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LG announced the start of sales in South Korea its new flagship LG G5

The South Korean company LG Electronics announced the beginning of sales at home March 31 this year, the new flagship smartphone LG unit G5, and the plug-in modules to it.


LG has officially unveiled the new smartphones average level – K8 and K5

The South Korean company LG Electronics announced the completion of its new line of smartphones average level LG K Series with two new models – the K5 and K8, which will go on sale this week in key markets. The manufacturer claims that LG K8 will be available to customers from Asia, Africa, Middle East, CIS and Latin America, whereas LG K5 will be released in Europe, CIS and Latin America (in Mexico, this model will be released under the index LG Q6).


LG Stylus 2 – the world's first smartphone-enabled digital DAB+ radio

The South Korean company LG Electronics announced that its new smartphone LG Stylus 2 will be the first device in the world that support broadcast digital radio standard DAB+, which may soon be available for citizens of countries such as Australia, Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway and the UK.


LG K7 appears on the shelves of Russian stores

The System will make Android 5.1 Lollipop. The processor in the official press release is not called, we only know that it's a 4-core stone with a speed of 1.3 GHz. RAM 1 GB, internal 8 GB. The main camera on 8 megapixels, the front has got a 5 megapixels.

LG announces the immediate availability of the smartphone K7. This is a budget device with the manners of a more expensive segment and focus on self. A wide screen with a resolution of FWVGA 854x480 pixels, or. The gadget is 9990 rubles.


Analysts predict good sales of LG in 2016

Wong said that the company has made a device that pays special attention to two aspects that are always first and foremost concerned with the user camera and sound. It is a modular design intended to ensure the public interest in the G5, and also give him the opportunity to show their quality, which in turn will have a positive impact on sales.

Now, after the announcement of the smartphone LG G5 some analysts suggest that sales of the South Korean company will go up significantly. For example, Jefferson Wang from IBB Cosulting Group believes that the G5 is a machine that is really able to impress the audience.


Mystery solved - the Xiaomi Mi 5 has been officially unveiled

Maybe it's the price and already proven quality? After all, the cheapest configuration of the Mi 5 will cost only 305 dollars. Comparing with other devices, for example, the above-mentioned vendors, it seems very attractive. What will you give me for this money?

No, it is not the first smartphone in the world with 6 gigabytes of RAM. This gadget does not follow the fashion trend on QHD screen resolution. But the toy is expected and excessive. This device was expecting, despite the fact that the company Xiaomi, representing him, is relatively young when compared with monsters like Samsung or Huawei or LG. So, what was invented by the Chinese?


Videos: Introduction to LG G5

On our YouTube channel there are new videos on the Android operating system. Your attention is a video in which meet the new flagship of LG — G5, has a modular design and is equipped with a 5.3-inch Quad HD display, Quad-core processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, the two main camera resolution 16 MP and 8MP, front facing 8 MP camera, 32 GB of internal memory and 4 GB of RAM, support for 4G/LTE networks and is running an operating system Android 6.0 Marshmallow:


The world presented smartphone LG G5

Metal case, glass in the whole front of the gadget, you can't even see the antenna lines on the back cover. Only the lower part of the device can be separated from the rest, to gain access to the battery, slots memory card, etc., as well as to connect various optional parts. However, this would require rebooting the phone.

which year we hear, read, see photos and even some new benchmarks of a modular Project Ara initiative. And for a while we will hear, but not to use it. And LG at MWC 2016 took showed massive first modular smartphone. Yeah, maybe he's not so much the designer, as promised Project Ara, but already real, work and planning soon to go on sale. Besides the new flagship of the company. Meet the LG G5.


[MWC 2016] 360 and Cam 360 LG VR — virtual reality for everyone

LG scored in the MWC not only flagman G5, but solutions in the field of virtual reality.


[MWC 2016] G5 from LG — modular flagship with friends

LG brought to the exhibition MWC 2016 new flagship G5 and a range of accessories, which the company affectionately calls “friends”.


