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50 best apps 2016 according to TIME magazine

Authoritative magazine TIME has compiled a list of fifty exemplary mobile applications for iOS and Android in 2016.


Google Maps will show the next tube and filling institutions

Google Maps is in demand not only from pedestrians, but also motorists who use smartphone or tablet as a Navigator.


In the app "2GIS" appear offline Navigator

In a mobile application, the map service 2GIS will soon have long-awaited feature Navigator and superior design.


Yandex.Navigator will warn about speeding

The New feature is useful, for example, if the driver entered town from the highway, and it's time to slow down. On the Russian roads warning default alarm is heard when the speed exceeded by 15 km/h — the driver time to slow down. The threshold can be changed in the Navigator settings.

Yandex.Navigator began to warn drivers about speeding. The application knows about the speed limits not only on different roads, but in different areas one way and warns of exceeding the audible signal. In addition, the speed limit on the site is now displayed on the device screen.


Lie to me: How not to do fake advertising

Recently, Huawei surprised the world, giving pictures on the Canon for photography with a new smartphone. The focus is not reached and the Chinese vendor caught in a lie.


4 of the best project according to the results of AngelHack Moscow

On 25 and 26 June at the headquarters of the "Beeline" sostojalos final in Russia, Moscow AngelHack competition, organized by the community of developers Apps4All.


4 best project AngelHack Moscow

Recognize any attraction with the help of chatbot, use a Bicycle Navigator with elements of gamification, find in big buildings accessible to persons with disabilities route, select the best street Playground for individual and collective study.

last weekend, on 25 and 26 July, in the Headquarters of "Beeline" had the final in Russia, Moscow AngelHack competition, organized by the community of developers Apps4All. The event brought together more than 120 programmers, designers and sponsors of projects, who submitted 27 experts developed prototypes of services from scratch in 4 categories. Partners of the event were Google, "Beeline" and Code4Impact.


[Video review] the New Acer with a presentation in new York

April 21, Acer brought journalists from around the world to new York to show a few products that will become the face of the company in 2016.


In Yandex.The Navigator appeared voice warning of cameras

The Voice alerts to work when driving along the planned route. A warning about the camera sounds if the driver exceeds the speed by 15 km/h or more or in front of the camera control the strip of public transport. But if the road accident or is being renovated, the Navigator says, in which row, so the driver has time to readjust.

In Yandex.Navigator for Android and iOS have voice alert cameras, accidents, and repairs. Drivers can now obtain all this information without being distracted from the road. Navigator will report what speed allowed on the site, whether in front of the accident or repair.


Multifunctional headset Plantronics Explorer 50

This useful option will give users the ability to easily answer incoming calls while driving, listen to the music and follow the directions.

Plantronics never ceases to amaze us with their creations. This time we will look at the multi – purpose development of the company- Bluetooth-headset Explorer 50 with the possibility of simultaneous pairing with two mobile sources.


The motor show in Frankfurt: The technological innovations of 2015

Died down 66th Frankfurt motor show. The dust settled, the exhibition lots are backed into the garage, and the Internet is filled with details about various models. Droider to the rescue, collecting all interesting technologies in one place.


[Video] Real gadgets from the universe of Metal Gear Solid

What do you know about Metal Gear Solid? The brainchild of Hideo Kojima — perhaps the most extraordinary game designers in the history of video games, literally teeming with fantastic gadgets and technologies.

Revision Droider among the first ran on 1 September stealth-action The Phantom Pain and gathered gadgets whose counterparts can be found in everyday life.


Navigator Navizor takes into account the quality of roads

It has Long been becoming a byword, the quality of our roads consistently becomes the reason of unpleasant situations, breakages and damage, and you will be surprised, but until today none of the many navigation devices cannot provide the user with detailed information about the quality of the road surface at the required route. To correct the situation decided by Ukrainian developers, presenting users the Android platform is its new navigation application Navizor.


Waze — social GPS

Now all areas of our lives are closely connected with the Internet and specifically with social networks. The developers at Waze decided to take advantage of it and came up with the eponymous couple, giving him a powerful social component. Meet Waze — social GPS!


Navigator Waze speak with the voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger

Users increasingly difficult to interest functions, be it email client, browser or Navigator, so in the course are non-standard means of PR and marketing.


The program to navigate through GLONASS

Today to check the suitability of GLONASS for Android, you can use additional applets that are absolutely free and you can download from the official app store play market. These programs show detailed information about all PBN navigation specifications supported by the device. As a rule, all mobile phones and navigators, released after 2013, by default, work with GLONASS along with the usual GPS-tracker.

GLONASS is the Russian GPS signal specification. Every day, increasingly common in browsers and mobile phones. Almost all world manufacturers of smart phones and navigation gadgets support this specification. But, by the way, for some reason, pretty rare company in the technical description to a particular device specifies this information. Not difficult to guess that in the future almost every similar the default hardware will be able to use the network as a navigation GPS, and GLONASS.


Market novelty: TeXet X-pad RAPID 7 4G and X-pad 8 RAPID 4G

The Company Electronic systems "Alkotel" introduced the tablet computers X-pad RAPID 7 4G (TM-7869), and X-pad 8 RAPID 4G (TM-8069), positioning their new products as "an absolutely new format for everyday tasks".


HTC One M9: all the rules of style and functionality

In the packaging of the HTC One M9, nothing has changed – it's still the same white cardboard. The device is implemented along with a microUSB cable, a charging unit 5 V 1.5 A and stylish headset. The basic concept of smartphone design also remained unchanged – HTC One M9 thin, light and ergonomic. But the differences still exist. Front plastic and rear aluminum panels inserted into each other, forming a small threshold. Is it only beautiful, but also functional – the dust and dirt in the gap does not fall.

a Continuation of the line HTC One is a new smartphone HTC One M9. The novelty of looking forward to fans of the devices of the premium segment and simply not indifferent to innovations of the market of media users. What will surprise the sophisticated audience of the legendary brand? Test and understand.


Intel in Russia celebrates the 50th anniversary of Moore's law

The Conference was opened by Dmitry Konash, regional Director of Corporation of Intel in Russia and CIS countries. He stressed that Moore's law became not only a practical guide to the development of the industry of computing devices, but also initiated global changes in the lifestyle of people and all mankind.

19 April 1965, Gordon Moore, one of the future founders of Intel, published an article in Electronics Magazine, in which he first formulated a simple rule: "the Progress in microelectronics will eventually allow you to place more items into the body of a single chip". After several refinements of this rule, dubbed "Moore's law", began to read: "the number of transistors on a chip doubles every two years."


Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 is the older brother of a very successful tablet Galaxy Tab S 8.4 with the same gorgeous AMOLED screen, but bigger.