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Used smartphones: How to buy and not to screw it up

More recently, in Russia ended with Black Friday and cyber Monday, where the nimble bought and friends of the new technology. The rest of the consumers have to look for other, more economical ways of acquiring smartphones. A look toward the dangerous market of used electronics.


More information about the debut of Android-smartphone Nokia

Nokia rasskazala to the shareholders on plans to return to the smartphone market in 2017. Later appropriate the there on the website of the company.


[Video] Google Home: unboxing and opinion

The presentation Made by Google it was difficult to compete with smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL. However, Google Home it happened.


Droider Show #268 Ubiytsa iPhone i Galaxy S8

Hi listeners, readers and viewers! This time from the regular Droider Show you can learn about the appearance of the future flagship of Samsung, the possibility of the announcement directly couples Surface Phone from Microsoft, the impending frameless slider from ZTE and fatal clip for Apple smartphones.

Even in the release about "smart" accessory for glasses, almost the perfect tablet Eve V, "control of Power" a pocket-sized drone AirSelfie for a selfie.


IPhone and Surface Phone will produce one company

Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Pegatron is ready to begin trial production of smartphone Surface Phone from Microsoft.


Microsoft prepares Surface 2 version of the Phone

Microsoft has acknowledged the fiasco c Lumia, which did not affect the desire to enter the mobile market again. According to rumors, the company's engineers are working on a Surface Phone.


Smartphones P10 and P10 Plus appeared in the fresh rendering

Huawei has once again decided to show the world a top smart phone with a few variations. We are talking about the new flagship of the Chinese vendor — P10.


The creators of Tor presented a prototype of a rugged smartphone

The Developers the "onion" Tor browser presented a prototype of a rugged smartphone. A device running the Android operating system, called Mission Improbable in the spirit of films about agent Ethan hunt.


Google Pixel and Pixel XL made friends with TWRP-recovery and Superuser

Rekaveri TWRP is used to install third-party firmware on the phones, now this opportunity has appeared for smartphones Google.

lovers of the custom firmware and root rights on the smartphone with Android might already know that has released TWRP recovery for gadgets Pixel and Pixel XL. Because the work of these two smartphones has become much more flexible and with far fewer restrictions.


Google Play Movies has started selling 4K movies

The presentation Made by Google, in addition to smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL the company has revealed the third generation media player Chromecast. The name of the prefix (Ultra) indicates a key feature – support streaming in 4K. Simultaneously with the announcement, Google promised to provide the content at the appropriate resolution.


Twitter gives the ability to filter notifications

For example, if the third-party clients can filter by black list, not only notification, but the message, the brand will give control only over signals, but not over the full band. Some believe it is due to the fact that in this way users will be able to filter the advertisement and the social network will become less attractive for advertisers.

this capability, users Twiiter requested first year, but the company now only allows participants more flexibility to manage notifications. That a thousand years can various unofficial Twitter clients to filter the notifications stop-word from the blacklist. But the official Twitter app and the web version of this feature appears only now. And that is not quite complete.


ZTE opened in Russia, the official online store

Chinese manufacturers continue the invasion of Russia. After Huawei, Lenovo, and Xiaomi LeEco, the presence in our country increases ZTE.


"Rostelecom" has become a virtual mobile operator

"Rostelecom" announced the launch of a mobile communication on the territory of 65 regions of Russia. All services are provided via the MVNO model, the network company and Tele2.


Open Gapps in Google Play

This will be especially useful for those who love to try different custom firmware.

Today's news is very similar to an old joke, when to go online, you need to download the drivers for the modem. However, we all about it will tell, because as strange as it sounded - Open Gapps - a convenient way to install services and applications on Google smartphones, where they were originally there for some reason.


WhatsApp appears to support video calls

The Messengers has long ceased to be just applications to exchange text. Today's update WhatsApp just confirmed thesis.


Huawei P9 - smooth phablet from the Chinese company

We will not allow the multiple tests and the results of the run the device in the benchmarks. This information is so completely on the Internet. We will tell you about my impressions of using the gadget for about a month. Looking ahead – returning the machine back did not want to, although at first he seemed a little uncomfortable.

Huawei has successfully sold over 9 million units of the smartphone P9. And the last 3 million sales were achieved in just two months. For the first time the company reported overcoming the 6-million milestone in September. Sales of the device began in April. Good numbers. Let's see what the smartphone has attracted the consumers.


Samsung is preparing its own sensors fingerprint

At the moment, the leadership in this segment given Synaptics, whose fingerprint scanners installed in most devices sold, including laptops. However, Samsung is ready to engage in battle. Add to that the development has been ongoing since last year and is nearing completion.

Almost any modern smartphone hides anything from Samsung: screens, memory module, processor, or anything else, because the company is not only the manufacture of phones and tablets, but also manufactures accessories. Now, rumor has it that the Koreans are going to produce their own sensors to read the fingerprint.


Droider Cast #43 — Make Droider Cast Great Again

Traveling to parallel universes, can meet the measurement where Apple sets iPhone on Android, where Windows Phone is the best mobile OS and where the elections were won by Hillary Clinton. However, a world where Droider Cast out on Sunday afternoons, it's difficult to find.


Lenovo introduced the Moto M with metal housing

On the front side of the device is a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display with 1920x1080 resolution covered with 2.5 D protective glass.

Lenovo introduced a smartphone of mid-price segment - Moto M, which got a metal case, coated with a special nanocoating 2Pi with water-repellent properties.


PhoneArena has identified the autonomy of the flagships of 2016

The Resource PhoneArena put the flagships of 2016 testing on the duration of work without recharging. All phones were tested in the same conditions: simulated normal operation of the smartphone running the browser, with the same customized display brightness of all devices.

Autonomy – one of the most important characteristics of the smartphone, which draws the attention of potential buyers. Manufacturers are trying it is a measure to improve and each time declare the increased operation time, however, the average modern smartphone lives about a day on a single charge. Although a vast array of devices it is always possible to identify the leaders and outsiders.