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ES File Explorer brings adware on users ' devices

For Example, when your smartphone is charging, then ES File Explorer will ask if you want to try a new technology for faster charging. A positive response activates DU Quick Charge. Now in ES File Explorer appear integrated application control battery, cleaning the cache and memory, etc.

I Think it spoils a decent soft and lose users. ES File Explorer - once one of the most decent file managers, in other words, the conductor for Android suddenly brought into the next update along with bug fixes and even a pack of advertising modules. Some users on Reddit noticed that the phone now asks questions on activation imposed IN in various actions.


Enhanced Android and iOS is weakening in Europe

Every year the share of the Green robot is growing in the world, approaching almost limitless monopoly.


Employers will be able to monitor mobile conversations employees

The Russian company InfoWatch has developed a complex that will allow employers to intercept calls made by employees on mobile phones. About it reports “Kommersant”.


Motorola showed the advantages of the new Moto G on teasers

In may, Motorola and Lenovo reveal the world the new generation Moto G, which will be presented to the two smartphones.


HTC working on Nexus smartphones S1 and M1

Rumors that the next manufacturer of Nexus devices will be the HTC went a long time. After the news about the three-year contract the Taiwanese manufacturer and Google did not doubt.


[Video review] the New Acer with a presentation in new York

April 21, Acer brought journalists from around the world to new York to show a few products that will become the face of the company in 2016.


Lenovo has unveiled its flagship with 6 GB of RAM and the Snapdragon 820 – ZUK Z2 Pro

The Chinese company Lenovo has presented in his homeland under the brand new top ZUK ZUK Z2 Pro smartphone, features a 5.2-inch Super AMOLED display with Full HD resolution, 6 GB RAM, latest Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, heart rate sensor, a pulse oximeter, which monitors the readings in real time, and ten sensors (3-osname accelerometer, gyroscope and compass, and barometer).


"Yandex.Money" has added support for contactless payments

While Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay lazily go to Russia, the service "Yandex.Money" worked in advance.


German Klimenko believes in domestic smartphones

A Month ago a subsidiary of the rostec said plans to release after 3 years, a budget smartphone fully assembled in Russia.


Moosic — app to music from "VKontakte"

Holding holding "VKontakte", has released an experimental streaming service Moosic for Android.


What's new in Android Developer Preview 2 N?

Output N Android Developer Preview came as a surprise. The second Assembly of the new system is no exception.


Amazon has released a new generation of "reader" Kindle

Amazon introduced a new generation of Kindle e-readers.


Quality at an affordable price: overview of wireless headset SVEN AP-B450MV

The Headset is packaged in a box made of transparent plastic. In a cardboard box is supplied, including a detailed user manual, warranty card, charging cable Micro USB and 3-pin wire to connect the gadget to the signal source. Without opening the box, the user can see the main advantages and technical parameters of the headset, which are listed on a cardboard insert and presented in several languages.

the Range of wireless headsets and SVEN was supplemented by a new budget AP-B450MV. The gadget shows a modern and original design, comfortable, lightweight design and the ability to connect to the source of the sound both via Bluetooth and via wire. In this review, a detailed look at the functionality of the device.


IPhone 7 will get great battery

After 5 months, the company will present to the world a new flagship, the iPhone 7. Compared with the predecessor, the smartphone will receive a number of innovations — both external and internal.


In Innopolis was the Russian leg of the global AngelHack hackathon

AngelHack is the world's largest and most diversified of the global hackathon, which helps international technology community to build a bridge with Silicon Valley. Organizer of events in Russia – the community of application developers Apps4All.

April 2 and 3 at Innopolis University hosted the Russian stage of the world's largest AngelHack hackathon. The event brought together more than 80 programmers, designers and authors of ideas which are presented to the Russian experts 22 of the developed prototype application from scratch in 5 categories. The main prize went to the team StopCrawl that developed the application prototype for crawling scanning and analysis of pages on the Internet. The winner received an exclusive invitation to the program HACKcelerator, the results of which will be selected top 25 teams to participate in the global Demo Day in San Francisco.


IFixit reports that the LG G5 repairable

IFixit suggest that easy to repair and generally high maintainability LG G5 is primarily due to the fact that the company did in some way modular phone, although so far the implementation is quite simple. But, to make it easy to change the modules had to carefully think about how to fasten parts of the device to each other and make it as simple as possible.

While Samsung produces smartphones that are increasingly difficult repaired from generation to generation, LG is working to ensure that their devices deliver as little hassle to the owner even if suddenly broke down. This is reported by the guys from iFixit, who seem to love to analyze a variety of gadgets.


WhatsApp now encrypts all messages

WhatsApp is not the first month of implementing this encryption, but previously it was not available on all platforms. Now supports all Android, iOS, Windows Phone.

WhatsApp has announced that all messages, pictures, videos and even voice calls you can make or send through messenger, will now be encrypted. This means that you can access them can you or your partner, even if someone intercepts the transmitted information, it will be not readable. For example, the government cannot just intervene in your conversations.


WhatsApp has enabled end-to-end encryption for a billion users

Despite the pressure on the messengers from the authorities and security services, application messaging still become more secure.


Skype - the horror flying on the wings... into the abyss

But modern user who is quite demanding, inquisitive, accustomed to the abundance of the different offers around, this is not enough. But despite that Skype continues to hold the palm of popularity. Because in his time well occupied a niche, and move this giant from the pedestal is not so easy. We are setting a long time ago or now in the habit of Skype to your parents, encourage the brainchild of MIcrosoft, which, in my opinion, support is not necessary. Now we cannot abandon Skype, because there are parents who are accustomed to and don't want to try something new. A familiar situation? Very many hear like it.

If you ask the modern Internet user if she is familiar with Skype, the most probably answer Yes. A this product use. But if you continue to ask questions, trying to figure out why, it is unlikely we will hear in response that this is a handy tool. So I can answer only elderly parents who are not accustomed to technology, but not too savvy it users, which Skype has set the kids, or it was pre-installed on a PC laptop. For them it would be cool if only because it allows you to make free calls, replacing the phone. In short, only those who have not seen any alternatives.


LG G5 is covered with plastic and a thick layer of paint

The situation asked LG, the company promptly commented on the situation, saying that in fact the chassis of the smartphone is made from aluminum, not covered in any plastic. Here we have used only a thick layer of primer and paint, in order to obtain good contact of paint with aluminum. Aluminum alloy, which uses an LG patented in Korea as LM201b. It is used in the aviation and automotive industries. It's not quite the usual aluminum we're accustomed to on other smartphones. LM201b is cast in one piece, making it in the end, incredibly durable, but allows to keep small weight. Under a thick layer of primer and paint company hid the antenna device.

At the end of last week there were reports that the smartphone LG G5, which according to the manufacturer as a metal with a layer of plastic, which, in turn, hides and metal. Utuber jerryrigeverything once showed that the knife can tear the cover away from the phone, and it's a lot like picking your plastic.