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Flash Sale for the smartphone LENOVO Vibe X3!



HTC 10 was released in two new colors

HTC announced the start of sales in the U.S. market its latest flagship HTC 10 in two new colors – Red Camellia and Golden Topaz 100 discount$ (599$ instead of 699$) in your online store.

do any of the new color options of HTC 10 on sale, our market has not yet been reported. As long as we recall that the HTC 10 is equipped with a 5.2-inch QuadHD display, support for 24-bit Hi-Res Audio, optical image stabilization for the main (12 MP UltraPixel with a laser autofocus system and support for the RAW format) and front-facing cameras, high-speed fingerprint scanner, 4 GB of RAM and 32 or 64 GB of internal memory, as well as the latest 2.2 GHz Quad-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 with 64-bit instructions.


Huawei Honor 8 – soon in Russia

Huawei has announced the upcoming release of its stylish flagship Honor 8, equipped with dual 12 MP camera, fingerprint scanner, functional button Smart Key and capacious battery 3000 mA/h


Russia has launched pre-orders for MEIZU MX6

The Company MEIZU announced that the official Russian website of its exclusive distributor you can pre-order the smartphone MEIZU MX6 and get more for it and branded wireless stereo Bluetooth headset MEIZU EP51.


Google: Marshmallow share of Android devices exceeded 15%

Google has published its monthly report on the relative number of Android devices depending on the version of their operating system, where the trend increase in the share of devices with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and the fall in the share of devices with other versions of Android.


In Russia starts selling budget smartphone Huawei Honor 5A

Huawei has announced start of sales of inexpensive but stylish smartphone Honor 5A has a 5-inch IPS-screen button Easy Key for quick access to most desired features and applications.


Xiaomi enters the PC arena, showed Mi Notebook Air

However, the Russian media believe differently. Sometimes even the impression that there are those who submit on the subject information with an open mind, and there are those who have paid. However, brought not for advertising, and for anti-public relations. But let's first take a detached view that the product turned out. And then think about whether it was necessary to release him or not. And separately ponder over whether it is necessary on the Russian market.

Chinese iron giant Xiaomi has long produces the most different products: smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, fitness wristbands, kettles, water purifiers and many other things. Because even a few strange looked the fact that the company still has not tried their hand in the PC business. However, yesterday it had been fixed. The Chinese showed their first laptops. Turned out, I must say, quite nice and appetizing.


External battery pack - personal independence. EX series from Rombica

In a series of three models EX70, EX100, EX150 with a capacity of 7 000, 10 000 and 15 000 mAh. The manufacturer offers three colors: yellow, blue, and gray. Color scheme the first two are clearly designed for the fairer sex. It should be noted that the rear side of all devices completely white.

every day manufacturers are spoiling us. New devices, more screens, more powerful processors and the resolution is clearer, but the question of autonomy is poor, and this is the best yet is coming soon. Affordable smartphones with large capacity batteries do not seem to be alternative. As a rule, they are not attractive in the first place its functionality. If you are not willing to compromise, the problem will be the acquisition of external battery. Offer to your attention a series of external batteries NEO EX from Rombica.


Phonics ambitions. Minimalistic audio player MySound BT-17 from Rombica

Good-quality packing material and its design give us hope even in the wildest expectations and reinforce the anticipation of a new acquaintance, spurring the desire to open it. Impressions are not forced to wait. After opening the box, unwittingly suggests an Association with models premium class. Primarily due to flawless forms covered with equal quality textiles.

Starting to write the review, I remember one quote about the music, it sounds like this: "Thank you, music, for being there when no one the number to be failed". Now I want to paraphrase and say: "Thanks to portable speakers, allowing you to be your favorite music always with you." And even add words of gratitude to the brand Rombica, and in particular for portable column BT-17 from the MySound. What has earned my gratitude in this column, I will write in more detail, but first things first.


The price of iPhone SE fell by 20%

For Example, in informal Internet iPhone SE can already be taken at a price 29789 rubles for model with 16 gigabytes of user memory. But it is necessary to understand that it's gray products, which, however, nothing serious. There will be no icon Rostest and official guarantee, the service will pay affiliate service center from the store. Yes, this is not a temporary action a single source, because the decrease in price observed from many online electronics stores.

several sources report that the price of the iPhone SE in Russia began to decline, and the rate of decline is sharp. But melon time, this 4-inch compact smartphone can be purchased at a price already below 30 thousand rubles.


