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A smart watch from Nokia appeared in the video

When Microsoft purchased the mobile division of Nokia, all the existing patents and the development became the property of the Corporation. Then the Finnish company created the smart watch codenamed Moonraker, but the bosses from Redmond decided to close the project.


Gamers will be delighted: testing the gaming headset Plantronics RIG Flex

In fact, they represent a full-scale audio system, which easily connects to desktop computers, game consoles, and mobile devices – an indispensable device for advanced players. On top of that the headset differ ergonomics: it is comfortable to use during long workouts and arduous cibercorners. So today on the test – RIG Flex.

Plantronics RIG Flex – headset product line in the segment of Plantronics Gaming. After the heady success, which is expected to be a series of gadgets RIG, the developers decided not to stop there and started to create a new gadget – light version of the RIG without requiring a mixer, but with two microphones and proprietary game design. Why the gaming headset Plantronics deserve special attention?


Itogi AngelHack Saint-Petersburg

Your category in the competition also introduced the partners of the event – Google, "Beeline", together with OneAPI, "Open mobile platform" and Code4Impact.

on June 11-12 at the National research University "Higher school of Economics" held Russian stage of the world's largest hackathon – AngelHack Saint-Petersburg. The event brought together more than 70 programmers, designers and authors of ideas which are presented to the Russian experts 14 the developed prototype application from scratch in 5 categories. The main prize went to the team Street Cleaner, who developed an interactive service to combat unwanted advertising. The winner received an exclusive invitation to the program HACKcelerator, the results of which will be selected top 25 teams to participate in the global Demo Day in San Francisco.


Almost all tried Siri, but only 3% talking to her in public

The Latest statistical studies say that almost all owners of modern smartphones (98%) tested these options, but in everyday life I use them quite rarely. For example, almost all iPhone owners know about the existence of Siri and accept her as my assistant but in a public place dealing with it only 3%. However, even in the US, where many traditionally talking on the phone loud enough, the communication with the electronic assistant causes the vibrations.

Morality and rules of modern society are often quite contradictory. Sometimes people throw out such feints that he feels ashamed, but when this shy, seemingly innocuous things - for example to give a voice command to the smartphone. Take Google Now, Cortana or Siri. Artificial intelligence is already settled in our devices and is ready to execute the commands of the owner.


Review powerful portable speakers Rombica Mysound BT-16. Love at first sight

If you want to take it with sound able to please music lovers and audiophiles need to be ready to fork out more than 10K rubles and be limited in choice of design: the JBL or cylindrical, or rectangular Jabra, and Sony. Already known Singaporean company offers Rombica column Rombica Mysound BT-16 c speakers at 10 watts in a non-standard casing with sound, able to compete with the top JBL in two colors, and most importantly – with a small price in 3490r.

the Popularity of portable Bluetooth speakers is growing, stores you can find a column of any shape, size and color. This is true mainly for the lower price segment. In this segment the choice is design or price - all speakers generally play better "than the laptop" and enable you to get a little better sound quality and a significant increase in volume, but no more.


The new Nexus will get the Snapdragon and Android 821 N

The Next generation of smartphones Nexus line will get the Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm 821 7.0 and Android as the operating system.


A lot of people prefer smartphones instead of parents or friends

Wuerzburg University and Nottingham Trent University on request "Kaspersky Lab" investigated, what can smartphone owners to avoid separation from your beloved gadget.


Huawei confirmed the development of a new Nexus

While HTC is working on a new "phones", Huawei is pumping, last year's flagship Nexus 6P.


Google Play Store helps not only to install but also to remove

In the end, Google something really in person knows, is not a rare situation when the user can't even install a favorite app from the Play Store. Memory is not enough, nowhere to put. It is here that will help Play Store, which recently has acquired a new feature - able to suggest what you can from an already established relatively painless to remove.

Despite the fact that the yard in 2016, still many smart phones only have 16 GB of internal memory, and even often without the possibility to expand it with memory cards. But if we are talking about some budget devices, you can meet and gadgets with 8 gigabytes easily. In addition, we remember that not all voiced gigabytes available to the user because of the space eaten by the system, and the vendors love to incorporate his brand of garbage.


Google Now on Tap "wonders" for the photos

Google continues to Refine the contextual assistant Now on Tap and make it more suitable for daily use.


AngelHack Saint-Petersburg: welcome!

