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[Video] Everything you need to know about the presentation Microsoft

Boris Vedeno in the new video details the most interesting presentations Microsoft.


Samsung is considering variants of using NVIDIA and ATI accelerators

Tell that at the moment the company is interested in solutions from NVIDIA and ATI. Currently Samsung Uses ARM Mali accelerators for graphics.

SamMobile specialiosios on tracking the news and rumors about the Samsung misleading, supposedly the company is considering options to upgrade their home Exynos processors.


The new tablet Nvidia certified FCC

Tablet Sales are decreasing annually due to the growth of the diagonal of smartphones and no need to change device every year. In an attempt to snatch a share of the collapsing market, manufacturers produce low-cost or niche (tablets).


NVIDIA Shield gets an update to Android 6.0.1

Changes in the firmware are the same as those for the second model. To try and get the update faster if your device is still not signaled, it is possible via settings, forcibly tapping on the button check for updates.

About a month ago, owners of the NVIDIA Shield K1 Tablet happy with IOS Android Marshmallow. And now this update comes and the device Shield Tablet, bringing Android users 6.0.1 and the March security patch.


Watch the gameplay of Doom with the new GeForce GTX 1080

PC Gamer has recorded a little video of this process, which share with us on Youtube. Doom uses the new Vulkan API. Initially the game runs at 1080p and 60 fps. Then, after disabling vertical sync, the frame rate increases to 120-200 fps. 1080p in this case only the limitation of the monitor.

on Friday, NVIDIA showed its new powerful graphics card GeFeorce GTX 1080. During the event, the developers at id Software decided to show their full potential on the example of his creation of Doom, which, incidentally, will soon be available. Ultra-max settings where the game just flies and easily gets 200 fps.


On the way to victory: review gaming monitor Philips 272G5DYEB

Advanced technology begins to manifest itself when you first turn on the monitor: the mouse cursor moves on the desktop smoothly, and very realistic. To get the maximum benefit from NVIDIA G-SYNC, should take seriously the choice of graphics card. If you ignore the recommendations of the manufacturer, the refresh rate of the picture will not exceed 120 Hz. But let's not get ahead of ourselves and consider everything in order.

Two years ago gaming monitor Philips 272G5DYEB flaunted on the best exhibition of electronics CES in Las Vegas. Display with a refresh rate of 144 Hz and a response time of 1 MS is a real find for both professional gamers and game lovers. In addition, the monitor supports NVIDIA G-SYNC, which synchronizes the refresh rate of the video card and monitor, thereby making the gaming experience as smooth and comfortable.


Open pre-orders for Oculus Rift for $ 599

No sooner had 2016-th year to pass the threshold into the house, then enters virtual reality in the form of a commercial sample of the Oculus Rift.


Xiaomi may show a laptop with Intel Core i7 Haswell

Assume that the device can operate with a processor Inrel Core i7 Haswell, will be equipped with 15.6-inch screen with a resolution of FullHD. In addition to this promise 8 gigabytes of RAM with a slightly outdated graphics card NVIDIA GTX 760M with 2 GB of memory.

sometime in late 2014, the network appeared rumors that XIaomi may launch its own ultrabook. Then the news was denied. But now VR-Zone suggesting that the company can provide their own laptop computer. A year later. What prophesy this time?


NVIDIA has introduced an updated gaming tablet NVIDIA SHIELD tablet K1 for $200

NVIDIA today introduced an updated version of the tablet NVIDIA SHIELD K1 tablet has an 8-inch Full HD display, 2.2 GHz chetyrekhyadernykh own processor NVIDIA Tegra K1 with 192 Kepler graphics cores, and support for a wide range accessories, including game controller SHIELD.


