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The video on the channel: a review of the smartphone Meizu M3 Note

On our YouTube channel there are new videos on the Android operating system. Your attention the video review of the smartphone Meizu M3 Note features a 5.5-inch Full HD display, OCTA-core processor MediaTek Helio P10, the main 13 MP camera c phase autofocus and 5 MP front, 16 (32) GB of internal memory and 2 (3) GB of RAM, support for 4G/LTE and running the operating system Android 5.1 Lollipop with a proprietary user interface FLYME 5 UI:


Two new smartphone Meizu: U10 and U20

Meizu Meizu U10 analog M3s, but designed to satisfy the more demanding users who value the appearance and tactile feel. Materials, as they say, more premium.

the Company Meizu has today released two new devices that have the names of the U10 and U20. As reported in the official press release in Russia find popularity Meizu phones M3s and M3 Mini Note. New gadgets are positioned updates for them. The company is experimenting with materials, offering us the smartphones, made of glass.


MEIZU MEIZU U10 and U20 – new smartphones with glass casing

Today the Company MEIZU introduced a new smartphone MEIZU MEIZU U10 and U20, where the first to use the housing made of durable glass that will replace the popular smartphone MEIZU M3 M3s Mini and Note.


Meizu will release a smartphone Pro 7 with flat and curved screens

Pro 6 Vishal in April, and the company is already working on a sequel. The heir may be called Pro 7 or a little more modest Pro 6 Plus.


Meizu Pro 7 appeared on the first rendering

Leaked images appeared soon after data about a certain device Meizu with Exynos in AnTuTu 8890. But I suppose that is still two different gadget. Moreover, the company recently received some investment from MediaTek, which means also the appearance on the market of devices with Helio-processors.

Machine Meizu Pro 7 some attentive users have spotted on the first clear rendering. You can easily examine the front part of the gadget and the back cover, there's a dual camera. A new trend catches on, but Meizu could make this moment ugly. Glass rounded in the manner of Galaxy S7 Edge, and indeed, the smartphone has inherited the style of Samsung.


Meizu came with a smart clock Mix

Meizu focuses on the fact that their product Mix Meizu no touch screen, no operating system, even if adapted for hours. It is primarily a conventional quartz watches, which are additionally stuffed with a range of sensors.

the Company Meizu decided to join the race of manufacturers of smart watches, presenting his vision of the moment. However, after meeting with the official press release, it becomes clear that this is not the usual smart watch, which arises in the mind, when pronouncing the name of this class of devices. Rather, it's a little hybrid device, representing a classic watches with elements of the fitness bracelet. However, the details under the cut. Are introduced.


View photo of Meizu smart watch

Meizu today one of the most successful and aggressive challenging market vendors. And I must say, the company makes it successfully, the share is growing, and the competitors have to hustle. The company's products many people really like, because it is not surprising that the Chinese are planning to produce not only smartphones, but also to pay attention to other gadgets.

In fact, we expected it to happen even on August 10 that the presentation of Meizu will show their smart watches, but this did not happen. Only online social network Weibo appeared the next photo of the device. Picture quality not the best, but to consider something.


M3E – metal smartphone from Meizu for $ 195

Is the first smart-hours, about the announcement which went rumors, Meizu introduced a smartphone M3E.


Smart watch Meizu was on the "spy" picture

In Spite of his previous dannymthe company Meizu has not demonstrated the debut of the smart watch along with the smartphone M3E to special events.


Russia has launched pre-orders for MEIZU MX6

The Company MEIZU announced that the official Russian website of its exclusive distributor you can pre-order the smartphone MEIZU MX6 and get more for it and branded wireless stereo Bluetooth headset MEIZU EP51.


MEIZU M3E – inexpensive smartphone in the metal with fingerprint scanner

The Chinese company MEIZU today announced in Beijing its new all-metal smartphone MEIZU M3E with stylish buildings of different colors.


Meizu is going to show their smart watches for 10 August

I Must say that the watch in the picture, look really nice and perhaps stylish. At the same time, which is nice, it's not a copy of the Moto 360 or Apple Watch, as one would expect, knowing the love of the Chinese manufacturers even level Meizu to copy successful products of competitors.

China is already beginning to provide us with almost rumors that Meizu is preparing to show the world its own smart watch. Social networks of this country have already caught some picture supposedly with this product. In addition, added that the presentation of the device will happen very soon - on August 10.


Meizu announces the debut of a smart watch in August

The Chinese company has continued to fuel interest in "smart" watch. After a teaser Meizu has sent out an invitation to the event, which will take place on August 10. It is expected that then will be submitted to the wearable accessory.


In Russia started selling the MEIZU mini M3s

The Company MEIZU announced that its available all-metal compact LTE smartphone MEIZU mini M3s today comes in the retail sale in Russia.


Meizu showed a teaser of "smart" hours

Meizu has long issue exclusively limited to smartphones, occasionally presenting a small batch of headphones. About tablets and wearable electronics like the manufacturer forgot.


Meizu MX6 successfully started:- 3.2 million pre-orders in 24 hours

The Device was really good with reasonable price tag. While some believe that the model is quite intermediate, not very different from previous devices, the company was waiting for more innovation in the device.

only for the first 24 hours, the Chinese company Meizu has collected more than 3.2 million pre-orders for the device MX6. This clearly suggests that the interest of the company's products is large enough, the market wants the top, but not particularly expensive devices, however, many seem willing to pay attention to the brand, not overpaying for something once more prestigious, and confidence in the quality Chinese machines at the customer grows.


Meizu announced the smartphone MX6 with a special camera

At a special event in China, the company showed the audience a top-end smartphone of the line MX.


New photos of the flagship MEIZU MX6 officially presented

The Company MEIZU today unveiled in Beijing its new all-metal photo flagship smartphone MEIZU MX6, who continued the tradition of the line MX is the best technology for the best price. According to the manufacturer, particular attention in creating this smartphone has been given the camera design, autonomy and performance of the device.


Meizu officially MX6 and $300

For the money, getting at least an all-metal body with a thickness of 7.25 mm. the Antenna is made in the same way that you can see on the model Meizu Pro 6.

Beijing today cheered the presentation of the smartphone Meizu MX6. This smartphone was written much lately. Including were even rumors that the machine will cost more than announced officially. It was reported that the price tag may be $ 345, but in the end have a more attractive number - 300.


Meizu MX 6 for $ 345, you want?

Furthermore, representatives of the company said that the MX 6 would be one of the most impressive in design. In addition, will be available for sale accessory cover with light.

About a week ago, co-founder of Meizu post on Chinese social network Weibo information that the smartphone Meizu MX 6 will cost about 2,000 yuan, which at the current rate coincides with the 300 dollars. However, now comes the adjustment, the source is not specified, but a new leak says that the price tag will be around 2299 yuan, that is $ 345 for the device. A lot? A little? Right?