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In Russia started sales of the new miniature smartphone PALM

The Chinese company TCL Communication has announced the start of sales in Russia of a new miniature smartphone under the Palm brand, is designed, according to the manufacturer, especially for digital minimalists – users, leading an active lifestyle and seeking to optimize online communication and consumption of digital media, while maintaining access to all your favorite Internet services and applications. Palm is running the Android operating system 8.1 Oreo and has full access to Google Play Market and Google Assistant.


Three hours of discounts for smartphone Xiaomi Mi A2 in the salons of MTS

In anticipation of the New year, the Chinese company Xiaomi has decided to surprise its Mi fans with the news of the beginning of closer cooperation with the Russian telecommunication company – MTS. In honor of this event, 20 December at 12:00 (GMT) launched a joint action of companies. The first visitors will be able to buy a smartphone Mi A2 with a significant discount. The promotion is valid in the online store and a network of salons of MTS.


MTS will cease to take into account the traffic for 3 rubles a day

The MTS notes that now the video is the most popular among the majority of consumers of services of cellular operator. And the number of gigabytes of video processed, the MTS is growing.

MTS said that it will no longer take into account the video from sites YouTube, "VKontakte", Amediateka, IVI, KHL, Zoomby, NTV, Vimeo and some other popular services. But only for those who pay for it. The cost of the service will be from 3 rubles per day. However, such options may indeed be the point if you burn your traffic mainly in watching video.


Honor 8 is almost two times cheaper get the first 180 buyers

The Sale will start at 14 hours in the salon MTS at Moscow, Arbat St., house # 1. Purchase gadget in such circumstances, only the first 180 enthusiastic buyers. The action applies to a modification of Honor 8 with 32 gigabytes of internal memory. Before you go headlong, you should pay attention to the fact that give a discount to those who purchase along with the smartphone tariff plan Smart Bezlimita (+200 rubles).

24 Sep Huawei and MTS carried out the campaign for the sale of the smartphone Honor 8 almost two times below the usual prices. About the device we already wrote earlier, the toy is decent, but for the promotional price becomes even more attractive. 16794 ruble instead of the usual 27990.


How many time lives the SIM card of the operators?

Data are presented to support operators in August 2016.

Perhaps you once wondered how it is possible to not pay SIM card before the operator it will block and return the room to myself for resale. Let's see what time frame provided by the modern operators of Moscow: MTS, Beeline, MegaFon and Tele2.


MTS acquired a Telegram bot

Moreover, because the bot is so trust by sending different data through the network, as well as giving the right to change things that are directly related to your finances, like security and privacy in communication in the creation of Pavel Durov really at the proper level.

Who would say that no, a Telegram is actively conquering the market. They are already used by millions of people, companies also have to product your interest, bots in addition attract audience. It just illustrates what mobile operator MTS has launched the official bot-assistant in Telegram with a good amount of possibilities.


Experience of payment, I want

Article in blogs, because it's just personal experience with MTS and its own lyrical digressions and reflections on the topic.

MTS is a unique Agency. For me is unique in that it is unclear how such a chaotic and not well-oiled mechanism able to grow into something big and clearly profitable to its owners. The question of profit remains a mystery because the company does not even want money from users to take when they voluntarily want to part with them.


MTS subscribers will be able to pay the balance of the phone goods and services

The mobile Operator has launched a payment from the accounts of smartphone purchases in offline retail outlets.


MTS believes pokemon

It turned Out that the number of active hunters pokemon is about 69,000 persons. Analysts also tried to estimate how many catchers pokémon in the capital of the "big three" and not only on MTS. It turned out estimated numbers to 180,000 people. At the same time every day their number is growing at about 30-35%.

MTS collects about us a variety of information to better know and understand its own subscribers. Sometimes the company even shares some data. Today MTS is the official press release talked about how the mobile Internet has affected the toy Pokemon GO in the Moscow region.


Package Spring: preparing for the threefold increase in the price of communication services

That means for us taking this "anti-terrorist" zakonoproekta?

the Bills proposed to the state Duma Irina Yarovaya and Viktor Ozerov already passed all three readings in Parliament, was almost unanimously accepted by the deputies. They are also approved and the Board of Federatsii. Next, they will be handed over to Russian President Vladimir Putin for his signature. If it happens, will come into force. Analysts say it will set back the development of the Internet and technology in our country about 10 years ago. By the way, we're about this period behind US.


MTS launched a new tariff with truly unlimited Internet

MTS specifically emphasizes that at this rate there is absolutely no speed limits.

may 17, MTS launched a new tariff with unlimited Internet, which is called "Smart Bezlimita". The press service of the company says that traffic there really are no limits, moreover, available unlimited calls within the network. Daily subscription fee is 12.9 rubles in the first month, then 19 rubles per day.


"MegaFon" will be forced to pay for the calls "robots"

One of the Big three operators have decided to introduce charging for calls in which the system reports that the subscriber is busy or temporarily unavailable.


MTS launched its own answer to Apple Music

MTS Company together with Yandex announced the launch of a new music service MTS Music.


Cellular operators will inform about the changes of tariffs in the media

The"Big three" mobile operators in Russia (MTS, MegaFon, Beeline) was removed from the media.


MTS Connect — messenger mobile operator MTS

The appearance of His messengers severe blow to the income statements and SMS messages. The emergence of some voice calls caused even more damage. It is therefore not surprising that instead of blind hatred for the messengers, some operators produce their own applications.


MTS and Ericsson will launch 5G in Russia to 2018 world Cup

The mobile Operator MTS and Ericsson signed an agreement to conduct joint research aimed at the use of communication technologies in 5G networks.


MTS 4G smartphones for less than 50$

MTS says that lowers the price of the device by another 33%. To buy gadgets in the salons of the retail network or on the website In the end, you will be offered a smartphone with support for LTE, and fresh Android 5.1. Even the screen size will be quite modern - 4.5-inch. And two SIM card. And rightly so - this is something that sounds nice.

with such headlines regularly come press releases from MTS. And because for many they will work. Attractive price during a time of crisis. Yes, and marketers will come up with a beautiful explanation of why imposed on the buyers of services should be a blessing, not a rigid binding to the operator and shackling. Let's see where is the trick.


MTS and Tele2 charge a fee for imperfect calls

Russian mobile operators MTS and Tele2 would charge callers for unavailable numbers of its subscribers, if those are connected to voice mail.


Nokia is still popular in Russia

According to the newspaper “Vedomosti”, citing Dmitry Solodovnikov, MTS representative, Nokia (Microsoft) are still among the most popular with subscribers of the Russian operators.


Samsung raised the price of its smartphones in Russia

Since last Friday, September 11, at the Russian market of mobile devices, there has been some excitement after the Apple prices on their smartphones, decided to raise the South Korean company Samsung.