System requirements Assasin's Creed Syndicate for PC

The Consolers have some time to enjoy the new fun run in London, but fans of PC try on

Ubisoft reveals secrets, telling, what are the system requirements in the companies found it sufficient to run Assasin's Creed on the PC Syndicat it, and under what requirements, players will be able to really enjoy the process, explore the game world and destroying enemies. With consoles if everything is clear, everything is simple, from the PC may have to spend the next upgrade.


Buy from the Chinese, does it make sense? On the example of Lenovo smartphones

The Back cover of the smartphone is "metal". Moreover, the special coating of the gadget should have a positive impact on the appearance after prolonged use: it resists the appearance of fingerprints and other traces of life. If you lay the smartphone flat, you can notice a slight curve of his rear — engineers expect Lenovo to do this grip its product more convenient. Available 2 colors: black and white, weight — 140 grams.

Order electronics from Chinese shops have long been the norm among geeks. Now many fans of various gadgets prefer Asian online showcases European, which is quite logical — the prices are lower, and local products are widely represented. One of these "natives" — Lenovo A3690, which you can pre-order at GearBest store until October 30.


Monitor AOC G2460PG NVIDIA G-Sync: a realistic virtual world

Whether The spectacular blockbuster, whether exciting computer game. In our time a sense of real presence while watching a movie or in a virtual game space, the consumer is very much appreciated. The user wants not just to watch but to participate, to be the main character, and in the case of a computer game – the main character, around which the unfolding of the Grand virtual. Therefore the picture must be real, conveying all the richness, dynamics and depth.

"All life is a game and the people in it actors", – once said Shakespeare, and Internet users of his phrase quickly find the continuation: "...but everyone rushes to Directors". World of exciting stories and extraordinary characters familiar to gamers as anyone. And although Shakespeare was far from the era of the game, certainly he would have appreciated the attractiveness of computer games on the screen of the AOC G2460PG.


System requirements Fallout 4 is no longer a secret

If you go back to the Xbox One and PS4, it would require 28 to 35 gigabytes of free space. Depending on the region, language, voice, etc.

Bethesda has confirmed the PC system requirements to run Fallout 4, which will also be released on the platforms Xbox One and Playstation 4. Now before the official release of the popular hit remains about a month (10 November), so the fans knew whether to upgrade their cars, or enough of the resources that are available today.


10 best laptops for study in 2015



Half-Life 2 Episode Two Android

Half-Life 2 Episode Two Android – continuation of the cult of the second part of the famous shooter game of all times and peoples.

This project was developed by NVIDIA Tegra Partners is a striking continuation of the second part of the legendary shooter. In Half-Life 2 Episode Two Android you will continue to play as Gordon Freeman, caught in a wooded area near secret city 17.


Batman: Arkham knight - sale on Steam is stopped

Interestingly, NVIDIA even released a special version of the drivers to the release of Batman: Arkham Knight, apparently, wanting to please fans of the series. But for some reason did not work.

Rocksteady Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive has temporarily suspended the distribution and sale of the game Batman: Arkham Knight after numerous complaints from players. Many people face problems when you start. The most dissatisfied are now recruited from the camp chosen card AMD. However, gamers with cards NVIDIA almost not far behind, complaining hang, sagging fps and sound glitches.


NVIDIA SHIELD on Android TV on sale

Announced in March this year, the updated console NVIDIA SHIELD went on sale in the U.S. and Canada, offering its users a unique experience of using a gaming console with the advanced capabilities of Android TV.


NVIDIA prepares the console SHIELD Pro Android TV

The Company NVIDIA, apparently, works tirelessly on a game console SHIELD Pro Android TV with built-in storage to 512 GB.


News digest No. 45. Weekdays mobile world

What can be interesting drab mobile world? For example, the epidemic of "frameless" devices, augmented reality from Google, bionic implants and for Xiaomi Mi4 firmware based on Windows 10


NVIDIA tried to shock his new NVIDIA Shield

The world's First game console for Android TV with support for 4K video it is so pretentious and ambitious introduced a new game console NVIDIA Shield, the development of which took five years.