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Google will render search widget in the style of Pixel Launcher

Thanks to the regular cosmetic changes to the system and individual apps that Google does not get bored Android users.


[Review] Android 7.1 Nougat DP ready for the Nexus and 5X 6P

Google seriala word and released in October Android 7.1 Developer Preview for Nexus smartphones and Nexus 5X 6P.


In Android 7.1 there will be new icons and a restart button

Google does working on Android 7.1 Nougat. OS version to debut with new smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL.


Pixel Launcher icons will lead to a single appearance

The closer on 4 October, the more information about the products that Google will show for the special event. The latest news about the corporate Pixel Launcher.


Google renamed the shell of the new smartphones in the Pixel Launcher

The Company is ready for fall presentation, where, according to rumors, will abandon the Nexus line in favor of Pixel.


Nexus Launcher implemented in the beta version of Action Launcher 3

Last week pojavilis screenshots of the new launcher for Nexus smartphone, which debuts with the release of Android Nougat.


Google again updates brand launcher, new Wallpaper included

The Release of the latest version of the launcher with a major change is also associated with the fact that Google is already ready to show soon release Android 7.

Android Police tell us that once again can change the launcher to Google, which the company intends to include in the release of the Android Nougat. We can even see some animations that demonstrate new interaction with the shell. And to touch yourself you'll have with access devices Marlin and Sailfish.


Google will get rid of the icons in the applications menu in the new launcher

For the First time in the history of the Green robot Google will cancel icon the apps menu, which is used to display a list of all programs installed in the smartphone.


The ASUS Zen UI launcher becomes available for all

Launcher Zen UI is quite customizable: you can change themes, icons, effects and animations. In addition, it works quite smoothly and smartly. But users report that it is somewhat more complex than Google Now Launcher or Nova, to which we have long been accustomed. However, it's sure more than Google Now Launcher. For example, you can block certain applications if you don't want that someone could run them without your knowledge.

If you go with a smartphone with Android 4.3 or higher, you feel that you have ceased to love the previously selected launcher, now you have the opportunity to download a proprietary shell from Asus. Trend asked HTC, which began to give their apps in Google Play, as well as giving a Sense wish to try a shell on its not HTC devices, and now this same car got in and Asus giving its Zen UI.


Sense from HTC will be available for all

HTC will release a proprietary shell Sense as a separate launcher.


ADW Launcher received a major update in many years

Once popular ADW Launcher homescreen for Android devices, which compete with Launcher Pro, and now may be able to compete with Nova or Apex Launcher Launher. Now ADW was updated to version 2.0. He also was part of CyanogenMod. One of the most functional and customizable launcher.

ADW Launcher - something familiar, isn't it? Last time I wrote about it and run it, perhaps, in the days of the HTC Desire HD. Or even just for the HTC Hero they dabbled? Damn, I sure can't remember it. And suddenly, this visitor from the distant past took, he reminded himself. And how! ADW Launcher received a major update with modern buns.


Sewn smartphone Xiaomi Mi 4

First, some useful links. They are useful for those who want to try MIUI 8 on your device and those who will put some other firmware.

Probably not the best idea to flash your smartphone at night looking, especially if you get up in the morning on the way out. Especially for a new untested firmware, the alpha version. However, I got stuck. As usual: old is already fed up, though, and worked steadily. But my Xiaomi Mi 4 is not the first month running MIUI Android Marshmallow and 7, and fans of Android - they're curious, especially if the update is major. Waiting for the announcement of MIUI 8, was monitored when the first firmware with this version of the original shell from the Chinese, at least English inside. And I've got it.


In Android N found a support Force Touch

Despite the dubious need for "chips" with a touch screen in the iPhone 6/6S, manufacturers are copying the idea.


Google has released an update N Android Developer Preview 2

Google has announced the release of its new version of Android, codenamed Android N, which was presented last month and still in beta testing, and is available in a version for developers – Developer Preview 2.


Google Play gives the app for 15 rubles

The sale was attended by the following applications:

We all love apps and games for Android. Especially when they give huge discounts. For example, things like Nova Launcher or PowerAmp or Today Calendar, which today can take only 15 rubles if you have not purchased them before.


[Review] Wileyfox Swift destroys the universe budget smartphones

Blockbuster Deadpool and his phenomenal advertising campaign opened a Talkative mercenary for friends "not subject". The geek minority are familiar with Wade Wilson for a good game of 2013 and comics, some of which publish in Russian. For example, "Deadpool destroys the marvel Universe", whose name accurately reveals the plot.


A hazardous Trojan horse that is detected in the firmware of Android-smartphone Philips S307 arc

The First information about the Android.Cooee.1 appeared in October 2015, when the malware was detected at several budget Android smartphones from, to put it mildly, not the most famous brands. New case detection of the malware showed that the unknown attackers appetite is gradually growing: the app has been discovered on a mobile device Philips s307. The specialists of "Doctor Web" has alerted about the incident the manufacturer, which is currently considering possible solutions to the problem.

Among the main trends of the past year may be noted the emergence of a large number of pre-installed Android malware, which are invisible to users could download and install different SOFTWARE, and often showed the hype. One of these Trojans has become Android.Cooee.1, built-in GUI several budget smartphones the production of a number of little-known Chinese companies. Apparently, the attackers decided not to stop and continued unsafe practices in the next year: the specialists of "Doctor Web" revealed another case of the Android implementation.Cooee.1 for Android device, and this time the "surprise" awaited buyers of smartphones from well-known electronics manufacturer.


Google now launcher supports landscape screen orientation

Brand Google launcher updated and presented to the user in the landscape orientation desktop icons, and alignment applications.


Yandex Launcher is available for Android-based smartphones in Russia

Launcher is now available for users in Russia. Newly made sheath for Android smartphones was originally designed only for the Latin American market.


Yandex launches a launcher for Android smartphones

Yandex Launcher gathers on one screen all the most important sites and apps that the user opens each day, and contacts of people which he calls a lot. To open the screen with one finger. The search string will allow you to find that anywhere: a file or contact on the phone, the app is in Google Play, response to any request — on the Internet.

Yandex launches in Russia and in other countries, the Yandex app Launcher for Android smartphones. Previously it was only available in Latin America. Launcher adds to the interface and new tools for everyday tasks, such as file search and contacts or sort the apps by folder.