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"VKontakte" began the struggle with book piracy

“VKontakte” introduced a system of digital prints for books. Social network allows you to download files, which received complaints from the copyright holders. In this case, download and install the book on the server.


HTC 10 officially presented

The Body is made from a single piece of aluminum, which has traditionally been for HTC. The front panel is covered with a protective glass Gorilla Glass, the screen diagonal of 5.2-inch, resolution QHD. Matrix technology Super LCD 5, which should provide 30% more natural colours and 50% increased responsiveness to touch.

After months of waiting and almuslimani of rumors, HTC has finally revealed the new smartphone. The name of the gadget HTC 10. Most of the leaks that have been associated with this product proved true, ranging from photos of appearance and up to spec. However, let's look at the device in more detail.


Quality at an affordable price: overview of wireless headset SVEN AP-B450MV

The Headset is packaged in a box made of transparent plastic. In a cardboard box is supplied, including a detailed user manual, warranty card, charging cable Micro USB and 3-pin wire to connect the gadget to the signal source. Without opening the box, the user can see the main advantages and technical parameters of the headset, which are listed on a cardboard insert and presented in several languages.

the Range of wireless headsets and SVEN was supplemented by a new budget AP-B450MV. The gadget shows a modern and original design, comfortable, lightweight design and the ability to connect to the source of the sound both via Bluetooth and via wire. In this review, a detailed look at the functionality of the device.


Knowledge is light: top 5 educational apps by MATA

For those who have decided to study in depth mathematics, MathStudio is the ideal solution. The program is a mathematical calculator capable to solve simple examples and charts. The creators have invested in the development data, which significantly simplify the work. It is particularly convenient that the application does not require Internet access. Manage the gadget is very simple: enter data, press the button and solved example or a ready-made chart with the useful data already on the screen. Tasks can be saved.

to Master another foreign language, to understand how the body, or to make an interstellar voyage? In the era of digital technology there is nothing easier. In this article we will discuss top 5 mobile apps to acquire new knowledge. Team MATE has made a rating, focusing on the ease and speed of use, functionality and relevance of the topic. Using each of these applications, you can gain new knowledge quickly, easily and at any time.


Google stylize all icons of their services

Changes can be seen in the illustrations to the news. Instead of disparate icons as it used to appear everywhere common element in the form of a triangle add to it the so are the same icons that we've seen before, but reduced. In the end we get the usual app icon, it is also convenient to grab a glance from the list of installed programs, and the same triangle eloquently, that is a range of proprietary applications from Google.

there's a stack of applications from Google will soon change their icons. The company decided to stylize them a line of "Play". Here In The Play Store, Play Movies, Play Music, Play Games, Play Books, Play Newsstand. Already long existing applications, the icons will now be at once clearly and clearly indicate the affiliation with Google. Interesting and a cute idea.


Update 3.50 for PlayStation 4 — Remote Play, play session and a stealth mode

After 5 months anonseSony has released an update 3.50 for PlayStation 4 game consoles.


Android Auto came to Russia and 17 other countries

In the Summer of 2014, Google introduced Android Auto — an onboard system for automobiles, working with smartphones based on Android 5.0 Lollipop and above.


Google revealed new icons Play-apps

The Play Store Android users available a variety of digital content: movies, music, games, movies and magazines. The path to them is through their respective apps, most of which come pre-installed on smartphones.


Google is preparing a home assistant like Amazon

Google is preparing a response home assistant Amazon Echo. This publication reports The Information.


LG starts sales of smartphones series X series

The South Korean company LG Electronics announced the beginning of sales this weeks smartphones from its new product line of "X series" – the X cam and the X screen, which it is positioning as a devices with the functionality of a premium smartphone, but aimed at a more mass market due to more affordable prices.


SyncMate - sync your Android

SyncMate is a versatile sync data in Mac computer with Android phones and tablets.