AngelHack is the world's largest and most diversified of the global hackathon, which helps international technology community to build a bridge with Silicon Valley. Organized a series of competitions in Russia is a community of application developers Apps4All. Partner of the event is the national research University "Higher school of Economics".

on June 11-12 at the National research University "Higher school of Economics" will be held Russian stage of the world's largest hackathon – AngelHack Saint-Petersburg. The strongest team of designers, programmers and developers of mobile apps in 24 hours will solve the technological problems and create prototypes of applications on the Google briefs, "Beeline", OneAPI and the "Open mobile platform". Global nominations submitted Code4Impact and Amazon Web Services.


Why Xiaomi bought 1500 Microsoft patents

About the friendship Xiaomi and Microsoft has long been known. The owners of the Mi 4 is one of the first tried the beta version of Windows Phone 8.1, and the tablet Mi Pad 2 in addition to MIUI fully working with Windows 10.


Chinese Moxi Group will release a series of smartphones-bracelets

Despite the fact that the gadgets the Chinese manufacturers no longer cause us rejection and incredulous grin, and local vendors can still amaze the world with his strange inventions.


Overview of batteries Rombica TR88 NEO and NEO TR136 with powerful lights

Today we are talking about new products from the company Rombica: two batteries with powerful flashlights TR88 NEO and NEO TR136. Lanterns in the external batteries used to it, but usually they are small and carry only a small additional function. For example, to Shine under the sofa, if something had rolled over it, find where I hid the cat ☺ or to illuminate the keyhole. In other words, a task for which flash in the phone will fit. Rombica also installed powerful LED light emitting diodes, making a "light" one of the main functions of the device and part of the design.

Finally warmed up and you spend more time on the street, and with the rapid discharge rate of modern phones – no external battery is often not enough. But if you are going to the nature with an overnight stay – with high probability you will also need a flashlight. The company Rombica offers to do it all with one device.


Protected TaigaPhone will be released before the end of the summer

The Next smartphone claiming to be "domestic", is threatening to withdraw in 2016.


Samsung will release a limited edition smartphone Galaxy S7 edge, Injustice Edition

The South Korean company Samsung Electronics has announced the release of limited edition smartphone Galaxy S7 edge, Injustice Edition, created in collaboration with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment, to celebrate the third anniversary of the video game "Injustice: Gods Among Us" (Injustice: Gods among us) and is dedicated to one of the Central characters of this game – Batman.


Eric Schmidt prefers smartphones from Apple and Samsung

Conference Europe Startup Fest in the Netherlands called for Eric Schmidt. However, journalists were attracted not so much the fact of the appearance of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alphabet, as its smartphone — the iPhone 6s.


AccuWeather will tell you about the weather in Russia the users of UC Browser

Wherever in Russia you are - you can safely count on an accurate forecast. Right in the opening browser window, even the address to drive is not necessary, but on a smartphone using a virtual keyboard, it is not always convenient. Simply tap on the thumbnail much easier. If necessary, the browser can even broadcast widget for notifications, telling you about the temperature, rainfall, wind speed, visibility, humidity and more.

How to determine the exact weather today with a smartphone? Barometer and weather vane in most phones is not yet built, but it is useless. After all, you can just download the browser, go to any weather website and see the forecast for today and the coming days. Or you can make it even simpler, by skipping one step if you use UC Browser, which is now in cooperation with AccuWeather just talk about the weather.


Manual: on Windows 10 Xiaomi Mi 4, official firmware

By the Way, following is a method you can use to change the Android firmware. Just previously we considered how sewing of a custom rekaveri. Now follow the other way, personally, I myself like it less. But perhaps it is more versatile. Anyway, this way you can sometimes save the phone if other means something went wrong.

it was evening, there was nothing to do, but because, realizing that MIUI 8 yet too crude for everyday use is not good, appeared the idea to try Windows 10 for smartphone Xiaomi Mi 4. Don't know why could someone need in addition as out of curiosity, but I will tell you how fast to flash the mobile OS from Microsoft Mi 4.


In touch every minute: review Bluetooth headset Plantronics Explorer 500

Perhaps, such devices are convenient for contact only through the Internet, to hold the device near your ear is problematic. Plantronics offers a comfortable and lightweight Bluetooth headset Explorer 500, which allows you to answer calls without being distracted from the urgent cases. Needless to say that the device is irreplaceable for those who most of time spends behind the wheel: no need to hold the phone in hand makes the ride safer and communication much more comfortable. Verify whether the claimed features of reality.

Most of us use mobile phones not only for their intended purpose: a modern smartphone is quite capable of replacing a full-fledged computer. In this regard, the size of gadgets has increased substantially: the compact tube has lost its relevance, they came blanchetiana with a display diagonal of 5-inch.