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Lie to me: How not to do fake advertising

Recently, Huawei surprised the world, giving pictures on the Canon for photography with a new smartphone. The focus is not reached and the Chinese vendor caught in a lie.


The most popular smartphones on the secondary market

For some, the secondary market is the ability to save. For others it's a chance to earn extra money by selling unwanted smartphones.


Xiaomi announces another smartphone in August

Next month, the Chinese company could submit a new top-end smartphone.


Scammers have learned to fake phone numbers

Russian scammers – some of the most inventive in the world. Recently, they learned how to spoof phone numbers using VoIP.


That hides the "plus": review of Plantronics BackBeat headset PRO+

Plantronics continues to expand the range of headsets premium. A year earlier, the fans were able to appreciate the BackBeat PRO with excellent design, high quality build and excellent sound. Recently after this headset was released the BackBeat PRO+, looks like two drops of water similar to its predecessor. In this review we will analyze the product and find out what lies behind the intriguing "plus".


The unannounced smartphone Huawei took over Nexus 2016

Yesterday in the network leaked another batch of "leaks" about Nexus. At this time, the insiders have published photos of the smartphone Huawei and called it a new "Google phone", which the company has been doing well this year.


Putin signed the anti-terrorism "package of Spring"

After approval by the state Duma antiterroristicheskogo "Spring package", from its entry into force was the only thing separating the President's signature.


Samsung has hinted at a possible future of flexible smartphones

Unconfirmed sluchamin 2017, Samsung will reveal the consumer version of the flexible smartphone. The audience will see a new, though unlikely to fully understand the practical benefits of innovation.


Steve jobs did not believe in the success of phablets

The Diagonal of modern smartphones is proportional to the acceleration of technological progress. A couple of years ago a 5-inch smartphone was considered huge, today compact.


The most secure Android smartphones for version of Duo Labs

Gal Binyamini, reputable security specialist, has published report on the topic of vulnerabilities in Android smartphones. Experts of the company Duo Labs checked and podtverdili conclusions.


Bloggers on Instagram offends camera smartphone Samsung

Mel wells, when posted the photo to Instagram, find offensive the fact that in real time its a selfie transformed. Operate the the function of Beautify the smartphone a few photoshops your face, removing various flaws, changing color, etc. In the end, the social network there was a post that caused a lot of controversy and gathered a bunch of different reviews.

This news is probably the category funny. Some bloggers that publish photos in the Instagram (interestingly, with filters or without them?) complain that the Samsung devices too much treated a selfie. In the end, people do not always find themselves in first sight.


Samsung has no plans to reduce the price of the device

Interesting seems to be the message that the Koreans plan to abandon investment in new technologies because you don't see the point. Samsung thinks they already have enough technology for today, and investments in new research are higher than those obtained in consequence of profit - according to Phone Arena.

Some sources reported that Samsung revealed that it's not going to reduce the price of their devices. The company wants to get bigger profit and thinks to change its current policy. In Samsung want to keep the current market share, but it is not going to compete with cheap Chinese brands.


Google itself will release a smartphone in 2016

Google has made Android the most popular OS in the world, hiding the "Green robot" in 4 out of 5 smartphones around the world. Obviously, the ambition of the company to create its own devices is understandable and justified.


Just now waiting for Galaxy Note 7

Actually, the image to the post is coming from Evan Blass, which is often aware of the most recent facts and devices not yet released.

the Galaxy Note is a device, which, of course, waiting. But what we eventually see? Already that week thumb the question is, can Samsung to count in order, or allow gaps in the numbering. Apparently, if you believe various sources, including reputable @evleaks, Samsung is going to release it's Galaxy Note 7, not Note 6.


Browse external battery Rombica NEO S100 – a practical accessory for those who appreciate style

Battery comes in a darling box. To evaluate the design and small thickness of the device without opening the box. Inside the box is based on documentation, warranty card and USB cable

Tell active user of the Internet what is a portable battery which no longer makes sense. The race for performance and minimum body sizes in smartphones has forced us, ordinary users to accept the need to carry two devices – a smartphone and external battery. For someone the main functionality for a minimum price, and for someone accessory is a question of image - is a Singaporean company created Rombica Deluxe external battery NEO S100 in black and brown. Such a battery would look great even with the most expensive smartphone. A capacity of 6500 mAh enough to fully charge most devices.


Phablet Galaxy Note 7 Samsung seemed on the 3D render

In the Summer of 2016 Samsung announces flagship "phablet" Galaxy Note 7. It is the “seven” and not “six”. It seems that the manufacturer decided to cross through the digit to equalize the range with the line of Galaxy S.


A smart watch from Nokia appeared in the video

When Microsoft purchased the mobile division of Nokia, all the existing patents and the development became the property of the Corporation. Then the Finnish company created the smart watch codenamed Moonraker, but the bosses from Redmond decided to close the project.


Gamers will be delighted: testing the gaming headset Plantronics RIG Flex

In fact, they represent a full-scale audio system, which easily connects to desktop computers, game consoles, and mobile devices – an indispensable device for advanced players. On top of that the headset differ ergonomics: it is comfortable to use during long workouts and arduous cibercorners. So today on the test – RIG Flex.

Plantronics RIG Flex – headset product line in the segment of Plantronics Gaming. After the heady success, which is expected to be a series of gadgets RIG, the developers decided not to stop there and started to create a new gadget – light version of the RIG without requiring a mixer, but with two microphones and proprietary game design. Why the gaming headset Plantronics deserve special attention?


Itogi AngelHack Saint-Petersburg

Your category in the competition also introduced the partners of the event – Google, "Beeline", together with OneAPI, "Open mobile platform" and Code4Impact.

on June 11-12 at the National research University "Higher school of Economics" held Russian stage of the world's largest hackathon – AngelHack Saint-Petersburg. The event brought together more than 70 programmers, designers and authors of ideas which are presented to the Russian experts 14 the developed prototype application from scratch in 5 categories. The main prize went to the team Street Cleaner, who developed an interactive service to combat unwanted advertising. The winner received an exclusive invitation to the program HACKcelerator, the results of which will be selected top 25 teams to participate in the global Demo Day in San Francisco.


Almost all tried Siri, but only 3% talking to her in public

The Latest statistical studies say that almost all owners of modern smartphones (98%) tested these options, but in everyday life I use them quite rarely. For example, almost all iPhone owners know about the existence of Siri and accept her as my assistant but in a public place dealing with it only 3%. However, even in the US, where many traditionally talking on the phone loud enough, the communication with the electronic assistant causes the vibrations.

Morality and rules of modern society are often quite contradictory. Sometimes people throw out such feints that he feels ashamed, but when this shy, seemingly innocuous things - for example to give a voice command to the smartphone. Take Google Now, Cortana or Siri. Artificial intelligence is already settled in our devices and is ready to execute the commands of the owner.