Users of devices with different operating systems, it is important to store all data, files, calendar events and contacts are synced between Android devices and Mac. No more need to manually transfer images and videos from your Mac to your phone or to add the calendar event twice - first in iCal and then in Android calendar. All this can be done automatically in a few clicks with the help of SyncMate, of course.


Google has put up for sale by Boston Dynamics

Holding Alphabet, which includes Google, looks for buyer for Boston Dynamics. known for creating humanoid and dog-like robots.


Chrome Music Lab — create your music in the browser

Yesterday, Google launched Chrome Music Lab — a project for musical experimentation and demonstration of the capabilities of modern browsers.


Google Play gives the app for 15 rubles

The sale was attended by the following applications:

We all love apps and games for Android. Especially when they give huge discounts. For example, things like Nova Launcher or PowerAmp or Today Calendar, which today can take only 15 rubles if you have not purchased them before.


For those who appreciate time: review Bluetooth headset Plantronics Explorer 10

Packaging Explorer 10 made in the best traditions Plantronics: without opening the box, the user can view the gadget from all sides: it provides a transparent plastic blister. The box lists the main settings headset: weight (10 grams), range (10 meters), battery life (11 hours of continuous talk and 12 days standby). The package includes a user manual in several languages and a cable for recharging the battery.

Explorer 10 joined namesake line of Plantronics Bluetooth headsets. In terms of functionality it is not inferior to the more expensive older models and is aimed at those who value safety and comfort without any design refinements. The headset combines all the necessary options for comfortable contact. Simultaneously, the user can listen to music from your smartphone to GPS directions. But let's not get ahead of ourselves and consider everything in order.


[Review] Wileyfox Swift destroys the universe budget smartphones

Blockbuster Deadpool and his phenomenal advertising campaign opened a Talkative mercenary for friends "not subject". The geek minority are familiar with Wade Wilson for a good game of 2013 and comics, some of which publish in Russian. For example, "Deadpool destroys the marvel Universe", whose name accurately reveals the plot.


To the delight of the lover – full acoustics SVEN MS-302

Design of multimedia innovations combines elements of classic and trendy touches in the style of hi-tech. Wooden enclosure of subwoofer and satellites have a traditional rectangular shape. On the front panels of the installed overlays from plastic with a glossy texture – a nod to the modern trends. The design of the satellites involves the installation on the table – for this there is little feet on the pill. The length of the wires is designed for speaker placement near computer or TV. Holes for mounting on the wall is missing, but if you want you can hang the satellites on suitable brackets.

SVEN Company again delights the music lovers multi function new speaker system MS-302 format 2.1. Phonics is in line with full-length music is not only audio for PC and televisions, but standalone player that plays tracks from SD-card and USB-flash. In addition, the system includes a built-in radio receiver, which "catches" any FM station.


Begins selling Lenovo Vibe X3 in Russia

The Smartphone runs Android 5.1 Lollipop. All controlled by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor core which operate at a frequency of 2 GHz. Here for us 3 gigabytes of RAM and at least 32 gigabytes of internal. If necessary, the inner space can be expanded using a memory card slot that is provided by the manufacturer (see card up to 128 gigabytes).

Lenovo has started sales of its 64-bit six-core smartphone Vibe X3 via brand online store. The machine is 29990 rubles, but today, February 29, the company promises a discount of up to 27990 rubles. The device is expected to be sound, this unit has applied several solutions to achieve maximum sound quality. What else you get for your money?


[MWC 2016] Wireless headphones Apollo 7 — the last hope Apple

In the Wake of rumors about the disappearance of the iPhone 7 headphone connector, companies began to fuss in the production of wireless headsets.


Acer has presented updated version of Liquid Z630

The motherboard is an improved version of the smartphone, announced at the IFA exhibition in September – model Z630 Liquid, which Z630S has increased operational and internal memory and a more powerful processor, elegant design with graceful lines, improved front camera, wide angle lens, and crystal clear sound.