In Google Play have the opportunity to pay for others

Google has expanded the help section for its online store of applications Google Play, where is the information for family groups it is noted that in addition to the ability to pay a subscription to Google Play Music, there is also the opportunity to buy the members of such a group of apps and make in-game purchases.


Apple may open in Russia service center

Despite the interest in Russia, which has repeatedly said Tim cook, the Corporation is very careful. So, the official online store of only this summer began to accept credit cards.


The flagship from Xiaomi Mi6 – features and price

Xiaomi long to release Mi5, however, the company does not intend to repeat the mistakes in the case of Mi6.


Meizu appeared on the network of M-Video

Plus, of course, the official warranty, but if in the store, and the ability to hold the device in their hands, previously to read it. But such facilities will have to pay extra. The cost model Meizu M2 Note made 15990 rubles, Meizu M3 Note with 32GB memory — 18990 rubles, Meizu Pro 6 with 32GB — 32990 rubles, and Meizu Pro 6 64 GB — 35990 rubles. In the self-purchase on eBay or Aliexpress will, of course, somewhat cheaper. But wait and maybe nervous. Here everyone defines for himself what he is closer and more comfortable.

If you thought before that devices to throw at Meizu in Russia uncomfortable or unusual, but now everything becomes easy: the company's products can be seen on the shelves of the shop "M. Video". On sale gadgets Pro 6 Meizu, Meizu M3 and Meizu M2 Note Note. Here, everything is familiar and understandable: I came to the store, pick up, or place your order through the online store.


Sony Mobile has announced the launch of Xperia X Performance in Russia

Sony announced the start of sales of the new smartphone Xperia X Performance. The top model of the X series will be available starting July 9 at a price of 49 990 rubles in branded online store Sony Store Online, in branded chain stores and Sony Centre from key partners.


Honor 5C launched in Europe

Honor - line of enough budget devices. For retaining competitive prices Huawei refuses fingerprint scanner. Thus, for example, in England machine is with cencom at 149 pounds, and in the rest of Europe will give it for 199 euros. Now it can be purchased at the official online store of Huawei.

Huawei has introduced a smartphone Honor 5C in Europe. Earlier the device was available only in China. But the devices are slightly different: in the European version will not have the thumbprint scanner.


Review powerful portable speakers Rombica Mysound BT-16. Love at first sight

If you want to take it with sound able to please music lovers and audiophiles need to be ready to fork out more than 10K rubles and be limited in choice of design: the JBL or cylindrical, or rectangular Jabra, and Sony. Already known Singaporean company offers Rombica column Rombica Mysound BT-16 c speakers at 10 watts in a non-standard casing with sound, able to compete with the top JBL in two colors, and most importantly – with a small price in 3490r.

the Popularity of portable Bluetooth speakers is growing, stores you can find a column of any shape, size and color. This is true mainly for the lower price segment. In this segment the choice is design or price - all speakers generally play better "than the laptop" and enable you to get a little better sound quality and a significant increase in volume, but no more.


Huawei P9 lite available for Russian users

Huawei has announced start of sales of the new smartphone P-series Huawei P9 lite, which it is positioning as a device that combines high-quality camera and sound, fast 4G connectivity and a minimalistic design.


Overview of batteries Rombica TR88 NEO and NEO TR136 with powerful lights

Today we are talking about new products from the company Rombica: two batteries with powerful flashlights TR88 NEO and NEO TR136. Lanterns in the external batteries used to it, but usually they are small and carry only a small additional function. For example, to Shine under the sofa, if something had rolled over it, find where I hid the cat ☺ or to illuminate the keyhole. In other words, a task for which flash in the phone will fit. Rombica also installed powerful LED light emitting diodes, making a "light" one of the main functions of the device and part of the design.

Finally warmed up and you spend more time on the street, and with the rapid discharge rate of modern phones – no external battery is often not enough. But if you are going to the nature with an overnight stay – with high probability you will also need a flashlight. The company Rombica offers to do it all with one device.


[Google I/O 2016] Instant Apps — Android the secret weapon

An Important part of the I/O 2016 was the announcement of Instant Apps — Android applications that do not need to be installed on your smartphone.