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Droider Cast #43 — Make Droider Cast Great Again

Traveling to parallel universes, can meet the measurement where Apple sets iPhone on Android, where Windows Phone is the best mobile OS and where the elections were won by Hillary Clinton. However, a world where Droider Cast out on Sunday afternoons, it's difficult to find.


Family plan to Play Music earned in Russia

In may 2016 Google has launched a "family pass" in Google Play. Earlier a similar proposal to work for the music service Play Music. However, both subscription option was not available in Russia.


Lenovo introduced the Moto M with metal housing

On the front side of the device is a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display with 1920x1080 resolution covered with 2.5 D protective glass.

Lenovo introduced a smartphone of mid-price segment - Moto M, which got a metal case, coated with a special nanocoating 2Pi with water-repellent properties.


Google Play will help you follow trends in movies and music

The Amount of content is growing every day, can not be said about time in the day. Users harder to track literary or cartoon trends, so hurry algorithms.


Uber has radically redesigned apps for iOS and Android

Service for call cars, Uber has updated the design of the app for the first time since 2012, and presented the bookmarks for routes and the ability to specify the location of another person as the destination.


Stereo Bluetooth: overview of acoustics SVEN SPS-615

The Design of SVEN SPS-615 can be considered a classic: the case of hexagonal columns made of wood – a favorite material of music lovers. Round speakers stacked-type dolls. The design turned out simple, concise, and at the same time modern and fashionable, as evidenced by finishing the front panels of glossy black plastic and silver bezel speakers. Pleasantly surprised that in the budget model, the manufacturer has applied a full two-lane scheme. The result is acoustics boasts a wide frequency range, which is inaccessible to single-sideband systems.

SVEN SPS-615 is a two-lane acoustics, which according to its sound characteristics and functionality can be compared with a full music centre. Connection to audio sources available in both wired and wireless modes. The stereo pair is connected to personal computers, laptops, TVs and DVD/CD/MP3 player, and also communicates with mobile devices via Bluetooth. But that's not all: in acoustics has a built-in audio player that reproduces sound with USB flash drives and memory cards. In the details view, consider the system in detail and find out whether the manufacturer's parameters of reality.


Music without borders. Wireless headphone BH-01 from Rombica

Those who are looking for cheap stylish headphones with good sound will appreciate the novelty of Rombica, it will be discussed in this review.

Feel complete freedom to listen without wires, combined with sound quality and bright style. Series mysound wireless headphone BH-01 from Rombica combines high-quality sound and stylish design. Live sound has never looked so attractive.


Google continues to campaign for the transition from iOS to Android

Google has published on the YouTube channel from 2 of the video, which elaborates the process of "moving" with any iPhone on the new smartphones Pixel with Android Nougat.


Polar introduced the smart watch M600

Due To the fact that Polar is working with athletes, we can expect the device more precise measurements than analog, more accurate pre-configured profiles, as well as more accurate and qualitative analysis of incoming data. The result is a more accurate training program and analysis of the sports sessions that we do. Full access to the entire existing ecosystem of the company.

On the Polar held a presentation of a new device M600. This smart watch from a vendor, which has long been known to us for producing different gadgets for athletes and physicians. If it does exactly what fresh M600 is a hybrid of smart watch and fitness bracelet, however, it is also possible that the handset is closer, given past experience, the gadget could get more serious and interesting than many others available on the market.


EA Connected Watch hybrid watch from Emporio Armani

The Italian company Emporio Armani presented a hybrid smart watch Connected Watch EA.


The most active investors among the stars version CB Insights

Technology in the 21st century is as popular as ever. No wonder startups like Spotify, Airbnb and Tidal, attract funding and attention of figures of show-business.


New sales leader in Steam - Civilization VI

As the network posted the premiere trailer for Civilization VI, which can be heard the main theme music of Sid Meier's Civilization VI, which is by composer Christopher tin, who became the winner of a Grammy for music written to one of the previous installments of the franchise.

the Continuation of the legendary series, while only available for pre-order - Civilization VI, this week climbed to the top of sales of the Internet shop Steam. Two versions of the strategy: regular and extended took first and third line sales. Ahead of the strongest competitors: Mafia 3, GTA 5, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and thus proving that the success of computer games is not always dependent on large-scale advertising company.


[Online broadcast in Russian] Running LeEco in USA

LeEco hopes on the Russian market confirmed a large-scale prezentacija Otkrytie retail shop in Moscow. However, the company does not forget about other countries and preparing for the arrival in the United States.

LeEco planned for October 19 presentation in San Francisco, where he will announce a full launch in the U.S. market.


"VKontakte" is testing ads in audio

Since the "legalization" of the recordings, the management of VK thinks about monetization of the most important section of the social network. In the near future "Vkontakte" can add premium features and advertising.


Apple has unveiled the new design of the music service

The Company has updated the interface of mobile and desktop applications Apple Music along with the operating system iOS 10.


Amazon has introduced a streaming service Music Unlimited

After the "smart" column of the Echo, the production of a music streaming service for Amazon was only a matter of time.


Google has planned another redesign of the Play Store

Google Applications and services are renowned for their variability in design. Soon the interface will be updated again, as evidenced by the leaked screenshots.


The Duo will be pre-installed app instead of Hangouts

Most of the manufactures produce smartphones with installed Play Store. Load Google requires you to download a number of apps, like Drive, Play Music or Hangouts.


Nonclassical annual conference MIXAR-2016 ended

Like last year, MIXAR joined in one big space exhibition area EXPO, three lecture halls on the topics of business, art and science (LECTURE area), the food court area and recreation LOUNGE, and in the late evening AFTER-PARTY.

Second conference MIXAR at the site of the Cultural centre has collected more than 4,000 visitors interested in the development of new technologies, namely VAMR (virtual, augmented and mixed reality), 3D and interactive technologies. The main target audiences of the event were developers, representatives of the business environment, the creative class, experts, and all interested in VAMR technologies.


Small Nightingale, but the voice is great. Compact wireless audio player BT-06 from Rombica

You just Need to decide, as Yandex.Market in the section "Portable audio" offers a huge number of models! Oddly enough, many portable systems have learned to play well, they used very simple acoustic diagrams, so sometimes I can't believe that an audible sound plays a small box on the table.

Wireless speaker — it's convenient, you can carry everywhere: at parties and picnics, office and cottage. As Leonid Utesov sang: "We build a song and live help".