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Review budget smartphone Fly FS407 Stratus 6

It is Worth noting that the majority of the Fly brand is designed not for everyone. More on these smartphones pay attention to the people of the regions, users with small queries, as well as parents to their child always remained in touch. If you consider buying a smartphone for the latter case, the state employees from the Fly – is truly a godsend.

Despite the hype around the flagship models from top brands, the fact remains that the public sector is necessary and important. This time to us to edition came super budget smartphone from Fly FS407 Stratus 6. Of course, the performance leaves much to be desired, but still let's see what we can survive from this model.


Spotify is considering the purchase of a music hosting service SoundCloud

There are rumors about plans to acquire Spotify music hosting service SoundCloud. Streaming service expects to strengthen its position for future competition with Apple Music.


Shazam for Android has learned to auto-detecting music

The Administration of the shopping center or restaurant, where you briefly heard the song, rarely willing to explain the discography of the musician. For such situations there is a Shazam with peers.


Advanced ergonomics, features: 4K monitor Philips Brilliance 241P

Philips Brilliance 241P embodies everything needed to perform any task: with ultra high definition 4K UHD image is bright, intense and alive, advanced technologies save energy and reduce eye strain. Display offers advanced ergonomics – the user can rotate the display clockwise to adjust the angle and height relative to the surface of the table. Proceed to a detailed review.

How to be a monitor for professionals working with color and graphics? With a detailed, clear picture, lifelike color reproduction, fast response time and technology to work on the computer all the time without harm to health, and huge energy bills.


In Android 7.1 there will be new icons and a restart button

Google does working on Android 7.1 Nougat. OS version to debut with new smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL.


HTC has officially unveiled two new mid-range smartphone lineup HTC Desire 10

HTC today officially introduced two new smartphones in the line of middle-level HTC Desire 10 – Pro and Lifestyle, where the first is more advanced in terms of functionality, and which is based upon photographing component, while the second is a simpler model is presented as a music solution.


Highscreen Boost 3 i Pro obnovilsya do Android Marshmallow

The Firmware has been updated to version C031 and C017 for Highscreen Boost Highscreen Boost 3 and Pro 3, respectively.

the Company Highscreen released the firmware upgrade for devices Boost 3 and Boost 3 Pro. Nice thing about these devices is taken care of, although just recently released a model SE Boost 3. Judging by changelog, the company has made over the old model look like a new in part.


Samsung refuses to 3.5 mm connector

Not so long ago Intel stated about the advantages of digital conversion of sound over analog and called USB Type-C successor to the analog port. Anyway, according to the same resource, in the company's upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S8 will have a new brand instead of the old audio Jack 3,5 mm.

According to Digital Music News, the Samsung Corporation will abandon the standard 3.5 mm headphone Jack, as it has done Apple and replace it with the audio connector of its own design. It is likely that the new connector will lie USB Type-C.


Another loud novelty Highscreen - Thunder

With such a device is unlikely to miss calls or notifications, and just listening to music for those who like to do it in public, goes to another level. For example, in the company of friends outdoors, this gadget may be the highlight of the program.

Moreover, recently introduced an updated gadget SE Boost 3. In addition, the company has revealed the gadget Thunder, which turned out to be loud enough, however, to feel his power is not in the headphones and playing music through the external speaker. The manufacturer claims the volume to 100 decibels.


"VKontakte" back section in the iOS app

"VKontakte" returned the section with audio recordings of the official client for iOS after a year and a half.


Loud and long - Highscreen Boost 3 SE

Highscreen Boost 3 SE - office of the company, which will delight those who appreciate quality sound. The guys from Highscreen paid this time well attention. First, chose not the standard solution used by most companies, and put the DAC ESS9018K2M. In addition, worked with Android, were able to circumvent the restrictions on downsampling any signal with sampling rates above 48 kHz in Android.

Yesterday the company Highscreen has held presentation of two devices: Boost 3 SE and Thunder. Moreover, once again showed a new gadget directly into a rock festival, thereby clearly showing that the smartphone really loud and powerful sound. Such that even offhand does not occur the names of other devices that could compete.


I normally super Gud: results of the autumn Apple presentation

On 7 September Apple held a traditional autumn presentation where you showed the world the iPhone 7 Watch Series 2 AirPods and a bunch of stuff.


"VKontakte" allowed to listen to audio in other applications

Social network is preparing to launch a music service, details of which appeared late July.


ZTE AXON 7 mini – new flagship series

The Chinese company ZTE presented at the Berlin IFA 2016 its new 5.2-inch smartphone AXON 7 mini, which, according to the manufacturer, took the best from the older model – AXON 7, successfully combining thoughtful design with high quality sound.


Fly Cirrus 4 is an inexpensive but worthy budget

The Model comes in a classic white package. Anything extra: the logo of the brand Fly, model name, blue stripe, representing Cirrus clouds "Cirrus".

a Budget smartphone usually has several specific qualities: it is cheap (8 000 rubles), working with the brakes on is not very fast hardware, has a mediocre camera and a thick plastic case. The hero of this review – a new brand model Fly – Fly Cirrus 4. Let's see which of these unflattering qualities inherent in this model and how they may differ.


Amazfit – round smart watch from "daughter" Xiaomi

While fans expect from Xiaomi, the company's debut smartwatch, a subsidiary brand Huami has presented a wearable gadget called Amazfit.


Sound in full: overview the USB headset Plantronics GameCom 788 7.1 Surround Sound

Pleasantly surprised by the support of technologies surround sound Dolby Headphone – this means you'll hear the enemy long before the moment he will see. Useful headset is not only in the game: surround sound makes a head dive into the atmosphere of the exciting blockbuster or your favorite music. Let's see, what else can the Plantronics GameCom 788.

Plantronics GameCom 788 is primarily focused on gamers. This can be seen, barely glancing at the headset – aggressive styling, massive cups, black-and-red range show that it is intended for those who are serious to win.


Shazam and Zvooq made music free

Service Shazam has signed a partnership agreement with the Russian music application Zvooq.


Droider Cast #36 — Popyhtet

Are Pleased to introduce your ears to the release of Droider boring Cast, who are trying to produce on a regular basis.


LG is teasing the announcement of a musical flagship V20

LG's official blog, hinted at the announcement of the "music" of the flagship V20. The presentation of the gadget will be held September 6 in San Francisco and 7 September in Seoul.