LG introduced its new flagship smartphone LG G5 with modular construction

The South Korean company LG Electronics unveiled its new flagship this year – LG G5, made in all-metal chassis with rounded edges, as well as having pull-out battery and support for plug-in modules that extend the capabilities of the new items. In addition, LG G5 will be offered the device, companion called the manufacturer like LG Friends who transform their flagship in digital camera, Hi-Fi player, etc.


Render of the LG G5 to our attention

Interestingly, the tweet has disappeared from the render ribbon after the bombing of negative comments after comparing the gadget with a piece of soap. But what hit the Internet is here to stay. On the render you can see all of what was said earlier: the volume buttons on the side, as well as a thumbprint scanner on the back cover.

on the eve of a string of announcements, which we already know a lot, we can only consider new renderings of gadgets. For example, @evleaks (aka Evan Blass) has once again published the leak, this time about the LG G5 in his Twitter account. Well, admiring the machine, remember. Will have something to compare Sunday with the actual gadget.


[MWC 2016] Expectation vs Reality exhibition in Barcelona

For people "not on" February 22 — beginning of the working week, no more. But you know why IT-journalists from around the world flock to Barcelona, where in the Fira Grand Via, kicks off Mobile World Congress.


Accessory manufacturers revealed the appearance of LG G5

At the present time in many trading platforms have emerged in the sale and pre-order some accessories for the new, but still not officially announced, the smartphone from South Korean company LG Electronics – LG G5, which will lead a product line of Android smartphones from this manufacturer.


LG Stylus 2 will go, if you lost the stylus

The Name hinted that the model will come with a stylus, and the size will be small. The 5.7-inch in diagonal just can't fit in a compact device. The screen resolution is likely 720p. The thickness could decrease, now it's 7.4 mm, the weight is also reduced, to 145 grams. Here, the processor with frequency of 1,2 GHz, suggest that they will be the Snapdragon 410 supports LTE networks, 16 GB of internal memory. The battery on 3000 mAh. Memory 1.5 GB vs 1 GB of its predecessor.

LG has in store for MWC 2106 a pack of smartphones. And here long-awaited flagship G5, also line-X, and even the South Korean company will show a successor strasnogo family in the face of the Stylus 2. last year it was LG G Style (or G4 Stylus). It's not top-end gadget from LG, but looks quite decent. This time greatly improved the design, added metal in the case. Metal frame adds to the nobility.


G5 flagship from LG for live shots

LG didn't develop design solutions of the last flagship G4 and G5 appearance off in full.


LG has placed in Hungary information about the new smartphone – LG K8 4G

The South Korean company LG Electronics has posted on its Hungarian website information about the new, still not officially announced, the smartphone – LG K8 4G, included in product line LG K Series with advanced functionality built-in cameras.


LG has introduced a new budget phablet with stylus LG Stylus 2

The South Korean company LG Electronics, as part of the upcoming opening of the Mobile world Congress (MWC 2016), has unveiled its new 5.7-inch phablet LG Stylus 2 the stylus with a tip made of nano-coating instead of rubber and characterized by the presence of the features available in the flagship models, but at a more affordable price.


LG has announced a new line of smartphones – the "X-Series" with premium features at an affordable price

The South Korean company LG Electronics has announced a new product line of smartphones – the "X-Series" and two models in it – X cam and X screen, which it is positioning as a competitive price on the middle level with the functionality of a premium smartphone.


LG is cover for G5, understands touch

It's not a leak, the company itself talks about the new case. The majority of cases for gadgets today either opaque or translucent, which at best gives an opportunity to see what is happening with the device, but not to take any action until the phone is inside. LG went further, deciding that handy would be the ability to user control gadget right in the case.

LG has made a lot of effort to create excitement around the planned release of the smartphone G5. Very soon we will see this device, about which the company itself says slowly, in addition, teases unusual accessories for the device. For example, LG plans to release the flip cover for G5, which is to perceive the gestures and touch, like a smartphone screen.