the device is irreplaceable for those who most of time spends behind the wheel: no need to hold the phone in hand makes the ride safer and communication much more comfortable. Verify whether the claimed features of reality.

Most of us use mobile phones not only for their intended purpose: a modern smartphone is quite capable of replacing a full-fledged computer. In this regard, the size of gadgets has increased substantially: the compact tube has lost its relevance, they came blanchetiana with a display diagonal of 5-inch.


[Google I/O 2016] Google showed all the balloons Project Loon

In the depths of the labs of Google X developed tens of projects aimed at improving people's lives, but one of them has special love for mankind.


Sewn smartphone Xiaomi Mi 4

First, some useful links. They are useful for those who want to try MIUI 8 on your device and those who will put some other firmware.

Probably not the best idea to flash your smartphone at night looking, especially if you get up in the morning on the way out. Especially for a new untested firmware, the alpha version. However, I got stuck. As usual: old is already fed up, though, and worked steadily. But my Xiaomi Mi 4 is not the first month running MIUI Android Marshmallow and 7, and fans of Android - they're curious, especially if the update is major. Waiting for the announcement of MIUI 8, was monitored when the first firmware with this version of the original shell from the Chinese, at least English inside. And I've got it.


Impatient can already look at Allo

Here we are waiting for group chats, of course, private correspondence, one on one, encryption of conversations and the "incognito chat", that is, which will be destroyed after the call is completed. Moreover, stickers, Emoji, semiliki and quick response, where we just choose one of the answers that tell the same artificial intelligence. That is, Google Now will be present directly in the correspondence. Required to quickly learn the score of the last hockey games - easily book a table at a restaurant and send the date and location of a friend - is easy.

In the event Google I/O, the company showed us a messenger Allo, which will be available to the masses in June. The appearance of Allo does not mean the death of the Hangouts, these two products will exist together, although the tasks seem similar, but Google is thinking to build an artificial intelligence that will change the view of a text communication.


Google I/O 2016 — Home, Allo, Daydream, Android Wear 2.0 and more

Began a long-awaited conference I/O in 2016, the first day which Google introduced to the public operating system updates, new services and applications. A couple of times the IT giant even surprised the audience with unexpected premieres.


MTS launched a new tariff with truly unlimited Internet

MTS specifically emphasizes that at this rate there is absolutely no speed limits.

may 17, MTS launched a new tariff with unlimited Internet, which is called "Smart Bezlimita". The press service of the company says that traffic there really are no limits, moreover, available unlimited calls within the network. Daily subscription fee is 12.9 rubles in the first month, then 19 rubles per day.


Legendary Nokia back on the smartphone market

The Famous Finnish brand Nokia has announced a return to mobile devices.


Spaces from Google — when there is a common theme

Is it Bad or good, but sluh on the work of Google on messenger Spaces was not an April fool's joke.


Xperia XA Ultra – new selfie smartphone from Sony

Sony introduced the smartphone line Xperia — XA Ultra. A distinctive feature of the new 16-megapixel front camera.


Microsoft think about selling the mobile phone division of Nokia

After acquiring the mobile division of Nokia, Microsoft received the right to release phones under this brand until 2024.


ES File Explorer brings adware on users ' devices

For Example, when your smartphone is charging, then ES File Explorer will ask if you want to try a new technology for faster charging. A positive response activates DU Quick Charge. Now in ES File Explorer appear integrated application control battery, cleaning the cache and memory, etc.

I Think it spoils a decent soft and lose users. ES File Explorer - once one of the most decent file managers, in other words, the conductor for Android suddenly brought into the next update along with bug fixes and even a pack of advertising modules. Some users on Reddit noticed that the phone now asks questions on activation imposed IN in various actions.


Enhanced Android and iOS is weakening in Europe

Every year the share of the Green robot is growing in the world, approaching almost limitless monopoly.


Employers will be able to monitor mobile conversations employees

The Russian company InfoWatch has developed a complex that will allow employers to intercept calls made by employees on mobile phones. About it reports “Kommersant”.


Motorola showed the advantages of the new Moto G on teasers

In may, Motorola and Lenovo reveal the world the new generation Moto G, which will be presented to the two smartphones.


HTC working on Nexus smartphones S1 and M1

Rumors that the next manufacturer of Nexus devices will be the HTC went a long time. After the news about the three-year contract the Taiwanese manufacturer and Google did not doubt.


[Video review] the New Acer with a presentation in new York

April 21, Acer brought journalists from around the world to new York to show a few products that will become the face of the company in 2016.